Why should we give feedback?

Well, not everything

The hanzo bug was quickly fixed but anything that doesn’t literally break the game gets ignored

There is no point in giving feedback, because it simply doesn’t matter. They don’t care about that.

And if they do want to listen to player feedback, then they will most likely ask content creators and pros for that, and not you or me.


I think that is fair. They don’t want to LISTEN. And they only listened to feedback very briefly before making this game.

Who knows. They are like most companies and spend MILLIONS of dollars on something, hope it sticks and if it doesn’t. So be it.

Not like they care if someone made a PRIVATE SERVER of the game and did it better than them… :rofl: (which ended in them going after those folks, none the less! ) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Feedback from the forums is essentially meaningless. Blizzard (Kaplan) has even stated so.

The reason for this is that the actual amount of people posting on the forums is such an insignificant section of the playerbase that it’s the same as looking at school board election turnout as “what the people want”.

That’s not to say they don’t read it, just that it does not figure significantly into their decision making process.

Forums are essentially a venting tool for players.

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Just stop playing the game. Don’t be an addict like Bobby Kotich wants.

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Community Manager AndyB has given key details to why community feedback does not necessarily mean that feedback will be applied to the game.

Regarding direct suggestions instead of telling them what you like and don’t like…


Yea yea… only the competitive, content creators, influencers, overwatch league are the core blah blah blah… lets buff again meta, popular same, boring and overrated heroes and nerf underrated, newer, fun and hated heroes. And make everything more offensive paced than defensive paced.


They are just a bunch of archaic devs with archaic practices and beliefs in a sinking ship.

You can’t save them all.

Hope ow 2 bombs hard bliz gets liquidated and the ip is bought by some passionate studio, with modern practices.


It’s always funny seeing Wyoming defend blatant stupidity by Blizzard.


Ironic isnt it? Specially after that last patch!


Thats the most funniest joke i’ve ever seen HAHAHAHAHA!


Ok and there has beeen countless personal experiences explicitly stating why this patch is terrible. Have you seen the feedback about shatter going through shields and bubble? Hanzo killing people in the most unfun ways possible? Cassidy vs doomfist now?

I find this whole patch hilariously hypocritical. So hanzo and cassidy get buffed because of their winrates, yet ball is nerfed despite having a low winrate? Their favoritism is really showing there.

Oh the irony :joy:


I also have seen feedback praising many features of the patch myself. Also note its only been 1 business day since the patch was released. If they are going to react to the feedback, it will likely still be a few more days.

That is a bug to my knowledge. Again, this is likely going to need time to fix.

Remember I am quoting from a post to give whole context to how community feedback is collected and used. Not quoting something specific to this patch.


Ah come on man. You’d have to be living under a rock to not see that the community clearly has given significantly more negative feedback. And by significantly I mean by a MASSIVE margin. It is such an unbelievably unpopular opinion to like this patch.

Now you’re just clearly picking and choosing good feedback, proving this persons point:

So… why was this patch moved straight to live then? That literally makes no sense. That’s exactly why you experiment with these sort of things.


If the current changes went live on the Experimental card it is very likely the bug would affect both Live and Experimental.

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That is a bug to my knowledge. Again, this is likely going to need time to fix.

How longer this will take? 2 months or 1 month? :thinking: resulting 1 month of abusing reins broken shatter


I’m gonna need an explanation for this one because that makes no sense whatsoever…

That’s like saying you make a change on workshop and a bug that comes with that change moves over to live servers. It just makes no sense.


I am hopeful within the week, but that is my speculation. The problem is that this bug came to be general public knowledge by the end of the day on Friday (you know before the weekend). Officially there is not any confirmation that this is a bug (99% sure it is though).

Oh it is not even 99% but 100% I’ve seen top rein mains shatter through walls and get an instakill on a squishie


To me 100% is when it is acknowledged by Blizzard. I have seen game changes that I could have sworn were bugs and were declared not bugs, and I was like “whaaaaaaaa?” So I don’t like confirming anything without an official source.