(Super) Global healing debuff in OW2?

It’s more likely that without some form of healing nerf from live heals would simply be too strong in a 5v5 setting.

cant they do that by decreasing healing though? this seems like a weird gimmick…

guess i just dont understand why they would consider doing it THIS way…whats the benefit?


Throwing out an idea, but if one of your goals is to cut down on downtime between fights, then you want post-fight recovery to be as fast as possible so you want fight to go faster, but you also want everyone healed up and ready for next fight faster as well.

Right. Noted. No judgments here.

Right, but the UI seemed to indicate 2 charges for each. That’s my fault for reading the UI wrong.

Unironically, because supports infight are going to get 25% less ulti charge…

The most effective tactic will be to prolong the fights for as long as your team needs ulti charge, because with their lack of healing output, they will get 25% less and you can still win the fight easily by blowing them up with big damage when required since there’s no downside to dealing damage any longer. Running down the clock by keeping the massive advantage, so to speak.

It’s not that you can’t just make it fast and painless by blowing up the opposition super fast and deny them 100% ulti charge… but on the long run, you will get very much ahead of the ulti economy by dragging out the fights that they have zero hopes of countering the better damage team’s ulti spam. Then once you’ve done charging ultis, you can just go for the fast killing blows.

Four seconds is an eternity in OW. LOL these devs… they are so going to make a game that only people who do DPS are going to enjoy… then they will wonder where the other 50% of the playerbase went too… and queue times will be sky-high… for everyone.


Global healing nerf was needed for ages- been called for by many players too.
More focus on utility/supp dps instead.

I’ve been following this thread since it popped up last night. I sat down with the hero design and balance team this morning to talk about why we’re testing this change:

Josh Noh: this goes back to what we discussed previously: with a change to 5v5, heals were just too effective in combat due to the fact that Tanks in general provide more damage than what they mitigate.

Another possible approach would be individually nerfing each support Hero’s healing output, which could result in out of combat healing taking significantly longer. Because we’re still in internal testing, we could take this more broad sweeping approach, which helps us more quickly establish new baselines for individual support Heroes.

I do want to caveat: this is only a test change, and per Lead Hero Designer, Geoff Goodman it’s “unlikely to make it through to the live game, as it is now”.


I’ll be honest, this scares me.

Everything we’ve seen shows nerfs for supports without really any benefits to them. Can you give us something to show that supports aren’t just going to be weaker versions of themselves in OW2?


So do that, but flip this debuff passive into a buff passive.

Like 50% more healing after being 10sec out of combat


So that they can minimize downtime between fights.


Andy mate hadn’t they already done both on the beta though? Supports had heals nerfed AND this global nerf.

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So the game, said to be almost completely “done”, is actually the opposite of that?
Because it seems so. This all looks like basic stuff that should’ve been completely finished by this time.
I’m extremely worried for the game


Mr Andy, do you know if supports will get increased damage/utility as a compensation for their healing nerfs?


I still cant believe we have someone like you who is listening to our feedback, passing it along to the devs, then giving the answer back to us

You are the angle that will save this place


She was :put_litter_in_its_place: with 50hps in the live game, now they want to reintroduce it for the third time and have a healing penalty? I’m honestly wondering if they play Mercy at all.


A better way might be to get healing levels to the level the dev team wants during combat. Then add a new support passive that increases healing on targets that haven’t taken damage recently. Say 50%?

Might get things to where they’re aiming for.

It’s not that “official”, but you can see from the May PvP stream and the match from the Grand Finals that they increased the damage for Supports. Mercy needs like 3 headshots to kill a 200 HP target and in the live game it’s 4 head shots as example.

So amazing!

Except support players don’t want to play DPS when on Support. We want to play Support. Just like how tanks want to tank instead of being bigger hitbox lower damage higher HP DPS heroes


So you’re just gonna gut supports’ main function and not give them anything else?

Hahahahaha! Good luck with your video game.


Wew lad I figured it wouldn’t but good to hear anyway.