As a former apologist, I have lost hope

Or at least when role reworks are gonna be tested on PTR… and is Sym as a healer gonna be one of them…

(Because Geoff never dismissed that from around March.)


Just tells me I need to make a more updated version of “Here’s how to overcome the design hurdles in OW2 balancing”.

Clearly something is taking longer than expected. If I had to guess it’s, it’s either Hammond/Doomfist related, or Sniper related. Since the other design problems have relatively easy solutions.


It’s inexcusable to go this much longer with no content.

This is the classic Blizzbones way - release an amazing IP, and slowly bury your own game into the dirt over time with a lack of content, and poor balancing decisions.

Make no mistake, when OW2 does drop, we won’t have any more content than we would have if they had kept with the original OW1 pacing. What are we owed by this point… at least 5 new heroes? I doubt we’ll launch OW2 with more than that lmao


So, I realize that this is probably way out of your hands, but if you’re collecting feedback to give to the right people, I have to ask:

If OW2’s PvP is planned on being a free upgrade anyway, has the team considered trying to ease some of the tension and frustration that players are having by simply trying to provide that content earlier as part of regular updates anyway?

I realize that you obviously want to make OW2 a big upgrade, but I can’t help but feel like there’s no real benefit to waiting several years to release one gigantic free patch, versus iteratively updating the game over time. The whole “game as a service” style approach tends to work fairly well, as can be seen by lots of indie titles in early access, and free to play games.

Obviously I understand that at times there are larger updates that may take some time, and there is likely some overhead with being able to introduce new content that wont necessarily align with future plans (e.g. releasing a new hero balanced for 6v6 while trying to create 5v5), but it seems like there’s a lot of other content that could be released with far less issue - new maps, new game modes (push), engine upgrades (including all the graphical/shader improvements/skins, weapon sound effect updates, etc).

It seems like there would be a lot of interest involved in maintaining player interest. I’m sure you guys have your reasons for trying to do it the way you are, but at some point I just have to wonder if theres a sunk cost fallacy involved, and if there’s maybe a better way to approach it.


I’d argue they should just start cramming as much 5v5 reworks and mechanics as they can into 6v6. ASAP.

Even if that means putting in a jury rigged gimmick to block or heavily discourage DoubleBarrier.


Just saving AndyB some time


Hi! Here is some feedback: low ranks on Asian servers are swarming with bot accounts from account reseller shops.

It’s not subtle. The accounts are literally named after the shops that sell the accounts. I see one nearly every match. I quit overwatch six months ago because they were everywhere, and now that I dip in again nothing has changed. It’s still the same shops, same account names. It gives the strong impression that Blizzard has abandoned the game.

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They could just release 5v5 and the balance that goes with it as a patch TBH. “OW2 beta competitive mode” and we get the new heroes and maps when OW2 actually drops.

It would be something.


While usually that type of feedback isn’t that useful, as a rule of thumb.

Your typical forum poster doesn’t have decades of class based shooter design experience, and about 600 hours invested in solving the specific problem they are trying to solve.

I really just want OW 1 fixed at this point lol Trusting OW 2 is already sketchy and now??? All hope is lost. Lost in the year 2023.

Why did you intentionally sink OW1 and leave it for dead?


This forum full of children.

Diablo 2: released 2000
Diablo 3: announced 2008
Diablo 3: released 2012

Starcraft broodwar: released 1998
Starcraft 2: announced 2007
Starcraft 2: released 2010

Warcraft 2: released 1995
Warcraft 3: announced 1999
Warcraft 3: released 2002

This is par for the course, why the hell are you all surprised about this?

Why have you had your hopes for a quick release, even though blizzard has literally never done that at any point in time?


Thanks for sharing this with us. And can’t wait to say hi to another CM - Jodie! :slight_smile:
It’s just so frustrating after all this time. Nobody wants OW2 to fail. We understand that. And we also don’t want a half-baked game being released either. Again, understandable. But with the absolute lack - or practically zero - of “meaningful” content being added to the current game, and the long waits between getting a look what’s happening with OW2. It just feels like we’re left in the dark…and then we get this.

Anyway, hope you’re having a good day :blush:

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This is all the perfect illustration of what Blizzard has become. What a mess. While I’m glad they didn’t take the cyberpunk route, I admit I have zero faith ow2 will actually be good. This will be what, 5 years of development? For a 1/2 sequel? Let that sink in.

As for OW, the content drought is so bad at this point that I’m not sure there’s a way out of it. A hero or map will feel like table scraps. Anything more will likely steal from OW2. It’s a bad situation all around.


Lets look at another franchise

Borderlands 1 : 2009
Borderlands 2 : 2012
Borderlands The Pre Sequel : 2014
Borderlands 3 : 2019

Games, especially Triple A titles take time to complete, no matter what happens, be thankful that OW2 isnt rushed and released ASAP


Are we supposed to be relaxed that is not coming in 2023 either?

We want new stuff in this game for gosh sake!

Tbf I think this is a lot of people’s first Blizzard game. It’s certainly mine, I had no idea about those releases.

thank you for this. And these are just blizzard games. I could bring up other games that took some time too:
Psychonauts 2, Doom 4, Serious Sam 4, Mother 3, Team Fortress 2, Soulstorm… just to name a few :V

You want?

Demanding stuff isnt gonna get you anywhere in life kiddo

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Imagine that they’d just continued to support the game.

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