Shout should not exist as an ability

and yet, you’re still here. consuming their product & playing their game. clownery at its finest :joy:

What does me liking/not liking the game have to do with anything? So what, if I like the game it means the developers don’t make garbage decisions? Or vice versa? Is that what you’re getting at?

Guess what, there can be absolute trash decisions like Brig 1.0 and JunkerQueen and people can still like the game despite horrible choice after horrible choice.

Shout is the result of characters dying too fast. Tanks can’t tank the damage, people don’t like shields, so what do you do?

Eventually, every one of us will have to admit one simple fact about Overwatch: Tanks must be able to tank damage.

No extra sustain, less tanks that have to run AWAY form danger, and less tanks that are just DPS. There is a dire need of tanks that can tank damage, and we all know it. We say it every time someone goes “Damage is too high! I’m dying too fast!”.


I think she (and C Shout) can be balanced by adjusting her self healing.

Blizzard should try applying CS healing over time (instead of instantly) and perhaps sliiiightly slowing the rate at which her bleeds heal her.

Maybe even limit her healing from active bleeds to 3 stacks. or apply diminishing returns of 20%? per bleed.

She’s supposed to be fun and brawly, and no doubt people will ‘figure her out’… but the fact that CS Speeds and heals INSTANTLY means that it solves a lot of problems. A bit like AntiNade… or… WD40? IDK. XD

It could overhealth JQ and debuff her enemies.

Not within your skillset to see what you don’t like and think of ways to change it?

If you can say what’s bad, you can say what you would change about it. You don’t have to be a developer to know that. If you’re going to go with the piss poor excuse of “I’m not a devleoper, so I can’t think” then don’t say what you don’t like (:

okay, and?

the devs changed them too. JQ hasnt even gone live yet, have some patience

The devs don’t find that feedback useful so I’m not going to waste my time doing it. Do I have ideas? Sure, but ultimately I’m not concerned with what replaces it right now. Overhealth on an ability is my issue. I want it gone and then go from there.

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These forum are the worst place in the entire Overwatch community.

There is some true lovers of the game that fight for lowering the apathy and change the attitude aroud here but sadly it is filled with trolls, bullies that prefer harrassing the devs than actually doing something useful with their life.

That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it. Plenty of other people do.

The problem I have with shout is it creates a window of time where attacking feels useless/counterproductive against the entire enemy team - not exactly fun in an FPS. However, it makes sense as JQ’s tanking ability, because she has little health for a tank and no other “tanking” abilities.

The problem would be solved if ONLY JQ received the overhealth. Then she doesn’t lose her only damage mitigation ability, but it removes the OP/unfun mechanic wherein her whole team becomes almost unkillable for a number of seconds.

Yeah exactly its not even that long they removed Brigs overhealth as it being too OP and like overhealth for whole team at once ? Must be some kind of prank. :smiley:

Ability like this will always be OP in Overwatch with certain heroes arround, lets hope they wont start nerfing them instead like they usualy do with Mercy pocket. :smiley:

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Overhealth on cooldown didn’t exist. Armor overhealing did. (as did shield health).

If you really want to get down to it, overhealth didn’t help Doomfist from having the most deaths of any Damage-role hero.

No, evidence proves otherwise.

Evidence indicates otherwise. She’s quite competitive with the rest of the roster in terms of damage output.

Not necessarily. Her rather thin silhouette, and the Wounds mechanic keep her relatively stable.

Partially true. Her knife has some great range on it, however. And that means that she doesn’t necessarily need to close the distance when she can bring targets closer to her.

Still more than double most other targets health.

Her damage is really good, but you do have to kind of pick your targets and when you want to make an attack. Fairly similar to Reinhardt in many areas, though how she approaches differs slightly.

Blizzard wants feedback, not solutions to problems. The original post is feedback, but declares a solution in that it should be removed. It’s not good feedback.


No, that’s not why.

They are capable of doing this, through a variety of methods.

That’s what most are coming to the conclusion to. Though this is partially false as Queen does have other Tanking abilities in the form of the “Wounds” mechanic.

This is false, the “Wounds” mechanic is damage mitigation.

Again, Brigitte’s overhealth was not overhealth, but armor. Armor negates a partial amount of damage. Though similar, Junker Queen’s overhealth is not the same thing.

Yeah its even worse, its like Lucios ultimate on few seconds countdown.

Tanks shouldnt be able to heal others, thats what healers are for.

I have to say, I disagree. Even when Pros play tank, they have to hide, run away, or wait for their supports to enable them to take. None of that is tanking. You seem to think I say “tanks can’t tank” and mean “tanks can’t make space” or something like that. No, I mean tanks can’t take damage without exploding.

I get that Tanks shouldn’t be immortal, but unless you have a shield (which is debatably tanking as it is) you die in only barely slower than everyone else. That’s not tanking.

How does JQ doing damage over time to enemies help her or her teammates mitigate damage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Feedback = helpful information
Saying what it should be changed to = helpful

But I don’t have to either. The devs don’t use it so I’m not gonna waste my time.

But it wasn’t wasting your time to make this board?

It is a fun ability that is massively exploitative for highly coordinated teams. Speed boosts should be nerfed in an already mobility infested game, but I will settle for a cap.