Supports gonna be mad with ow2

Tank main here. As a tank main Im already obviously unhappy with ow2 since the announcement, but knowing its going to 5v5 already had me at extremely low expectations anyway that I planned to switch a role.

Supports on the other hand… I feel like blizzard is messing with a portion of the game thats hardly a minority like us tanks, not to mention extremely vocal (no offense I think its great to be vocal).

At first we were told that supports will get the least changes… Not all that exciting announcement to hear about a new game, but supps are fun now to play so it isnt horrible.

Fast forward to now, supports so far have received the harshest nerfs out of the 3 roles (I mean, if u dont count losing a whole tank as a tank nerf ig), which when you’re told you’re already getting least changed, thats… thats not very happy news to receive.

Support role only has 7 heroes, smaller even than tank role. We had sym in the role, but it got taken away from them to dps, then echo was meant to be support but surprisingly (/s) it got robbed and taken to dps. Now I feel like most people see the current hero balance revealed and dont really expect much more than sojourn as new hero on release (which is, you guessed it, a dps).

Im not a support main and also its my least played role, but god damn, if I see those changes in ow2 so far + the echo release jebait Im like… Why would I play ow2?

Yea its a new game and a lot will be changed and it can be new and exciting and everything, but put yourselves in a support main shoes rn, most of the changes you are currently seeing arent very appealing for you. Making them even more dps oriented I highly doubt is going to attract more, as ana, bap and zen already exist and iirc the most popular support is still mercy (the polar opposite of offensive support), and I doubt shes getting a desert eagle in ow2 or an actual useful glock.

So I guess us tank mains can finally include you support players in our circle of pain.


I hope blizzard releases some news some kind of positive change for supports that would get players excited.

So far it has been disheartening. I know with 1 less tank healing will be reduce but not to that extreme.

I wonder about the reasoning for healing reduction. Is it only because there is 1 less tank or is in an effort to make the game faster?

Mad? Try nonexistent. I dunno who’s gonna sign up to get a obliterated by the favored Main Character class over and over.

Masochists? People who hate themselves? Certainly not me.


From their own words, they discovered the current healing output from the supports was too much and when pumped into a single tank, would keep them indefinitely alive.

Hence why the heal reduction during combat but no outside of it.

Edit: There we go, here’s the link

Yes I heard that too, but I don’t think healing needed to be reduced to Zen levels for losing 1 tank. I am wondering if they experimented with reducing healing to that level was also in an effort to make the game faster.

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It prob was done in order to make player impact stronger, since even in live, you can knock a DPS/Tank off but two healers with one tank can often buy enough time that enemy respawn can come back.

I’m a tank/support flex player.

The writing is on the wall for supports.

While I take a more positive approach to the changes in this post, essentially it explains how support becomes DPS Lite and how that’s mostly bad for the community.

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That most likely is true and that is why I hope supports get a positive change that would give supports something to look forward to in OW2.

Gonna be? No. I’m already mad.


Personally and gonna be real, I doubt it since supports is in a good position (At least, outside of Ana being supremo pick due to anti-nade).

If heals too high, they’re gonna have to bring it down a notch anyways as what the Dev said in my link.

At best, they’ll take TF2 system of healing increasing outside of combat, but nerf all heal number down.

I am hoping for a compensation buff of some kind like better utility otherwise personally I have less desire to play supports in OW2

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Losing a tank is a major support buff. That’s a large portion of healing resource they now get to apply elsewhere. Support nerfs were inevitable moving to 5v5 and in reality it’s not a nerf it’s just adjusting them to fit in a new game. The healing nerf when someone takes damage seems pretty stupid but like one of the owl testers said, he doubts it will stay in the game. It’s way too early in development for people to be freaking out. They’re just throwing ideas in to the game right now. You can’t expect them to balance the game when they don’t even have people playing it. I’m sure there will be a beta and plenty of time for actual feedback.

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If it’s pure utility, then it might be possible.

Like if they gave Moira a utility ability of some kind and then increase other supports utility to match Ana and Baps utility level.

I’m more on the idea that utility should be lower, since Ana anti-nade is pretty strong and Baps lamp is a relic idea during double sniper where one-shots were extremely dominant.

If those two ability got reworked, I think supports position would be better since it allow more options.

Alright then do you have any idea for a positive change for supports?

Not so much change for supports as I feel supports would be good even with the healing nerf but I do feel damage might need to change.

Certain heroes are still pushing way too much damage, and a general nerf to damage would be good (Sombra passive buff is way too much.). Making the TTK slightly higher. Then if tanks are somehow unkillable after that, then do the same.

I just feel like toning things down would be better rather than buff.

Toning most aspects of supports down would make the role less desirable for players.

I don’t think they plan on reducing damage. That is aspect they have not talked about. I will wait and see.

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Like I said, this is just my POV but I feel supports will be fine since while the healing output goes down, survivability is still there due to role passive.

But if they don’t reduce damage, then yea, OW2 will be facing some problems as strong heroes in current OW1 won’t change at all. Though knowing blizz, they prob can’t say outright that they’re nerfing DPS since that’ll prob drive plenty of casual players away even if the pro agree with it openly.

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Say it louder for the people in the back :raised_hands:

We all want a balanced & fun OW2 for every role. All of us. But it’s too early to be freaking out when they are literally still playing with ideas. They’re not even sure if Doomfist will be a tank or DPS yet, that’s how long we have left to go until balance is finalized. It is important to give constructive criticism to the devs and let them know what we’re worried about, but there’s no sense in saying “The only people who will play Supports in OW2 are masochists & people who hate themselves”… lets be reasonable adults here.

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