Once more ow forums are ignored in favor of reddit

Why can’t devs engage here were most of ow players are present.

There are plenty of sane heads and people whose changes are often being implemented here though two years later.

It’s not all bad, just the fact that devs would consider the main community toxic and not directly engage them and shun them doesn’t bode well for the game as it seems they don’t want truth.


To be fair, we’ve gotten a LOT of communication from AndyB recently, which has been really nice!


In comparison to three years and it’s certainly nowhere enough as a ama or direct dev interactions.


Well AndyB did explain it in very straight manner, we are useless and we ask useless loq-quality questions :smiley:

Although I believe many of us are present in the reddit anyway :joy:

minimal lead up in an effort to garner high quality questions


Not even close. Most people won’t stick a toe anywhere near the forums because of its reputation.



Because Reddit is an Echo Chamber of Positive vibes.


Well. I mean, to be fair, you don’t stick your arm in a pirhana tank unless you’re tired of the arm.


Right now there are only ~350k people with trust level 0 on the forums (Which is what you start with) and ~300 with trust level 3.

So yeah, not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.


Reddit is more of a hub of activity, these forums are less than a % of the playerbase.

Reddit might suck, but so do these forums.


They dont talk on these forums because people get too dramatic and hyperbolic which makes it hard to have a serious discussion with developers. Not to mention the cesspool of pointless ad hominem

Altho I really appreciate AndyB and the work he’s been doing


As if the overwatch sub reddits are better.

Overwatch: Generic highlights (DVA bombs and Deadeyes)

Overwatch University: Tips everyone knows .( “I turned on voice chat and moved up 20 sr, AMA”

Overwatch Competitive: Those guys don’t even play the Overwatch anymore ,they simply just watch OWL and will downvote you if disagree with the current patch. If a pro or streamer ask for their social security I am sure they would all give it to them. ( it’s a hive mind) Also if you ask any actual questions regarding "competitive overwatch " they will remove your post and direct you to Overwatch University ( which is actually about Competitive Overwatch) . There is no difference between Competitive Overwatch and Overwatch League sub reddit

At least the forums give random and controversial ideas. Unlike reddit where it’s a echo chamber


Reddit is far more used and it’s quite evident that only certain types of players are attracted to the forums

For instance, it’s not uncommon to see a Sombra main on the forums, yet how often do you actually see Sombra mains in-game? While there are faults in this argument, part of it still stands

Also the positive-only style of the forum system creates huge amounts of confirmation bias within the views of people around here, leading them to think they’re the ‘majority’ because their thread or comment had lots of likes


^ This

There is nothing but brown nosing over in reddit, and it has been shown time and time again blizzard can’t take criticism or learn from it and continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over.


Especially us pig piranha. We are extra hungry for a bite of that flesh.


Sounds like you’ve never used reddit. The difference is the structure of the forums. Trolley stupid whiney comments just get down voted and ignored on reddit while the good questions and useful feedback get up voted and are given attention. It’s the opposite on the forums. Good structural level headed posts get ignored cause the kidos don’t want to read long posts, and posts like “OMG ow2 sucks ow dead” get all the attention. These forums are like 95% childish arguing. There’s very little useful information or constructive discussion on these forums and everyone knows it. I mean YouTuber ragtagg back in the day made an entire video series called “forum criers” and would just show how these forums are really just a playground for angry children crying because they can’t win games.


You are wrong… Reddit doesn’t have “good structural level headed posts” either. Unless what you meant by that was POTG. In which case, my bad.


bruh i don’t blame them, there’s people on here that think mercy and doomfist are overpowered :skull_and_crossbones:


I don’t usually use reddit but there is a post above that describes the different reddits as different from what you described. Is it true that posts that are not in line with the majority are down voted even if it was level head post?


Because the forums are really crappy to be honest. The sad part is that IT’S THEIR FORUMS, they are the ones that drove this place to where it is now. And instead of fixing it, its easier to ignore it. But hey, at least we get a blue post once in while now (instead of content) :man_shrugging:.

I don’t know much about reddit, but does blizz or the ow team manages any of the subreddits about OW? My first guess is no, and since a is a third party site, if it’s crap they can just ignore it, and if the third party people make a better job regulating it, I would say it’s easier to have communication over there (But I don’t know too much about reddit, so I’m most likely wrong).


U know u suck when reddit is a better alternative