OW's Most Pressing Problems and their Solutions

Keeping the commentary to a minimum.


  1. Long queue times for many players
  2. Lacking fun for the necessary number of tank and support slots
  3. Reinhardt’s domination of the tank role and/or double shield
  4. Heroes who are chronically not competitive
  5. Reduced variety/diversity


  1. a) Allowing three damage heroes per team,
  1. b) without forcing a constant 1-3-2 composition
  2. Reducing the number of necessary tank and support slots by making some mutually exclusive heroes more effective and fun to play
  3. Limiting the number of shield tanks to one per team and giving Reinhardt competition
  4. Buffing, changing, and giving a competitive role to problematic heroes
  5. Through greater compositional variety, competition or rotation at calcified spots, and balance changes more possibilities will emerge

Matchmaking and Compositions

  • The matchmaker looks to create games in the fastest way by choosing from seven role compositions on the condition both teams are of the same composition - 2-2-2, 3-2-1, 3-1-2, 1-3-2, 2-3-1, 1-2-3, 2-1-3
  • Once everyone has selected a hero the hero roster is unlocked and players can pick from other roles
  • There can be no fewer than one hero of each role and no greater than three heroes of each role
  • There will be sub-groups of tanks and supports [with the ‘main’ prefix] limited to one hero per sub-group per team
  • Role specific SR is gone unless there is to be no role switching [I do not favor the latter]

Main Tanks


  • Armor increased by 50
  • Base movement speed increased by 0.5 m/s to 6 m/s (~10%)
  • Rocket Hammer reduces movement speed by 0.5 m/s with a 1 second lingering effect
  • Barrier Field shields increased by 400 to 2000
  • 1.5 meter long perpendicular side sections attached to Barrier Field
  • Fire Strike damage increased by 20 to 120
  • Fire Strike cooldown increased by 1 second to 7 seconds


  • Armor increased by 50
  • Fusion Driver movement speed penalty reduced to 10% from 30%
  • Fusion Driver damage reduced by 1-2 to 9-8
  • Fusion Driver ammo reduced by 50 to 100
  • Fusion Driver reload time reduced by .55 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Protective Barrier shields increased by 400 to 1000
  • Protective Barrier cooldown reduced by 2 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Fortify nerfs reverted
  • Fortify blocks Reinhardt’s Earthshatter in a cone but has a casting time of .25 seconds
  • Halt! nerf(s) reverted


  • Health increased by 100, shields by 50
  • Experimental Barrier shields increased by 600 to 1500, regeneration increased by 80 per second to 200 per second after barrier being down for 2 seconds, cannot be removed by Sombra once moving or set
  • Experimental Barrier 1 second when recalled cooldown is removed, only a .25 second delay before barrier starts to come out
  • Accretion damage nerf reverted
  • Graviton Flux impact slow duration nerf reverted


  • Health increased by 50
  • Tesla Cannon stuns any enemy damaged continuously over the course of 4 seconds for 0.5 seconds
  • Jump Pack cooldown reduced by 1 second to 5 seconds
  • Barrier Projector cooldown reduced by 5 seconds to 8 seconds

Main Supports

The pool for this sub-group has been expanded to include Ana and Moira. At the moment the target for active main supports is three, raising the possibility of rotation. I’ve further divided the choices into three groups with each to be represented.



  • Health increased by 50
  • Regeneration gains a base constant passive of 10 health per second, to which the existing 20 health per second after not taking damage for 1 second is added
  • Caduceus Staff healing increased by 20 health per second to 70 Hps
  • Guardian Angel maximum range increased by 10 meters to 40 meters
  • Guardian Angel cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds to 1 second
  • Valkyrie healing increased by 90 Hps to 150 Hps, self-healing increased by 30 Hps to 50 Hps, chain healing max range increased by 10 meters to 20 meters, duration reduced by 7 seconds to 8 seconds

Aim dependent


  • Health increased by 50
  • Biotic Rifle healing lingers for an additional 75 health over 4 seconds if Ana crits, which is not stackable but refreshable
  • Biotic Grenade cooldown increased by 2 seconds to 12 seconds
  • Biotic Grenade reduces enemy healing by 50% as opposed to blocking it
  • Gains Steroid Injection on Weapon 2 with a 0.5 second cast time, a 5 second duration, and a 25 second cooldown - 50 Hps regeneration affected by Biotic Grenade, movement speed increased by 1 m/s to 6.5 m/s (~20%), 100% faster cooldown recovery, Biotic Rifle rate of fire quickened by 0.3 seconds to one shot per 0.5 seconds and reload time reduced by 0.5 seconds to 1 second
  • Ultimate changes - Ana gains Nano Shot rounds she chambers by pressing R starting with 1 at 0% ultimate charge and gaining a round every 20% of ultimate charge excluding 100% with a maximum of two unused Nano Shot rounds
  • Nano Boost is available at 100% ultimate charge after each available Nano Shot has been fired - every player who has received a Nano Shot is affected including Ana automatically, damage buff is reduced to 10% from 50%, healing is reduced by 150 to 100


  • Shields increased by 50
  • Orb of Harmony healing increased by 10 Hps to 40 Hps
  • Orb of Harmony returns after 7 seconds of not having Line of Sight as opposed to 3
  • Gains a second Orb of Harmony assigned to E, Orb of Discord goes to Weapon 2 (his Secondary Fire volley remains)
  • Gains Mind of Buddha ability on key 3 and a 15 second cooldown which is a 2.5 second state of invulnerability along with a 1 m/s movement speed increase and immediate commencement of shield regeneration but Orb of Destruction and Orb of Discord become unavailable, can be cancelled
  • Orb of Destruction damage reduced by 8 to 40



  • Health increased by 50
  • Biotic Grasp Primary Fire maximum range increased by 10 meters to 25 meters
  • Biotic Grasp Secondary Fire damage reduced by 10 to 40 per second, self-healing increased by 20 to 40 per second
  • Fade maximum range increased by 25 meters to 40 meters, duration increased by 1.7 seconds to 2.5 seconds, vertical movement enabled by Jump for up and Crouch for down, can be cancelled
  • Base movement speed increased by 0.5 m/s to 6 m/s


  • Health increased by 50
  • Crossfade healing increased by 14 per second to 30 per second for allies and by ~7.7 per second to 20 per second for self
  • Crossfade healing area of effect increased by 13 meters to 25 meters
  • Crossfade movement speed area of effect increased by 3 meters to 15 meters
  • Sonic Amplifier damage decreased by 2 per round to 18
  • Soundwave gains a second effect either toggled or simply activated by Weapon 2 where as opposed to knocking back enemies Lucio knocks himself in the opposite direction

This post expands the pool to include all support heroes, suggests a different method of implementation as opposed to rotation and first come first serve selection, and discusses making off tank compositions more effective.



  • Inspire healing increased to 30 per second for allies and to 30 per second for self
  • Repair Pack cooldown reduced by 1 second to 5 seconds
  • Rally healing increased by 25 armor per 0.5 seconds to 40 armor per 0.5 seconds, up to 150 armor on self and allies as opposed to 100
  • Rally area of effect radius increased by 1.5 meters to 10 meters


  • Health increased by 50
  • Biotic Launcher Secondary Fire self heals, slows enemies by 0.5 m/s for 0.8 seconds
  • Regenerative Burst cooldown reduced by 3 seconds to 12 seconds
  • Amplification Matrix becomes Baptiste Cage - area of effect 20x20x20 meter cube, damage amplification and healing amplification removed, allies and self within the Cage receive 50% less damage regardless of the location of the damage source

GOATS Busters


  • Configuration: Sentry spread tightening reverted
  • Configuration: Sentry regains critical hits
  • Configuration: Tank shots knock back.


  • Rivet Gun Secondary Fire gains Buckshot [or molten scraps something] - each pellet (10 total) inflicts an additional .3% - 1% damage of the victim’s maximum health with the critical hit and armor effects applying
  • Rivet Gun Secondary Fire damage reduced to 2.25 - 7.5 per pellet or 22.5 - 75 per shot
  • Rivet Gun Secondary Fire spread increased by 10%
  • Deploy Turret damage reduced by 3 per round to 11 (12 per second reduction to 44)
  • Deploy Turret gains AI Learning - After shooting 20 rounds (the equivalent to 5 seconds of uninterrupted shooting) its damage increases by 1 per round until it crits (over another ~3 seconds of uninterrupted shooting). The Turret will have to destroyed or redeployed for the damage to reset.
  • Deploy Turret attack range decreased by 5 meters to 35 meters


  • Frag Launcher projectiles deal 20 more damage in the first 1 second after being fired to total 150 damage on direct hits and 30-100 splash damage



  • If Deflect deflects damage every 0.5 seconds its duration is increased by 0.5 seconds up to a maximum of 1 additional second (3 seconds overall)


  • Gains Time Incorporeality as an additional ability on a 15 second cooldown - after a 1.5 second wind-up every instance of damage is reduced by 7.5 for 2 seconds, but it cannot be reduced by more than 75%


  • Machine Pistol damage reduced by 0.6 at the low end up to 2 at the high end (25% damage reduction across her damage range)
  • Gains Akimbo - 5 seconds after being out of Stealth a second Machine Pistol is automatically pulled out, doubling damage (50% damage increase relative to her current state), movement speed is increased by 1 m/s to 6.5 m/s; Translocating does not end Akimbo but entering Stealth does
  • EMP deals 10,000 damage against barriers, 200 damage against temporary shields, and 100 damage against shields

This is the one hero whose changes, outside of EMP, can be tested. Generally speaking the Workshop is too limited to bother with everything else and the Sombra changes can be played courtesy of another poster. There is also a range of options that can be played including a reduced Machine Pistol damage by 33% as opposed to 25% and an increased movement speed of 6 m/s as opposed to 6.5 m/s. Lastly, her damage ratio can be changed from 1:2 by tightening the spread of the single-wield Machine Pistol.

With most of these heroes, especially the main tanks and supports, I’ve avoided the question of how their ultimate point totals might have to be adjusted.



  • Widow’s Kiss charge time increased by 0.3 seconds to 1.2 seconds
  • Widow’s Kiss power indicator is to have the three markers correspond to three significant damage values denoted by the damage values flanking the markers

Soldier: 76

  • Helix Rockets projectile speed increased by 10 m/s to 60 m/s (not a fan of reducing the cooldown to 6)
  • Tactical Visor inflicts critical hits when shooting at the head, critical hit multiplier reduced by 0.5 to 1.5 for its duration


  • Gains Satan’s Gift - a pair of shotguns on Weapon 2 and a 20 second cooldown with 6 ammo that deal 25% less damage but always unmitigated unless a target is invincible/invulnerable

Or just, I don’t know, switch weapons faster, and make her damage boost worth a damn?

We don’t want her to be OP, we want her to have impact.

5 seconds is a LONG time in the game, you are basically forcing her to choose to either use stealth that game, or give up on stealth entirely.


The entire premise is to make main tanks and main supports “OP”. Main supports are supposed to be great at healing while being difficult to kill. This is not a Mercy mains thread; in well over a thousand hours of playtime I may have played her for 15 minutes.

Lol, five seconds isn’t the duration of a game. It isn’t the duration of a fight either. You can use Stealth, do whatever it is you do, then you get the damage even if you Translocate. The Translocator is also useful for repositioning given its low cooldown and that cooldown’s immediate… cooling down. Her speed buff makes a serious difference. Codes and instructions have been provided for playing with this change, although the time for the activation of the effect there is four seconds as opposed to five.

I have no doubt, of all of the things, I think that is the best change :slight_smile:

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It’s more like long queue times for DPS player being the just refuse to play and queue for a range of roles.

Issues 2, 3 and 4 on your list are highly subjective and issue 5 mostly just impacts the top 1% to maybe top 5% of the player base.
The same player base that has 85% under 3k and if you factor in QP/arcade only stars I really do think a good 95%+ of the player base is playing at a sub 3k level in nerd skills.

So the real issue is queue times for DPS.
It’s solved by doing what is already kind of in motion and that’s just to just give tank players what they want to speed up the queues.
Being pretty much everything else falls in line and is fine, for the bulk of the player base, if the queue times are faster.

So they dropped down Orisa, moved up Rein and D.va. I assume we will see some bump for Winston and maybe even hog to get them more play time. Tone down Mei a bit and then go from there.

this isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be, requiring huge massive reworks all over the place being the player base simply isn’t play the game at that level.

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Doesn’t matter for whom the long queue times are, they are affecting many players and would-be players across the ladder, let alone across regions. Support players are to a considerable extent also affected by them. Issue 2 is often brought up as a reason for the DPS queue times being so high and issues 3 and 4 are backed up by concrete “data”. Variety and diversity as a consequence of compositional restrictions and balance affects most players.

I’m not following this and exercising a lot of restraint in how I express my reaction. It’s also no secret there is a strong preference for damage roles in gaming.

Reinhardt is the most played hero in the history of Overwatch. Having him return to that dubious distinction is no solution to anything and indeed a problem. It’s amusing to see what cannot even be called speculation that Winston and Roadhog being buffed and Mei being toned down would solve DPS queue times.

In words you can make it as simple as you’d like. No one is screening your posts before they appear. In reality Overwatch’s issues have been complicated enough that the game’s developers, who are supposed to be exceptional, have been struggling with them for years.

This again. Have you not learned from the first dozen times? Dividing up the roles into MTs and MSs that are pretty ridiculously OP won’t work, especially if you’re just dropping Brig and Lucio.

I dislike more of the hero changes less this time.

I still think Buckshot is rude to Reaper and the Bastion changes are still tokens at best.

Tracer’s weird ability is at least less weird, but it’s unnecessary given that she already has Recall.

Sombra’s passive still is just for extra spamming power, but I’d definitely buff EMP like that if it needed one.

Would S:76’s shots just… detect if they’re headshots before firing? Much confuse.


While I don’t agree with the changes OP suggested
I equally don’t think your changes would do anything to help Mercy

Hey, good job of making that complaint of “nothing dies” an actual reality.


Sigma’s buffs seem a bit extreme, he’d be way more oppressive than Reinhardt is currently (who imo isn’t really oppressive, just a high pick rate). But I agree that he needs a buff. Also, his barrier having the 1 second delay and his ult being interruptable adds a bit of skill that I enjoy

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Yes, three damage heroes will certainly make this a reality.

because you can’t see the forest for the trees…

The games #1 issue is DPS queue times, that’s it.
Balance issue are a top 5%-10% at best issue and nothing about DPS queue times is solved by tinkering with anything balance wise that doesn’t directly impact more people wanting to play tank.

Being the game’s queue time is bottled necked around tank players. You don’t solve that with changes to S76 and Mercy etc. Those are luxury issues. Where as DPS queue times impacts everyone, in all SR/MMR ranges in comp and QP.

because anything that gets more players on tank, speeds up queues for everyone else.

I already called the nerf bat to Orisa, Sigma and the rise of Rein and D.va weeks ago. Being both are much more popular tanks.
So with that line of balance already being drawn the next logical leap in progression is to keep tinkering with tank balance and balance vs tank to help with the tank bottle neck.
Who else is popular but not played? Winston. Who is popular as a DPS tank? Hog. Who do tank players hate? Mei.

All the OTHER balance issue that have been in game in some form since launch are a totally different issue than DPS queue time.

Think of it like making camp fire smores where you need the crackers, the chocolate and the marshmallows. You’re pitching a debate about how to make the best and fastest smores based around type of chocolate and time over fire etc, meanwhile you ran out of marshmallows 10min ago.

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It’s hard enough trying to balance each role around one of those, and they specifically said that being a solo support feels like garbage.


The issue is we can’t really push her healing up much more, Blizzard isn’t going to do that, so if you are going to make her stronger, we have to do it in other areas.

If her choices are going to matter, then damage boost is one of the places where it could really make a difference.

They can, the 50hps nerf was too much and she has been slipping slowly and surely
lagging behind as consistently as her trash healing

when will people acknowledge that?

Sorry, I should be more clear, pushing it up WON’T make her impactful.

You will never be able to carry games based on your healing, but making kills happen? A dead enemy virtually heals more than you will ever do.

She would at least be capable of fulfilling her job as a healer,
that’s a start

I mean I wouldn’t say no, but I think more damage boost would make her choices in game more meaningful.

and extra healing would take a damage boost buff off the table.

I want the choices to matter.

Choice doesn’t really matter when DPS are so wildly inconsistent
you might get god DPS one game and borderline throwing DPS the next
Mercy needs independence, not more chains to hold her back

sounds like someone dislikes torb’s.