I dont want to be a healthpack

You’re not gonna be a health pack.

You’re going to be a Fischer price DPS with an actual Nerf gun. Out of combat it will be your privilege to give the DPS overlords their rightful heals.

All hail.


Because you actually do want to be a health pack? Reducing healing output is both necessary for making fights actually end and opening up more power budget for the utility you claim to want in your title.

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No it isn’t. Supports have been transformed into post fight nurses and there has been ZERO reallocation of power budget in conjunction with the in combat heal nerf.

So, at best, your explanation is wishful speculation.


Playing team daddy handing out oranges was pretty fun. That’s why Blizzard removed it.

Ordinarily I’d say “it’s not done yet” but if they’re not done with OW2 at this point, they’re in serious trouble.


Geoff Goodman already said it’s unlikely for that to go through a week ago, why can’t people read up on the situation for like 5 minutes before writing these manifestos


Refuse to heal them until they beg you to splash them with just a drop of that precious nectar. And then still refuse them for ever suggesting you were merely a instrument for their fun. And then when they cry, tell them to quench their thirst on their own tears becuase you do not have a sippy cup available at the moment.

Oh, this was about the balance of the role… Um… Play Soldier?

Don’t worry, health packs will do more healing than supports now.


This seems like “offsupport” role, not dedicated/main healer role, whether that’s aoe sustain or burst.

It’s something (shield regen, healthpack/reverse hack) even sym or sombra or some kind of smart builder could provide. the offsup utility is mainly to “tip the scales” for duelists, flankers, side fights, or degen 1v2 tdm/arena type conditions while they weave in their own dps and fps-skillset. So you still have support-like premption and positioning and the value scaling is somewhere between support and dps.

so your concerns/scenarios shouldn’t apply to every healer every time every comp. and the main balance hopefully comes top-down, starting at the composition level, where dual pure main healers (or dual offhealers) don’t get as much value scaling as 1 of each. the same way we don’t like 2shield metas (even though they make up much of bunker in the dive/bunker/brawl trifecta). i mean u might see dive get away with dual offheals because of the ‘spead out’, or bunker get away with dual main healers, etc, but i digress.

the problem with pure wack-a-mole healing and little else, is it doesn’t differentiate your overall skillset from theirs (in mirroring their support, say). if anything, it further pronounces the skill deltas of the dps (or tanks) propped up by 1-dimensional force multiplication (just being better healed). and it further pronounces the “crutch” of just being mechanically sub-par, but propped up by ttk-padded healing interactions that mitigate your mistakes and reinforce the same all-in scripts.

Shouldn’t the win (and pbsr, and general laddering success) go to the healer that did a bit more of everything? instead of linearly, obviously, every gameplan water hosing everyone, shouldn’t you have to prove yourself and your team’s worth, and your dedicated on-role ability…maybe via more kill completion, xyz awareness, and cd/combat throttled heal-outs.

this. i do think there is room for some “fire hose” healer gameplay as well as gatorade handout gameplay. the edge-case balance issues will show up when both are stacked instead of say 1 of each, and how that plays out.

Wait for the release. Another support that overreacts before knowing anything. You have no idea what will balance the lack of healing, you just assume it wil be a nerf.


You are wrong…A style of play was considered which literally devalued the experience of an entire archetype by making them LESS effective in combat than when out of combat.

They ask for this exact kind of feedback, which is how changes affect the gameplay experience. A change which reduces in combat healing literally turns supports into team moms and is not an acceptable playstyle.


Because support doesn’t engage enemy, so they are “invisible”. All visible from outside is 1 player with improved sustain capabilities.

You would have to explain it to teammates dropping like flies, why they aren’t having those sweet heals anymore.

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But that is a lie. They do have heals just fine.

And tbh i am excited for a version of OW where what i see is not a permahealed rein 24/7 that needs a focus fire of 4 people to kill. Nothing dictates that heals should make someone invincible

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They have insufficient heals now. So you have to explain it to them, why you healing them no longer produces results they got used to.

Permahealed Rein is one of best ways to win game, when you lack competent players to win with.

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And it’s stuff like that noone likes, which is why people are leaving and things are reworked in OW2. This is not LoL. A guy needing no aim at all should not press W and click and survive focus fire, much less even get kills by holding M1

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The Devs literally said that healing was too strong in their current build of OW2, and it was making it to where nothing ever died.

Healing needs to be toned down, and I’m getting really tired of whiny Support mains throwing out clickbait titles for their overdramatic takes that ultimately fall flat.

Supports heal. If you dont want to be a healer, then don’t play Support. This isnt rocket science.

The fact that the Support role has drifted away from having tons of diversity to just being a catalog of different flavors of Healbot needs to be changed.

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What would your role rework be for the supports role. Healing reduction is on the table and a self healing passive. How does that improve diversity?

You’re strawmanning them. There’s a difference between being someone who can have influential heals that change fights and healing people up after a fight is won/lost.


At the minimum I would rather not have a passive that is completely useless in combat.

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Would you make other changes?

To me if healing goes down then I think supports should have compensation in other areas like improved utilities or mobility.