(Super) Global healing debuff in OW2?

Thing is that burst dmg make people still die fast, even with high healing.
I personally want fights to last longer not less, and make hp on its own matter more than the healer focus on it :man_shrugging:


Sounds like cauterize from paladins but weaker but has longer duration. lol.

The fact they’re reducing healing efficiency mid-fight suggests the devs want shorter fights… :wink:

?? None dps has high enough sustain that make them unkillable with a Mercy pocket.
And soldiers one has a long cooldown.

And winston did his job. He applied pressure on 2 heroes on his own and created a lot of space.
Winstons on his own shouldnt kill them. Put a Dva or Tracer or Doom on top of that and they are in trouble.


To be honest, many things in OW2 will feel similiar to paladins.
Bastion rework
I guess a lot of talents and stuff
list could be quite long later on base on what we know so far

Bastion might or might not feel like Victor from paladins, victor in paladins also has artillery as ult and a tactical grenade.

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Wow honestly that is uh…. Not good imo

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Pocketed soldier, pharah, doomfist, ashe, genji. You do know that shields, mobility, boops and damaged mitigation are forms of sustain as well right?

Winston kills widow. You specifically said kill mercy. Unless the winston just AFK’s on the widows body she will just get rezzed and we are back to square one.

Don’t misunderstand, I have no problem with Rez. What I have a problem with is trying to play solo Q into a hard pocketed DPS while my team refuses to play anything remotely viable to contest them. The amount of value a mercy pocket provides versus the difficulty required to execute it is disproportionate.

Also isnt sombra more like sky assasin like with new hack?
I remember sky having some poison darts that make targets take more dmg…

Sombra is like Skye minus, hack/poison dart/EMP.

And skye’s ult is like D.va’s one. She throws a big bomb that destroys shields and deals 3k damage(paladins champions have much higher hp then OW heroes)and explodes in about 3 sec(same as Dva)

Sha lin is more like hanzo minus, lung and dragonstrike

You should definitely add this to the O.P. so people don’t miss it.

Also, there’s even more - and of course, credit to reddit user Blue2180.

  • Sigma, Orisa, McCree, Doomfist, Moira were disabled, probably because they’re reworking them
  • Winston’s right click felt good, “like the rail gun from Quake”, needs aim, has 25 m range and does 50 dmg at full charge. (After reaching full charge: when not fired, it fires automatically after about 1 sec, just like Symmetra right clicks.) You can do a 130 dmg burst combo if you’re able to land your right click (50) > melee (30) > jump (50) combo on somebody.
  • Bastion felt fun to play but underwhelming, maybe worse than he is now, “because think about it: you’re moving at 50% speed in turret form and your bullets do 34% dmg [sic; the Overwatch stream said: 60% dmg compared to live Bastion]. So you’re slooowly going around a corner, doing less dmg in turret form than you do now.”
    His ultimate is fun, his turret form is weaker, his primary fire “feels so bad, actually hot poo poo trash” because the rate of fire is so slow now. [Maybe they just need to give the visual/sound design of his gun a bit more ‘oomph’ because the old design is centered around it being a full-auto weapon, as u/C0RV1S says.]
  • As mentioned: 25% less healing when in combat and 4 seconds afterwards. Any dmg will put you in combat, even a single D.Va pellet doing 0.4 dmg from across the map. He assumes that this will not stay in the game.
  • He thinks that the power level of the roles is “DPS >>>>>>>>>> healers >> tank” now which doesn’t feel good: “healers are literally weaker in OW 2 and there’s only one tank now, so as a tank you’re taking the brunt of the impact.”
  • He felt the best support line-ups were Zen+Ana or Zen+Bap; maybe sometimes Lucio+Ana for dive comps (Moira was disabled). Thought Mercy was “useless” and Brig was “weird”.
  • He thinks that Blizzard wants to move away from a team oriented MOBA game to a more individual aim game. He played 7 games and Overwatch 2 felt more like deathmatch than OW 1 does.
  • It felt like charging your ult takes a very long time now


I’m going to cross my fingers and hope this is the goal / direction.

The devs have struggled with things being overly difficult to kill in overwatch- it’s made numerous other facets of overwatch difficult to balance

I’m not surprised they might be approaching ow2 with a “less healing” (and sustain in general) approach, especially from an “in combat” point of view.

Supports don’t have to pump out 1-200 healing per second combined to be viable.



They give them appropriate utility in other ways.

There’s a lot of things supports can do besides be heal bots to make them awesome.

But it will depend a lot on what else they do. If they just nerf healing across the board? Oof.

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I guess - I updated it

There’s supposed to thing on Twitter right now about this right now (super being part of it)…is anybody listening in…he probably says more there

Edit - nvm it’s pacific time…so in 3 hours….but if anyone wants to update on here what’s said I’d appreciate it

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3 seconds?

We gotta blast.

Do you believe if there is no compensation that the support role will be desirable to play.

This changes with no compensation will make the support role the new bottleneck for queue times.

Now we have not seen the final product, but this change has made me reconsider playing support at all anymore.

Players need to understand that having a healthy tank and support player base would improve the game and queue times. Alienating supports is not the right answer for improving the game.


I understand these changes are still very much experimental but made them think that reducing healing like that was a good change to begin with?

The whole fantasy of playing support is saving teammates close to death with clutch heals. If healing is reduced after taking damage, then that will feel horrible as a support player. Are they getting their dev advice from CoD players or something?


Nope, Super said she has a 3s matrix now. She can shot forever so this healing debuff makes DVa so strong…

I dont think even most DPS players like this

For a role that’s a majority, very few players actually like this change

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I mean I get why they have to reduce healing (they reduced damage by removing a tank and ult charge with the tank changes so raw healing is too high) but that number seems off. I am sure they will find a better number though.