Imagine trying to get hyped for OW2

Then you read what they’ve done to your main role:

As mentioned: 25% less healing when in combat and 4 seconds afterwards. Any dmg will put you in combat, even a single D.Va pellet doing 0.4 dmg from across the map.

Nope. If the devs keep punching me in the gut with their vision of the game, I’m out. I’m just done with this and don’t give me any of that hopium that things will get any better because “it’s just alpha version”, we’ve seen exactly what their balance department has done with the first game. It’s like they want to kill 2/3rds of the roles intentionally. :woozy_face:

What else are they iterating behind the scenes that will make both tanks and supports unbearable to play? Besides the obvious like gutting Brigitte and pumping up damage sky high.

I’m no longer hyped, I’m just morbidly interested in how far they’re going to go with this.

Edit: Long summary why it doesn’t work balance wise

Edit2: Unlikely to make it to the live game, according to Devs, but I’m hardly convinced quite yet before I see it.


I just wanna know how they even thought it was a good idea for mercy to do 37.5 hp/s in the first place. It’s like they’re trying to punish the entire support roster because only 2 were problematic

LUCKILY tho, it seems like they’re very open to rolling back on that which is probably why they didn’t mention it


Meh, i don’t care. The game is much better off without people who just play one role instead of flex players

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I seriously do not know. I’m just numb. Killing combat healing means it effectively kills peeling too.

I had decent fun time playing Overwatch 1 an hour ago. I guess I should have my fun while it still lasts…

Not sure if you’re trolling, but role queue doesn’t work if they literally kill their entire tank and support playerbase. Bruh.

But sure dude, I will flex to dps since that is what they seem to want everyone to do.


The best thing is that many people on reddit seem to like the in combat healing debuff.

Oh god. :woozy_face:

I’ll quit the game if that goes through, lol.


Yeah and a good deal of the pros hate it


Until they actually come out and say that this is something that they intend to implement in the final build of OW2, I’m not worried :+1:


Please do.

We want people that want to play OW2, not people clinging to OW1 philosophies… :rofl: :upside_down_face: :thinking:


People who like this change are probably the people who choose poor engagements with enemies who are already being pocketed and have all their abilities available.


The question is do you stop playing now since the game you enjoy is being deleted soon, or do you keep playing to get the last enjoyment out of it you can?


Then you have far more faith in the dev balance department than I do.

After OW1 balance cycle and now this? I dunno man… seems foolish, almost.


Not really, I just understand that the balance department goes through many, many changes like this one in-house before settling on one.


I wish I could read changes which were actually positive in nature for a change.


The lack of healing feedback aside, I’m surprised they figured 25% was the number to go with, and not 15%, which would have been 1/6th less than live.

Maybe they went with 15% and thought it still healed too much.

It’s just a snapshot of a w.i.p., but still.

Hey, the Bastion and Sombra reworks are filled with positive changes :slight_smile:


Role queue doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with healers. If you dislike it so much, switch to DPS. Tank and support players pretend their life is over if something negative happens to their “role”

I don’t think you really understand what I’m trying to say here.

If either role dies because they mishandle the entire role this badly, there is no game.

For anybody.

It doesn’t matter if I switch to dps at that point, if they throw tanks and supports off the cliff. The only gamemodes left will be deathmatch at that point.


Yeah just swap over to dps like everyone else did. Then enjoy the endless queues

Good luck with this. Good luck with ever getting into a game when everyone else is sick of tanking/supporting.


People swapping to dps on ow1 or straight up just quitting tank and support roles went over so well that they had to constantly make the matchmaker looser and introduce priority passes and practically beg people to play tanks.


I think thats all u literally do on forums, telling people whom are seriously and legitimately concerned with ow2 changes to quit the game