Flats is right these patch notes are honestly awful

Because not everyone finds that kind of content entertaining. I certainly don’t want to tune into a stream and watch someone drone on about balance suggestions. There’s no reason for them to post here if they already have a way to talk to the devs directly. Telling us their suggestions does nothing.

Then why don’t they do this??? They have all the time in the world lol.

Ok that’s fine. They just want to post drama and cry all stream. But I can point out how stupid and counter productive that is to someone who claims to care about the balance of the game.

they don’t do this, because they’re not developers.

They physically can’t. They aren’t changing code to make adjustments.

you dont see the irony in what you just said? they buffed a hero in top 500 and low elo felt it. but because they did it like a low elo player would: it turned out bad.

as i said, this is because they are balancing with a low elo player’s understanding of the game. they need to bring in experienced players, top 500s maybe even pro’s to come in and give there opinions on things and to teach them how the game actually works.

because pretty much everyone knew that buffing reaper wouldnt do anything…except the balance team. and that shouldnt happen

No one here is a developer. At least most of us aren’t. Yet there are tons of people on this forum who offer balance suggestions. Idk why you think someone has to be a developer to say something simple like, hey I think X hero would be improved by doing this amount of healing/dmg. It’s so simple

Well Flats and all other CC’s I watch make content aside from how they feel about the game. It’s not really counter productive if they already talk to the devs which again neither of us know.

You’re complaining about complaining which is just clown behavior.

Again, suggestions with exact numbers isn’t inherently MORE helpful than suggesting the direction of a buff/nerf.

Please dude, just… get it.

He’s also very obviously highly biased towards Rein for obvious reasons

They should find a balance between high and low. Because they are buffing or nerfing either for high or low ranks. And either is going to feel it.

Well we live in a clown world so it’s fitting…

So in your opinion who should I take more seriously.

A: Someone who suggests a direction for a buff/nerf


B: Someone who suggests a direction for a buff/nerf AND the actual numbers they think will achieve it.

Aight I can’t be upset at that response lmao.


Both. And I’ll explain it to you in another way.

Remember when ashe was 1 tapping 200hp heroes when mercy was damage boosting her?

Ok so here come some hot takes from the forum, you get;

Yo, ashe shouldn’t 1 tap with dmg buff wtf nerf plz

Nerf Ashe kk thanks, Do it by like 75dmg.

Both are valid insofar as they’re telling you that a hero is over producing. Specifics from any player is a shot in the dark and a fart in the wind - players can’t TEST the numbers in how they pan out in actual games. But players know what direction things aught to be if we’re being consistent with core design principles of OW.

Here’s what the community manager thinks of suggestions:

“We do love to see player inspired designs and ideas. We tend to contextualize them in the same way we do fanart or cosplay.”

Once more ow forums are ignored in favor of reddit - #72 by AndyB-11735

That’s fair but it’s easy when we’re talking about just one hero. Everyone thinks Hog is unbalance right now mostly because of either his one shot or take a breather or both. It’s easy to make a suggestion regarding just his balance. But when we’re talking about the direction of an entire role like support for example then simply offering a direction is pretty useless imo. If the issue is support feels to vulnerable then simply saying…support should be less vulnerable doesn’t really mean anything. Now you have to dig deep into each hero and their strengths/weaknesses. I made a post with my ideas for support buffs

Some of these might be bad and some good. But at least I’m trying to do something and offer suggestions and my reasoning for each. That to me is far more useful than simply yelling at the devs…mAke SuPporT moRe fUn!

Sojourn has always been broken in gold and plat the claims that she isn’t are a flat out lie. Her pickrate doesn’t reflect it because the gold/plat skill ceiling doesn’t go high enough to create a void between her and characters like Reaper. She was one of the elite dps characters in those ranks before these buffs and it was obvious.

I’m sorry you’ll have to point out to me where the discussion is about making suggestions regarding an entire role. I’m not seeing that discussion anywhere and so far I’m only seeing specifics about Hog, and no one here can possibly know the answer to him, no reasonable person should expect anyone here to have it.

Secondly, and you’re either intentionally missing entire segments of what I’m saying but I’ve explained time and time again that people are suggesting many ideas, but you’re the only person here who is insisting that anything with out specific number points isn’t helpful.

Thirdly, Devs aren’t taking that sort of feedback anyway. They only take a general consensus of what players want, and almost never implement the how or by how much.

Good luck to you.

Nah, this doesn’t make sense. We’re in the situation we are right now with Hog primarily because one character (Zarya) was nerfed because she was too strong and another character (Doomfist) was buffed because he was too weak. According to your point, these were “easy” fixes because they only affected “one” character both times. However, as we can clearly see, even when you make solitary changes to one hero, that one hero’s changes can dictate the meta of an entire role or, even more drastically, ALL roles if that pick is strong enough.

Furthermore, complaining about people not making suggestions to fix the problem is irrelevant, because – to be quite frank – making half-baked, unwise or even flat-out STUPID suggestions can be even worse than simply giving a more subdued assessment of what that player feels is wrong. For example, “I think Hog is too powerful right now” is a better take than “I think Hog is too powerful, so we should take away his self-heal”.

Stylosa’s a sad man who’s designated himself to clickbait news videos while other youtubers who make gameplay and clip videos continue to prosper.

Anyways, yes. As much as I’ve denied it, and as much as I still enjoy the game, the balance patch was pretty sucky. It’s really just because they overbuffed Doom, overcompensated Sojourn, and didn’t do much else. (The smaller changes were fine.)

It was just really disappointing.

Anyone can adopt his playstyle an be excused as doing exactly what this paid ‘professional’ Top player is playing like and be seen as the correct way to play Sombra.

im not saying its right, im saying that was the legit most effective way to play that hero before her nerf.

multi hacking the tank was more value then trying to go into the backline and get kills.

thats not on the top 500 ladder or the pro players, thats on the developers for making it play that way.

yes it was a silly playstyle and im glad it was nerfed, but thats what happens when people dont playtest there builds.

they reduced the CD on hack and allowed you to hack the same target over and over again and no one on the balance team thought that would be problematic.