Here's how you fix Sym

This is gonna be to the point; detailed reasons have been repeated ad nauseum across multiple threads and platforms. Basic idea is to actually allow her to keep up in 5v5 without nonsensical nerfs.

This is coming from the baseline of how she currently is in OW2.

-range from 12 to 15
-damage from 60/120/180 to 80/120/180

-max damage from 90 to 100
-speed from 50 to 60 OR projectile size reverted
-charge time reverted to 1s

-reverted to infinite
-cooldown starts on deployment and freezes half way at 8s until destruction
-tp starts on a 5s cooldown at the start of a round to prevent tp out of spawn and swap cheese

And that’s it. Happy to discuss / argue certain points.


Not bad changes tbh. The only thing i wouldnt add is the speed or the size to her secondary i feel like it would be fine with just 100 dmg and the charge time revert

I feel her problem for OW 2 is having charge time in her kit in a game that has increased the speed flow in a fight.

She can keep her low damage and clunky wind up.

But to justify that they buff her utility or her ultimate.

Not every DPS has to be a killing machine. But Sym needs an identity as well as something unique that counters or makes her stand out.

If she stays low damage then the devs should give her Total Mayhem CD quickness.

Or let her be a DPS that gets ult disgustingly fast. Change barrier into something more lethal.

Or let it add status effects if the ultimate hits you when she lays it down. Status boosts for teammates and bad effects on the enemies.

Her ow problem exist that she’s too situational and doesn’t really counter any hero.


I would straight up just remove the lowest charge level. There is no reason why a 15m beam on a squishy hero should start at 80 dps.

Even at 120 damage they were underwhelming, you could buff them to 120 (or 125/130) or reduce the charge time and they could still be underwhelming compared to well, every other similar projectile.

There is no reason to revert to infinite as it doesnt do anything other than enable spawn taxibotting.

The issue with the change in beta was that they just increased the cooldown by more than 50% for no reason, when the cooldown should have been reduced.

Reduce the cooldown to 10 and its duration to 5-6s, while being temporal.

Also if you are going to put a cooldown on team TP? At that point lets just remove team TP from it and gigabuff Sym everywhere.


Can we use this for Sombra as well?

… Please?
I hate new sombra

A hero that is almost entirely defined by utility is not viable. Sombra and Mei are heavy on utility, yes, but they are still far more function at doing DPS things than Sym is, mainly because their utility actively helps them do their DPS jobs. Freeze for headshots, hack for dueling, wall to isolate targets, etc etc.

Sure Sym doesnt need to be a team wiper but she should not be a subpar DPS that doesnt have any DPS role and instead depends on her low agency utility.

I agree about her DPS, but that’s why I suggested buffing her CD to Total Mayhem.

While she ain’t meta in that mode she is such a headache because she always has a turret out to force the enemy to choose between dealing with her or risk taking more dmg to deal with the turret behind them.

Her abilities are double digit, but they don’t have consistent instant team fight momentum change like a bionade.

It makes no sense why her turret that xan get melee’d has double digit cooldown. Meanwhile her counter, Soldier, can crit, low CD, lethal ult etc.

When the average generalist DPS outclasses her in every department, she needs some oomph to compete.

She needs a reason, now more than ever with match changes, to have a reason to star or be swapped on to this changes gameplay.

Also I would want her to have faster utility to serve as a better synergy assist with teammates. When her teleport is down there’s not much or her to do imo.

I was reading the other days that someone came with a great Idea with her Ultimate too.
It says, that when the BarrierWall is expired that it does a certant amount of damage to those are close at the wall so to keep the Ultimate a little bit dangerous and that would be actually good just because everyone will just standing between these walls and still kill someone without having any awarness that it would explode and deal damage.

Not with the cooldown I added.

Every single high rank sym prefers infinite TP - it enables more options in terms of setting up angles in a fight without worrying about the thing expiring. Current finite TP has a pretty striking limitation in how limited its uptime DURING a fight is. Infinite TP solves that.

Besides my final result would be a net buff to the downtime by 2 seconds. It’s win-win.

I don’t think orbs work if they’re lower than 120dmg. I notice that Tracer hard counters Sym without the one hit combo possible. Also 100 dmg…even 120dmg isn’t as crazy as it sounds when it’s only once a second. Pharah has a faster fire rate, better splash dmg and it’s easier to land since she’s mostly firing down and that dmg isn’t super scary tbh. The nature of projectile makes the dmg less reliable and easier to counter.

I believe in the 120 damage as well but it seems that Blizz is adamant that they have to do less damage for the speed so I compromised. Naturally 120 is ideal

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Blizzard can go step on a lego. They either have no clue how to balance Sym or don’t care.

Infinite TP does not need to come back.

Orbs got too many nerfs for far too small of buffs in this beta and realistically if they’re going to keep the charge/time delay on everything she does then all damage dealt by her weapon needs to contribute to charging it to some extent (maybe even so far as to make right click damage scale with weapon charge level if need be).

My changes:

-range from 12 to 50
-damage from 60/120/180 to 300/400/500

-max damage from 90 to 300
-speed from 50 to 100 AND projectile size doubled
-charge time reduced to 0.1s

-reverted to infinite
-cooldown removed

And that’s it. Happy to discuss / argue certain points /s

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Tbh, previous slow orb, whose effective range isn’t much different than her beam, was simply pointless for me. Slightly faster orb? even more pointless. A new ability would be welcome.

She needs to have 120 at least on a fully charged orb or else she will lose the Tracer combo which in my opinion is crucial against flankers.

Nah that mentality comes from Blizzard’s ego where they hate everything that they didn’t think of themselves. I’m not feeding into their toddler mind. They have no idea about anything related to symmetra so I’ll just tell them how it is.

Thanks for the advice that nobody asked for though. I’ll add it to the pile of your terrible symmetra takes.