OW's Most Pressing Problems and their Solutions

This is very recent though? I mean what did we all expect when we’re calling for orisa and sigma to get destroyed lol. You reap what you sow.

btw I find Rein metas to be the best. And yes that includes Goats…

This will make him feel horrible to play…

usually you get at least ONE hero you can make useful.

if not, then it was over anyway, and healing them more doesn’t change that.

Which is why the change quickly to pistol, it isn’t much, but maybe you can make a difference.


Reaper is at 140 damage. Torbjorn would be at 125-135 against 500-600 HP targets while at 95 against 200 HP targets without self-healing. He’s supposed to be a counter to GOATS and have issues against dive (which is what explains Tracer’s buff, helping her against his turret, but given how much it counters Reaper for instance this is why I was initially avoiding doing what you suggested in giving her such a general buff) whereas Reaper is supposed to be effective against dive while useful against GOATS. GOATS being the terrifying prospect I decided extra firepower was needed, which is where the problematic category of “spam” could be competitively involved in the game.

Erm, EMP was actually nerfed significantly. It deals 10,000 damage to all kinds of shields currently according to the site I’m using. The so-called passive is actually a nerf to her “spamming power” but a major buff to her fighting power. In my opinion this is exactly what she needs.

You aim at the head when you fire, as a hitscan, and the shots would crit. Shouldn’t be that confusing. You aim anywhere else in the vicinity of the target but not at the head and you get the normal damage.

So you didn’t understand the point of this thread.

The game’s queue isn’t just bottle-necked by a lack of tank players, there are significantly more DPS players than those of any other role.

You’re a genius and no doubt your perspicacious call for the return of the most played hero in the game’s history who largely walks holding up a shield and was even played during the Orisa + Sigma meta will mark the return of tank players to equal the presence of DPS players, which has never remotely happened before. Given D.Va’s and Zarya’s popularity you should already be witnessing a major shift in the right direction.

You’ve a much better chance of many DPS players dropping out.


You see that gold text with the glowing icon at the top of this page, the single most conspicuous thing at the single most likely place to find it and somehow read it? That was written by the game’s director. I put it there for a reason.


Reinhardt metas have been a thing forever. No game developer wants to have one hero have such selection dominance, especially one of Reinhardt’s gameplay.

It literally resets his movement speed when using his melee attack…

Good Mercies tend to do more than pocket one player unless it’s Pharah.

I get that, but the person above was saying “what if there is NOONE who is good on your team?”

I’m sorry but such changes at the end of the day would result to nothing but 3DPs being played most of the times, which despite the fact that it would bring back many of the pre - 2/2/2 role - lock problems, due to the way that you’ve structured your system it wouldn’t directly allow for Tanks and Supports to get significantly buffed in order to work in a solo - Tanking/Healing environment…

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Much of the post you’re quoting from details the direct and significant buffs to tanks or supports that would be played solo.

And Rein is a popular tank. I’m for Orisa and Sigma buffs because they were gutted but I don’t want Rein to get the same treatment. And D.Va metas have been far more prevalent than Rein btw and she ended up being gutted for it too. Right now the tank pool feels very diverse for most levels of play barring GM and owl. Rein is the best and besides him Zarya is viable, D.Va is viable, Hamster is viable. Sigma and Orisa are less optimal but not throw picks outside of GM and owl. The only useless tanks rn are hog and winston.

Hero pools are coming soon. I don’t see the need for massive overhauls to characters to the point where they feel clunky and boring to play.

We have not been playing the same game.

Every time I keep thinking nothing should surprise me, yet eventually my mind still gets boggled.

I don’t know what you mean but D.Va has been super popular since the game has come out. And before her boosters buff she was one of the worst tanks in the game for like a year as a direct response to people thinking she gets played too much.

It’s a pattern I’ve seen too often. The mob complains about X hero being too popular and Y hero being too awful. They trade places in the meta and everyone complains about Y hero being too popular and X hero being too awful. idk what game you’ve been playing but this has been happening forever now lol. I hope (wishful thinking I admit) that hero pools gets people to put down their torches and pitch forks for certain heroes when they get banned for however long they like.

She sucked for a long period of time way before her recent boosters change when her E was an effect of one continuous duration with a cooldown. I have likely played this game longer than you and remember it better. She was meta during triple tank, Soldier, double support with Ana (and Lucio?) and dive. Frankly I didn’t care to remember if she was meta during GOATS. Reinhardt hasn’t been meta only during dive and maybe when there was hero stacking, and even then that may have been dependent on the map type.

Trust me, you haven’t seen the pattern I’m seeing.

I don’t want to be rude but you kinda just showed in this post you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Yes she was a big part of it. DM was an amazing ability.

Rein was very weak against dive during it’s hay day. D.Va was the must pick tank back in those days for however long dive was meta.

And before that she was a top pick for well over a year. I’m only using owl because we can’t see overbuff stats for longer than 6 months but for the overall game she’s been the most popular tank by a lot. And on ladder it’s not that different. Rein is a lot closer but she’s been incredibly strong since this game came out:

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Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

Yes, dive coincided with the OWL. Look at where Winston is. The game’s history is longer.

This is nonsense.

And I specifically made solo support not feel like garbage.

I don’t pretend to fully understand the minds of Mercy players, just designating her as a main support given she deals no damage herself and is basic.

I’ve given some help to Reaper especially with the Tracer change.

Give him a direct downgrade on a long CD in case there’s some kind of damage reduction meta?

That would be funny if you weren’t serious.

It’s anti-armor and damage reduction. It’s not about meta - Reinhardt, Orisa, Roadhog, D.Va, Tracer here, Brigitte ult, Ana ult. Tracer being extremely protected against him disturbed me.

Reaper is supposed to be weak to armor. That’s a large part of the reasoning for his shotguns’ damage numbers. And the only reason Orisa isn’t bad against Reaper is because of that damage reduction. Denying him lifesteal is the main way to prevent him from sticking around and pumping more damage into the tanks. Wait, you’re actually worried about the Reaper/Tracer matchup because you gave Tracer two seconds of damage reduction?

It seems a lot like you’re just trying (poorly) to buff characters to deal with their counters easily. What’s next, CC resist for Hammond? But it has to be in the form of a speed boost on a 40 second CD, so that it’s completely useless too.

So Reaper actually got a buff and your first comment was wrong. That’s funny. I don’t want Tracer killing him from up close while tanking his shots.

Then maybe don’t give her two survivability CDs?

Why not? I need her to be able to play better against spam, Torb’s turret in particular.

Torb is supposed to counter her. If you’re having trouble fighting Torb as Tracer, the system is working right.

Under my scheme he isn’t supposed to be as strong of a counter, he’s supposed to be more of a counter for GOATS-like compositions. Dive should not be shut down by Torbjorn and Bastion.