Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

I think that what makes symmetra symmetra is largly due to her lock on primary fire. Lots of people that are not the best at aiming like characters like winston, moira and symmetra exactly for that reason.

There is also a large community of disabled gamers that rely on blizzard/overwatch to have non-aim-intensive heros for them to play and have fun at the game.

I think there is no need to completly prune the ability, instead there are several ways to change it without loosing the lock on and still make it viable. eg: Increase range but decrease max dmg or have the beam do more damage the closer you are to the target.

The lock on Symmetra leftclick is something that overwatch cant afford to lose. we dont want a old zarya beam stuck to our beloved sym!

Instead of completly redesigning the ability i would rather wait longer for the changes to happen and more iterations on the PTR with different ideas how to keep the primary mechanic as it is right now.

Rushing a redesigned left click to the PTR to make it available as fast as possible is a mistake in my opinion.

TLDR: Pls dont prune me Blizzard! We can do this!


Since they are moving her to defense category, she is basically becoming a dps, thus do more damage.

You cannot possibly have it lock on ability. It is her biggest drawback in first place and what keeps her in F-tier.


Lmao just learn how to aim, I’m a Symmetra main of 140 hours and I’m great with these changes


That’s not very helpful and honestly it’s a bit rude, especially considering they cited that disabled gamers play this game, too, and Symmetra’s lock on is good for people that have difficulty aiming.


I agree with you. I don’t think they should remove Sym’s auto-lock on her primary fire. If anything they should AT LEAST give her a soft-lock similar to Moria’s, perhaps even with a large cone of effect and more forgiving tracking.

I COMPLETELY empathize with players who have disabilities who appreciate the opportunity to play and be effective that Sym’s current auto-lock Primary Fire gives them, and I don’t think that should be ignored or forgotten at all.

ON TOP OF THAT, having Sym’s beam just be straight and do even higher dps than a fully charged Zarya seems a little imbalanced and also is unfair to Zarya, and kind of makes her obsolete.

Given that Sym is moving to defense she OF COURSE needs higher and more reliable DPS, but I don’t think simply increasing the numbers is the answer. Instead, her primary fire should have a smaller dynamic range between levels of charge so that she isn’t doing TOO LOW damage and isn’t doing TOO HIGH damage.

For instance, her beam could charge with these values: 60/80/100, still be auto-lock, but also have longer range (perhaps 9 or 10 meters instead of just 7). This would still give Sym mid fight potential, make her a threat at close to medium ranges, but not feel so overpowered that she’s deleting everyone as soon as her beam attaches to them.

Then again, her re-reworked Primary Fire beam could still only have a range of less than 10 meters in the Devs current build of her, which is fair, but doing 195 DPS seems a bit overkill, even to a Sym main like myself. Plus the auto-lock on her Photon Projector is such a unique part of her kit that should still be incorporated to really make her unique.


Sorry if i was rude, i love Symmetra too, but im almost certain the devs are not going to balance a hero around such a small minority, if you can’t apply these new skills to Sym 3.0, might i suggest moira, mercy or winston instead?


Please remind me, since when was it ever a problem…? You make it sound as though the reason behind the rework is the lock-on beam, which isn’t true.


so i take mccree and prune his revolver giving him mei´s icicles. if you dont like it you can play torb because his attack does as much damage as mccree?

is this really how your logic works?


I think you’re using the word “iconic” a little too liberally. Calm down.


No thank you. I would much rather remove the ‘lock on/auto aim’ portion of it, if it allows her to get meaningful buffs.


we are discussions a hero here and not a word in the title

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Where did he say anything like that?? Straw man, hysteria, etc. This is insane.

Symmetra herself is iconic, and not because of her lock-on abilities.


Zarya has a leftclick that is a straight beam that does damage
Zarya has a rightclick that does damage on impact with splash damage around it

Symmetra Rework:

Symmetra has a leftclick that is a straight beam that does damage
Symmetra has a rightclick that does damage on impact with splash damage around it BUT with no gravity

this is not the quality of blizzard/overwatch i expect honestly


Where in my post did I even mention Zarya?

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It will be ok.

With the buffs to everything else it makes sense that this ability get nerfed.


you said your fine with her loosing autolock and i just showed you that we have 2 zaryas now


Read the post you replied to and do not put words in people’s mouths.


you said you would rather remove her auto lock. q.e.d


If it gives her meaningful buffs. Literally nothing about Zarya.


Yeah, it’s iconic of crappy balance that panders to people who cant’ be bothered to practice aim