Full Known OW2 Changes so far: Warning Big List

Overwatch 2 is going to be 5v5 instead of 6v6.
Rein has 2 firestrikes, cancelable and easy curve charge
D.Va has 4 seconds of matrix again with faster refill
Zarya has 2 bubbles stored on a shared cooldown between friendly/personal
Winston has a new tesla cannon zap on alternate fire
Mei endothermic blaster no longer freezes people
Overhealth is a new HP mechanic that consolidates barrier/decaying hp
Role passives
TANK - less knockback and feed less ult charge
DAMAGE - faster movement speed
SUPPORT - passive healing regen



  • Lower cooldown
  • Hacked abilities only last 1 second
  • Hacked status now increases damage
  • Hack works while stealthed (briefly revealing Sombra during the cast)


  • Self Repair has been removed
  • Configuration: Recon primary fire has spread reduced to zero but slower fire rate
  • Configuration: Recon new secondary fire: bounce burst. A slow moving projectile that bonuces on terrain but sticks to a target and denonates (similar to Echo’s sticky bombs)
  • Configuration: Sentry
  • Now enables slow movement
  • Now on a limited duration and a cooldown
  • Configuration: Tank (ultimate) has been removed
  • New ultimate! Configuration: Artillery Mode - Fires 3 high-damage strikes within range on the map

New DPS Hero; Sojourn:

Primary weapon

Sojourn’s primary weapon is a rapid-firing energy rifle that has 40 rounds per clip. The number of bullets remaining in the chamber is handily displayed on the gun itself. Each bullet will inflict between five and eight damage. It also has a relatively quick reload time, so you’re not stuck fumbling around while changing magazines.

Alternative weapon

Sojourn’s energy rifle also has a secondary fire mode that’s a railgun. By holding the right mouse button, you can charge up a shot, indicated by the bars that appear on the HUD. You don’t have to wait for the two bars to be fully raised to fire off a shot, but you’ll get more power from a fully charged railgun. Firing Sojourn’s primary weapon at enemies or barriers will also charge up the railgun and any critical hits provide a significant amount of railgun charge.

The railgun will maintain its charge too, capped at 100%. It doesn’t seem to consume any ammunition when fired, but the charge amount does reset. While it’s not confirmed, there is speculation that the railgun can penetrate barriers.

Movement ability

We didn’t get to see this in-game, but the gameplay reveal has Sojourn slide along the ground. She uses boosters in her calf, knee, and back to propel her forward. It seems that she can fire her primary weapon while sliding, and there’s no reason why her railgun wouldn’t work here too. In her sliding state, Sojourn looks to be moving in a forward direction while crouching, so she will be harder to hit, but will have predictable movement for a short time. She may also be able to use this while jumping as a dive kick, as seen in the cinematic video.

Activated ability

Sadly, we didn’t get to see this ability at all during the entire reveal, but there are some clues as to what this ability might be. Its icon shows an explosion of sorts with arrows pointing around the explosion. The only thing we’re confident about is that the current cooldown for this ability is roughly around 12 seconds long, since the HUD shows the ability is halfway through recharging with six seconds remaining.

Ultimate ability

Sojourn will glow turquoise, causing her railgun to charge at a greatly accelerated rate. It does not require Sojourn to fire her weapon to charge, and it will be fully charged in less than a second. It’s unclear if this ultimate does anything else, like buff nearby teammates, or if the shots themselves deal extra damage.

And that’s everything we know about Sojourn’s abilities in Overwatch 2.

Also Junkerqueen POV model was leaked, so 99.98% likely a upcoming hero with an Axe (role unknown past that.)

(Fox Girl still a rumor) (and Malevento yet to gone live with maybe more lore.)

And that’s pretty much everything we know about so far by 9/25/2021.

(and no, I don’t it’s no longer workshop-able anymore.)


Big list?

This is smaller than many patch notes we’ve gotten before.

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Off the top of my head:

  • D.Va’s defense matrix is supposed to be 3 seconds rather than 4 in the playtest
  • Reinhardt’s barrier is reduced to 1200 and has some health converted additional armour (not sure how much)
  • Mei’s endothermic blaster deals 90 DPS
  • Brigitte’s stun was removed in favour of 40 damage on bash
  • Mercy’s healing was reduced to 50 HPS down from 55
  • Ana’s biotic grenade heals 60 down from 100
  • Winston’s alternate fire charges and has an auto release similar to Symmetra’s orb, has 25m range, and deals 50 damage
  • Healing received reduced by 25% after taking damage in the last 4 seconds

Not final changes, so take it with a grain of salt.

I didn’t include those, because devs already said they aren’t doing the healing nerf version.

Plus the others I left aside, because Pros said those heroes felt weird. And likely devs have something else in mind or about to.

Basically those all were not finalized.

(also I posted this before healing nerf was even known.)

My bad, I didn’t spot the necro.

Wait, when and where did they say that? So healing will not be nerfed overall?

It will be nerfed overall, but in a different way as they intended.
That’s the last info about it:

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Thank you. I’ve read that, but after reading what Jesterskull wrote I thought that there was some new Info that I did not read :smiley:

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