(Super) Global healing debuff in OW2?

id link the video directly on here but language…but this hasnt been mentioned anywhere and its absolutely something people will want to hear…Andy if youre around i wouldnt mind some clarification on here/this

summary - according to super there is a healing debuff applied for 4 seconds after you take damage (not sure if hes referring to a specific hero or just in general)

Super on Healing “debuff”

Edit - more about 4 comments down


That will make playing support less enjoyable for sure. Unless supports are getting compensated in some other way like stronger utility.


This makes pockets less bs to deal with. However I’d be concerned if there isn’t some compensation for higher DPS on support heroes and utility.

Considering all tanks are getting reworked from the ground up as brawlers and the higher DPS. I’m expecting something for Supports too.


Sounds like it’ll make supports pretty much useless outside of utility, and that’s something I’d never thought I’d say.


also going through the comments i saw this…credit to “CaptainBeer”

Ill try to sum up some of the things he said from what i remember:

  • Mei doesn’t freeze, but her gun does 90 dmg and with discrod it melts people

  • Sombra is so broken both teams agreed to not use her. Hack while stealthed mean u can perma hack same person over an over. She can shoot faster coming out of hack, and this with the damage increase for hacked targets made her do insane damage

  • Soldier feels good

  • Zarya is trash with a 20 second cooldown bubble if she uses both at the same time

  • Mercy is trash. She heals 50 now and with the in combat debuff its reduced 25% to 37.5 healing

  • Dva felt OK, in general tanks felt weird to play

  • Rein felt OK, firestrike nerf to 90dmg means cant 1 shot 200hp through window

  • Zen is really good, discord with sombra hack makes enemies take crazy damage

  • Ana sleep CD increased to 15 seconds

  • Brig bash doesnt stun anymore, feels weird. Does 40 dmg

  • Push felt like TDM

Overall was underwhelmed and game felt clunky. Said he thinks its still in alpha. Also there is a thick bright red border when you take damage that he did no like.


I seriously hope they reconsider. We’ve already seen how significantly something as little as 5 HPS can have on the impact of supports. Cutting down 15~20 HPS will be brutal.


i mean nothing is final im sure…especially if theyre in “alpha” as quoted above…could just be something theyre trying out…im still processing what it all means myself…cant decide if its a good/bad thing or not

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This summary has not improved my opinion on OW2, but like it is still an early build. Perhaps they will make changes that fix some of these issue.

I strongly hope the debuff does not go through.



Double yikes

Triple yikes

Yikes x4

Yikes x5

Then again it’s all experimental and in development. I do have to give credit where it’s due. The bastion and sombra reworks are in a good direction and they have a good idea what they want to do. But some of these changes… really need to be considered. Mercy should not be healing 38 hp/s lol, and sombra… I dont think I need to elaborate. The game definitely seems like it’s in it’s alpha phase


I was on some serious OW 2 HOPIUM before learning about this cause I like fragging on support anyways, but if this change does go through then I’m actually leaving.


I’ve still got some hope, they’d be infinitely stupid to not give supports offensive compensation. Blizzard is sometimes really stupid but not that smoothbrained to render supports completely useless.

That’s like a 10IQ move. And Blizzard certainly is more clever than that.

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It might be okay if they add more damage or utility to some of the heroes, but ana bap and zen already do a ton of dmg. Those are the supports I play and the ones super said were actually good, so maybe I’ll still have fun, but at that point just make them DPS.

Good Lord that’s a supersize oof on that debuff. If it doesn’t hard reset after four seconds, might as well just remove heals from the game, because it’ll be chain damage city 24-7.


Supports in Paladins are quite capable DPS-wise. I would say they’re aiming more that direction than making them just DPS.


The healing debuff may be temporary since they haven’t had a chance to globally adjust healing potency yet.

Figured this would be an issue with Hack lasting 8 seconds and being able to do it under Stealth. Sombra doesn’t take that long to empty out her clip, either. And Hack being on a low cooldown means a semi-permanent uptime on Hack for two targets (or more).

Gotta pace it, but I figured there would be 2 charges for each.

Feels appropriate. 50 healing is 50 damage mitigation. For a lot of players with poorer aims, this is a significant loss of damage output.

90x6 is 540 damage, with 2 charges it becomes 1,080. A loss of 60 to 120 damage. That’s still a significant upgrade.

Methinks that Discord hasn’t had the live OW1 updates yet and Discord in OW2 alpha is debuffing by 30%.

40+35+70 is is 145 damage. Another swing is a killing blow to Tracer. Course, with the stun; it’s a lot easier to escape.

Early beta in Overwatch has Zenyatta with 50% discords and 35% damage boosts from Mercy.


Orb of Discord
    The amount of damage amplified by a target with Orb of Discord has been decreased from 50% to 30%
Orb of Destruction
    Damage has been increased from 40 to 46

Developer Comments: Zenyatta is in a far better place since the last update, but the strength of Orb of Discord has turned him into an almost mandatory pick. These changes reduce Orb of Discord’s effectiveness, but his damage-dealing potential has been increased. The amount of damage that he delivers should feel largely unaffected by the change.

Now is not the time to freak out, guys. Stuff is in alpha and still preliminary. There could be several alpha builds ahead of the one that was played in OWL.


for the record im not throwing this out there to say “look how they messed up supports!”…i have other posts saying people shouldnt take what they see right now as a final product…just bringing to light something that hasnt been mentioned anywhere in prior OW2 leaks/announcements


Very true, it’s still apparently in ‘alpha’ and very much experimental. I really do not like the direction they are pushing supports however


That’s gonna make supports borderline useless unless you have high burst healing. This is gonna make queue times even worse


Also according to Super, Ana’s nade was nerfed to 60 base healing, so it seems like they’re nerfing burst healing.


I’m gonna pull a prediction from my butt:

I feel all supports will follow the Bap/Zen model of utility and damage being more important than pocketing heals.

Mercy will be able to pull her pistol out much quicker as an alt-fire with quicker and higher damage projectiles for example.

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