Please explain symm nerf

“Muh aim” Lmao pathetic

Keep on pathetically crying about a small hitbox nerf when it’s to tone down the character getting a 20-40% damage boost.

The fact that people are crying about that shows that some of you would be terrible without it.

Yes because complaining about a nerf means you can’t aim…
Again, Pathetic

If the nerf people are complaining about is a nerf to the generous hitbox of the character’s weapon then YES, it means you can’t aim.

As the devs themselves stated the bugfix was going to be a negligible boost for people who had good tracking in the first place and a sizeable boost to people who didn’t. So if you’re crying about the nerf thinking it’s going to make Sym weak it’s because your own skills are weak, period.

“Generous hitbox”… you haven’t seen level one and two of her beam have you?


Yes, it’s a generous hitbox. Any basic test in the practice range would show you the comparisons of Sym/Zarya beam and how far away you can be from the hitbox and compare that to someone like Soldier. It’s generous.

So you’re crying without reading the actual posts? It’s in the very same post you’re trying to criticize but I’ll link it again.

So again if you’re complaining about the devs scaling back a 20-40% damage boost for the average player then yes, you’re one of the players who cannot aim. As a Diamond Zarya player I’ve noticed how big of a boost she got in terms of tracking. Anyone not acknowledging that both she and Sym got a huge buff, especially for the lower tiered players who were helped the most by the bugfix is just deluded.

How am I crying? i asked a simple question? Awe are you upset? is it because the nerfs aren’t out yet? Poor thing :frowning:

Solider is hitscan and Zarya/Symmetra are Beam, they arent even remotely comparable, your reaching so far for an argument your not even making sense! Your helpless.

Well technically its a bug fix but anyways everyone acknowledge that so are you talking about something else? I’m confused?

You do understand that the meta GREATLY favors Symmetra and she currently can charge her beam to full charge BECAUSE of double shield yes? As for Zarya… i’ll give you that one

You’re crying because you saw one part of my post, the part that talked about this only being a big nerf for people who can’t aim in the first place. You saw that and went red, that’s why you weren’t able to see anything else. It’s comical that you couldn’t see the huge quoted text in a different color but just saw “aim”.

It’s a bug fix correct but it doesn’t change that the bugfix goes against the principle design and average output levels the devs had in mind for the characters. That’s why people are so upset about this and acting like Sym/Zarya are getting huge nerfs when in reality the devs are just trying to place them back where they want them to be.

They never intended either of them to be doing 20-40% more damage, more consistent yes, especially for worse players, but not 20-40% better.

Yes I do understand it. Sym has definitely been boosted by the meta, if you want to even argue that 20% out of the 40% of the damage is coming from all the barriers thrown around I’d concede that it’s possible. However that argument seems generally unlikely because Zarya got a similar boost in stats. So it’s not just the barriers, it’s the bugfix, period.

Next time read. Reading is good for you and maybe you can avoid feeling hurt if you actually understood what is going on. Even if you don’t I’ll still be amused at people who are mad that they now have to aim. :joy:

the bug was about the damage of the 1st tick after missing not dealing the full damage.

The hitbox was not changed. The prescribed dps was not changed. obviously if you were missing a lot, before it look like you weren’t doing damage because you’d have many “1st ticks” which were really reduced with the bug. Now they are fixed.

Yet what’s the evidence or justification of their conclusion that it’s the bug fix rather than the change in playstyle (getting lvl 3 much more easily)? All we’re told is that they based it on overall damage output, and all you people are going “omg damage spike, it must be the bug fix” when overall is an aggregate i.e. that doesn’t distinguish whether the cause of the spike was from the bug fix or the fact that the meta comp lets sym get lvl 3 beam at the start of each fight.

Explain how Zarya received a similar damage spike? As I told the other person I have no doubt that some of the extra damage that she’s dishing out is because of the meta.

However solely attributing it to the meta is just shortsighted at best and blind at the worst. Zarya’s mechanics have nothing to do with charging barriers and she also received a boost. Furthermore if you play either Sym or Zarya and can’t tell how blatantly easy it is to track now you are shortsighted at best and blind at the worst.

Even without the statistics, even without the barrier meta it’s plain as day how easy it is to do consistent damage on both of these characters. I cannot take anyone seriously who cannot admit the simple fact that it’s super easy to track characters now compared to how it was like before. If a bugfix giving a character a 40% damage boost sounds kosher to you then there’s no point in having this conversation.

I did, you have even stated MULTIPLE times your talking about people who cant aim

Next time make a logical argument instead of making yourself look dumb and being EXTREMELY mad that people don’t like the nerfs.

You even said it IN that paragraph
Take a seat


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Why would I be mad that other people are complaining about how they can’t aim? :joy:

I got my popcorn here and I’m enjoying the tears flowing. Will need more popcorn once the patch actually hits I guess.

Shes a strong hero now, and still will be after the nerfs as long as your aim isnt garbage. they have stated they dont balance heros around a current meta, but then again i dont ever see double shield meta going away untill there are hard counters to shields or they are significantly nerfed.

What? Do you have any sort of education? None of what your saying makes sense?

People are hurt by this one simple fact and it’s comical. If you even bring up that this will only effect those who were relying on the generous boost in consistency people flip out.


Case in point. Btw it’s “you’re” as in you are, not “your” as in ownership. If you’re going to try to insult people’s intelligence at least know the difference between your “yours”.

You are so desperate to make a point but none of what your saying makes sense. Either your just trolling on the forums (Which has been a lot as of late) or your just helpless. I will enjoy seeing you stay mad over the update not going live yet though

A LOT more to intelligence besides a typo but go off

I don’t play zarya so I’ll pose questions for you wonder if they’d answer yours:

  • are we seeing more aggressive play on zarya overall?
    • i.e. is sigma zarya letting zarya push up more to get more charge or to dps more?
      • is zarya maintaining higher charge from this?
    • are there more dps players flexing onto zarya due to role queue and playing her more aggressively?
  • is zarya getting off more splash damage because how grouped up double shield meta comps are esp if they run a sym double shield death ball

note: numbers shown is calculated dps not damage per tick.

If you were hitting now, you were hitting before. the bug was the damage on the 1st tick after missing.

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The devs have made my point for me. The bugfix was to help people who can’t aim, but they never meant to boost her damage by 40%. If you’re mad about that “nerf” you can get over it, or continue to cry. It’s your choice really.

It’s than, not then. Lot of typos going on huh? I think you should stay away from insulting people’s intelligence. :joy:

Than and then is no where in that statement? Lmao you good? Key example of you not making sense once again…Shocking