Why should we give feedback?

It’s not what I think or say, it’s what’s Blizzards own internal statistics are showing them.
No wonder Blizzard pretty much ignores the vast majority of nonsense that people saying here.
As they should to be honest.


The question should be, “Why should we endow this company with our money?”

When customers buy into a video game experience, it is with the understanding and expectation that a decent, fun, and well-managed will be the product delivered. It isn’t. So vote with your wallets and uninstall. They’ve had enough chances to prove they were worthy of our money and leisure time and they failed.

When we hand our money over, the expectation is that a suitable group of adults is able to shape and direct the game. That hasn’t materialized. In fact, what information we do get is that rabid 14-year olds on Youtube are the predominant driving force behind the decisions here. The devs, during their admission of guilt over fumbling the whole “Echo” thing, admitted that they could not even convince the team to focus on established work priorities. The goal was create a new support asset. What happened is that someone focused on a piece of concept art and couldn’t let go, then they came up with a really bad idea for an ultimate and just couldn’t let it go. And instead of having the discipline to say “no” to the bad idea, or even just move it to the backburner for some future development and release later so that in the meantime they can focus on the goal they were given, they just succumbed to the idea of working on anything else except the task at hand, and just ran with it and released yet another DPS into the game starving for literally any other content except that.

Where was the adult in the room to very politely thank the person for the work but then politely remind them of the project goals and ask that they redirect their efforts towards that? You don’t need to be mean about it or be a slavedriver, but there needed to be an adult to lead the team and give them the structure they needed to focus on the good health of the game. That didn’t happen.

Imagine if you worked for Toyota and they asked you to engineer a better diesel outboard boat motor, but you came to your boss 6 months later with plans for a slick new dune buggy with a big spoiler on the back because all the kids on Youtube won’t stop talking about how cool they are. Would you keep your job after that? Methinks not.

It boggles my mind that this game was supposedly one of the hottest thing in gaming news 5 years ago. Today the game is in shambles, the balancing is a meme unto itself, the playerbase is dwindling, the devs don’t even think the original property is a viable entity anymore and plan on nuking it from orbit just to be sure. There’s a long-term gamble on trying to resurrect the game Great Phoenix style by holding back all the content that would have kept the game viable in the first place, but it’s years out and comes at the cost of the aforementioned nuking of the original product and nothing in the relaunch actually addresses the series of problems and bad decision-making that led to the previous title going from top of the world to trash heap in 5 years’ time.

But don’t worry! Because they’re just going to make sure tanks die even faster in the next phase because it wouldn’t be Blizz balancing ™ without doubling-down on the problems. Then they plan on blaming supports for all this despite the fact that there’s video evidence that proves otherwise, and then using that blame to nerf supports too all while wondering why their big gamble never resulted in better DPS times. Brilliant.


Sure. Show me evidence that there are more people that like the patch. But oh wait! You can’t because even on twitter there are posts with THOUSANDS of likes saying this patch is terrible. The truth is that this patch is disliked significantly more.

Here’s a fact for you: (From OWL Feb 2021)
Cassidys winrate when picked for partial match: 44%
When picked for whole match: 60%


The Ball fix is okay. and it is fair to return scatter arrow in some way.

But Match maker needs repairs the most , followed by the Competitive Match rating system.

As long as smurffs are clogging the proverbial drain. The folks that should be falling in rank never will and the those that actually WORK to win, will always be stuck in the drain.

Match maker is a dumpsterfire and for all intents and purposes. If Blizzard cannot get a handle on it now. They are in no way, shape, or form ready to Launch a Sequel.

This whole “saving it for #2” isn’t going to work. Folks see that they cannot get a Grip now. They won’t get it then. That is what ROASTED World of Warcraft back then.

I couldn’t even hold a guild together at that point. Because people were so irate with the company for not addressing Match makers for battlegrounds and Arena play then, and then handling the game’s balance of giving fair leaway to Raiders. They needed the extra healing in dungeons. While battlegrounds they needed LESS.

Yeah I’m not writing more posts about balance because they’re about bastion and therefore ignored by everyone anyways :sunglasses:

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You can almost feel the disdain in those words.

Also notable is putting forward incorrect personal takes as near-official gospel, getting it conclusively disproved then on to the spluttering, backpedaling, and deflection.


I’d read them. I read the ones that people posted after the proposed rework got posted to Twitter. I know someone with your same icon had a lengthy write-up on the issue, but I’m guessing that wasn’t you then?


Eh, it may have been me… :sweat_smile:

If ya find them on my profile you’re welcome to read them lol.

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You should give feedback because it’s valuable to the dev team, as long as it’s valuable feedback.

This is not the type of feedback they are looking for. This is what will get ignored.

What point are you trying to make citing those stats?

What that tells me is that players swap off Cassidy when they aren’t having success with him… as they should. What do you take from those stats?

Thanks for the quotes Wyoming :+1:

It’s been made clear that constructive feedback is helpful & taken into consideration. Just complaining isn’t

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I, and the overwatch community are giving good feedback. The patch is terrible for reasons stated many times before. I’m not going over it again, look through forums, twitter, and reddit to see for yourself.

Just like any feedback :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

Winrate is an infinitely & objectively biased stat.

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Could you give an example? The feedback you’ve given might be good (I haven’t seen it, just this post of yours) but I’m seeing a whole lot of feedback that’s just complaining “this change sucks, devs incompetent” that’s not good feedback.

I’ve seen some good feedback, for sure. Is the entire community giving good feedback? Absolutely not…

Yea… no. I assure you the devs are being made aware of the actual good feedback being given. I would be surprised if there’s not another patch within a month.

Ok :thinking:


  • We’re buffing meta heroes, that’s a terrible thing to do
  • Rein change removes counterplay to shatter and cheesy
  • Hanzo change is just cheesy and unfun.
  • Ball change nerfs his skill ceiling more than spin2win. There are more things you can do like “rollouts”.
  • The cassidy change makes him blatantly unfair to fight against doom and wrecking ball. He already had a significant advantage over these heroes. Now you can actually roll out of his combo even if you had no flash.
  • Torbjorn change contributes to damage creep

The only change I’ve heard positive things about is moiras.

Confirmation bias


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So, what is your specific feedback for the dev team?

Revert the whole patch besides Moira?

Just open your eyes and read through the threads on the front page. There’s a whole lot of non-useful feedback.

So, you think the devs don’t care what is said about these changes & they’re 100% all staying as is, forever? I just want to make sure I understand your stance.

Shh, it’s trying to curry favour with the higher-ups by dunking on those who question it.


I’m not sure what this even means :laughing:

Correct and that is what a majority of the community thinks if you look over multiple platform.

There is 0 evidence to show to opposite.

Like what? Every thread is someone giving an opinion on a change. I don’t know what you consider to be useless feedback.

Correct :rofl:
Why else do you think they pushed it straight to live :joy::joy::joy:


It means you won’t win brownie points with the devs by trying to put down any criticism towards this horrendous patch.

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Didn’t plan on it. That would be pointless

Useless feedback is anything that isn’t…well… Useful. AndyB said to be specific & to avoid hyperbole, so anything non-specific & hyperbole is what I would consider useless, and I’ve seen a whole lot of that since the patch went live.

If all of these changes stay as is and no other changes are made to any of these heroes I’ll eat my words. But, I find that extremely unlikely. If people make clear these heroes need changes then they’re not going to stay as is.

Here’s some useful feedback

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I think it’s best if the devs don’t listen to the players on most things. Most players have no clue how to balance a game. That being said, you should always give feedback on things you don’t like or things you’d like improved. Just because devs don’t respond, doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention.

Why should we give feedback?

  1. Positive Feedback: encourages the devs, especially if they make a change or game addition where the player reception is otherwise generally controversial or angry; they seem to love responding in welcoming safe space threads where the commentary is largely praise and tend to avoid threads with harsh criticism (probably doubles as a form of PR, as threads with dev responses will generate more activity, causing them to rise to the top. A positive thread that causes the negative threads to drop out of existence makes sense to reinforce the reception they would prefer us to have).
  2. Negative Feedback: provides material for YouTubers looking to make "entertaining content." (seriously, they eat up your hot takes and love talking about your "can't make this stuff up" sort of ranting stupidity!)
  3. All Feedback: creates work for the few Blizzard employees that moderate this place, thus guaranteeing them a job during these difficult times. All feedback is always good feedback, even when it's bad feedback, as people talking about the game is free advertisement, especially when conversations about Overwatch pop up in social media and news about the happenings in the game ends up on other news sites. Reputation can be mended, broken promises can be fixed, it's keeping the Overwatch brand name alive is what matters most.