Once more ow forums are ignored in favor of reddit

On the other hand Mccree and Ashe would have been nerfed before they dominated for 6 months each.


I figure as long as DPS can reliably 1v1 Tanks, and have an edge over DPS vs Support 1v1s. That’s all the “balance between roles” you need.

People need to let go of the idea that we need to balance roles to have equal “objective capture influence”.
We don’t need to balance the game as if role limits doesn’t exist.
That’s outdated thinking.

Furthermore, the only way (outside of something like 5v5), that you equalize queue times, is to have not-equal “objective capture influence” between roles.
Because those roles aren’t going to have equal fun otherwise.

This absolutely great to hear, hope this happens sooner than later.


Well, maybe try posting targeted “brain storming” posts.

Like “We are looking for ideas to implement Doomfist as a Tank. We’d like to ask the community to suggest some ideas that would fit well. If it’s a really great idea, it might even end up in the game, or inspire an even better version of that idea.”

I know there’s a lot of problematic design puzzles out there right now. Like Symmetra, Mei, and how do you make heroes like Pharah/Junkrat less annoying at low tier but more impactful at high tier.

Heck, how do you make it so Widow/Earthshatter/Bionade don’t dramatically limit tank choices.

Or how about the magic blend of rules to implement a ban system, or some sort of mechanic for more hero usage variety at high tier, outside of rebalancing the entire game.

Heck, or even something like “What voice lines do you think should be in the game”


Now that’s true as well

So many heroes would get overtuned and some many would get gutted as well.

Every Hitscan would be F Tier besides Soldier. Every Main Healer Would Be Awful. Every off healer would get buffed to main heals + strong utility. I don’t even wanna know how Stong D.va would be and how awful Rein would be.

You guys removed downvotes and then praise reddit where discussion is heavily biased towards popular opinion / less-harsh criticism because of…

Doesn’t seem right. Neither the forums nor reddit are “right” in terms of balance and every player has heavy biases so its disingenuous to pretend one community is better than the other.

Just delete the forums and direct players to reddit to have discussions in all honesty. There’s no real point to have these without better structure. For example: bug reports. How hard is it to simply have the ability for a dev to mark posts as “need more info” or “known and in progress” etc.

The forums, esp bug reports, often feel like screaming into the void which is extremely frustrating, no matter how well - structured the post.

I kind of ranted there a bit. Sorry.


I often times find that the things that shouldn’t have to be said need to be said more frequently, if only to effectively manage expectations.


the forums are only used by a very narrow demographic of players. just look at all the repetitive posts and complaints. they prob want to reach a wider more realistic demographic of ow players.
maybe if certain people didn’t use false flagging as a downvote to everything they disagree with more people would actually use the forums.

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This is actually the least useful kind of feedback for almost any development process. Jumping straight to the solution without having a thorough understanding of the root cause of friction minimizes the role of designers and can often lead to “fixes” that don’t take in the full width and breadth of a given area of frustration.

We do love to see player inspired designs and ideas. We tend to contextualize them in the same way we do fanart or cosplay.


Misplaced expectations :wink:

We love having you here regardless

Fair, but even then, you’d just restructure that to looking for feedback on general sentiment about the hero.

I.e. Something to guide a lot of feedback about the qualitative aspects of how the hero feels to play as and play against.
Whether specific aspects of a hero are too strong, too weak, too annoying, not interactive enough, not enough risk vs reward, or just in general the snags in the fluidity of how those all mix together.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how specifically do you plan to tackle this?

I agree the general atmosphere, hyperbole, and hostility of the forums definitely could be changed but it’s not exactly straight forward

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you really are a blessing to these forums ngl

the hero we need but don’t deserve

the overbat, if you will


Well, merely explaining the context and expectations around controversial stuff, and disarming wild negative speculation helps.

Heck, just anything that makes it feel like the forums isn’t just an empty void, that the devs never look at.

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Idk why it’s so hard to ignore the toxic threads. They’re spotted almost immediately and most posts are pretty positive anyway imo.

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I mean one reason people are hostile is because the complete lack of interaction. It’s not gonna get better by leaving people out of events and then treating the forum feedback as beneath the feedback of other players from places like Reddit or Discord imo.

In my experience the way the communities tend to improve is by companies being friendly and responsive. They more or less lead the tone. And I do have experience in this area, having helped with changing a hostile forum to a more positive one before from a volunteer mod position that talked pretty much every day with that game’s community manager. I was even thanked for my assistance with that personally.

Blizz has to lead the way and treat the community like it’s worth being around. Your willingess to respond on the forums is already a great leap forward and things have been getting better.


The lack of interaction is because people were hostile. There used to be a lot more interaction from DEVs.

Maybe most people that play the game…like the game. Maybe people that play a game they hate for 5 years and spend all their time complaining, rather than simply finding another game to play, are just a vocal minority that the rest of the world regards as weird and pathetic.


Perhaps now you’ll understand that the devs don’t need Sym players to bombard them with rework suggestions like you keep insisting. They’re more than aware there’s a lot of people that want to see her in the Support role. It’s been addressed several times by Geoff. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for him to get round to Sym and see if he follows through with it or not.