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First , thanks for ur reply .

I understand ur giving me general tips and how things work , and I appreciate it .

About emotions, I know people can say for example “I’m not biased and here are my suggestions for balance” but they can be in fact biased .

What I can assure : I suggested nerfs to heroes I play b4 , here in the forums , and I still do .
Like for example , after playing more games as / with and against Rein and Hanzo, I don’t like the last change (the extra Shatter dmg and the Storm Arrows ricochet) , even though I play both of them .

A lot of times , in my posts, to give the whole picture of an idea as feedback , I need to explain, I can’t just say for example “I don’t like this thing in the game” and that’s it without giving an explanation why I don’t like it , without a reason / an explanation that’s like half of a feedback , that’s why I wrote long detailed posts , to answer and explain multiple parts from different angles regarding my main points .

Y’all seriously Jodi and Andy don’t work for you and are not your friends you can’t just demand their time. I know it sucks to here but just because you use the forum doesn’t mean your important. Frankly direct constant feed back is not the norm so just chill out


Im not too fond of how the cm handle things on here all the time, but you shouldnt expect them to always be on the forums.

The pattern of here for a few days at a time, away for a few shouldve been made clear already.

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Here you go


You can be biased, I think it’s impossible not to. I am just saying don’t type things like.

“Dag nabbit! Why is Tracer just a freaking pain to deal with. I can’t turn my mouse that fast! Learn to actually make a game!”

Comments like that is what I mean by emotion.

The reason why I suggest keeping your thoughts simple is because when the Overwatch community and development teams collects feedback, they often do so with the intent to identify common issues and make their own adjustments as needed. Rarely will they act on the direct suggestions of “do this instead” or “what you should do.” When describing your problems, try to keep it summarized to the core abilities and issues that you think needs to be looked at.


Are u saying it’s pointless if someone give their own suggestion ? We just need to say we like it or not and the reason ?

Let me pull up Andy’s specific responses.


Cool… going back to my Shoujo.

Yeah, Jesterskull in a way is like a mini-community manager lol. Always keeping us up to date with the news haha.

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I understand and I’m not gonna give suggestions anymore,
But I disagree with Andy response,
When he said :
“” Jumping straight to the solution without having a thorough understanding of the root cause of friction minimizes the role of designers and can often lead to “fixes” that don’t take in the full width and breadth of a given area of frustration.""

He is assuming in general no one will understand the root cause of friction, it’s just an assumption, and even if he’s right , cmon , even the Dev Team with all my respect did a lot of changes that proven to be bad with time , to go even more , we hear people say the classic phrase “we need a new balance patch so the game feels fresh” , the primary goal of balance patches is to balance the game bc it’s not balanced , everytime a new balance patch comes is like the Devs saying indirectly we failed to balance the game again and here is a correction (buff this nerf this revert this ect) .

Our respectful Devs themselves can be wrong .

My point is taking good suggestions into consideration won’t hurt , in fact it can help , and there are multiple balance suggestions that was suggested here , they got in game .

…And after everything… I have a headache…

On my vacation.

Gonna take some time off the forums.

Peace out.


I don’t think they are considered missing. I think they are just busy.

I think after nearly years with little to no interaction this “omg we haven’t heard from them in 2 days” thing is a little… clingy.

They have jobs and responsibilities (and days off I would hope) that don’t involve making sure their presence on the forum is known.

hey lookit they posted it on twitter yayyyyy



its really not that deep

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CMs aren’t really required to personally show up and re-assure you every few days, OP.

But then, if memory serves (and assuming you’re Doomfish as you claim) , you’re also the same person who harrassed Jeff Kaplan about Symmetra in a thread where he was passing on his condolences about an Overwatch fan who had passed away, so I’m not sure tact is your strongest point.

go away wyoming we want blue gang not your green stuff

shooo shooo

but they said they wont leave us

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Prett taught me that they actually are on the forums and you can check that on their profile.

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I just find these posts so weird.

Telling people how much time to dedicate to tasks that you have visibility of when you have no idea what they do with their time and what their prioritization looks like.

Good lord you’ll get a shock if you ever make it to management and suddenly realize that time is not infinite and there are things that happen outside of your direct view (crazy right?).

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They said they’d be a different kind of busy during this time.

They’re probably doing their job with the pros. They don’t just watch the forums for 8 hours a day. People would get insane if they do that