NEWS: Arcade Menu to get SEVEN modes soon / Quick Play Classic Permanent & Achievements


Hey everyone,

I was doing my usual checks for new developer posts outside of the forums and discovered that Game Director Jeff Kaplan posted on Reddit to a thread indicating that the Arcade will soon be updated to have seven game modes available at any given time:

This is promising as it indicates that both Quick Play Classic and Mystery Heroes will remain as long-term entrees in the arcade while still allowing room for things like two seasonal event cards. Also as you can see from the spolier image, it looks like a new season of Competitive Elimination 3v3 will be coming (we have not had this Competitive Arcade mode since June of 2018).

That’s not all, in a separate post, Jeff Kaplan indicated they are looking to add achievement eligibility to Quick Play Classic as well!

This is very exciting news!

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I'm predicting 7 slots in the arcade tomorrow



Good to hear overall.


It would be great to also have the Special Events (not new ones, but old) on rotation but one can only dream :smiley:


That is great! A much welcomed change!


Does this mean RCHEW is the next hero? On a more serious note, thank you Jeff very cool.


Good to hear. I’d say you need to post this in every role lock ruined QP thread, but I don’t think there’s enough hours in the day. :smile:


There you go @megadodo


As long as FFA remains there that’s all I really care about as far as arcade goes. Just wish they would stop replacing it with that terrible “mystery” variant.


Do you mean Hero Gauntlet?


No I mean mystery FFA. Basically a FFA version of mystery heroes.


If you mean like Junkenstein Revenge or Retribution then I doubt it, at least when game is still breathing

After all, what would they have for events except lootboxes since Seasonal maps are already coming to custom games


I don’t think he means that. Hero Gaunlet and Rotation FFA are workshop modes which occasionally appear in the full daily rotator. He refers to Mystery Deathmatch which randomly switches your hero everytime you die and that appears in the Deathmatch FFA rotator along with standard Deathmatch FFA and the Chateau and Petra only versions… I don’t Mystery Deathmatch either.


I had honestly forgot that Mystery Deathmatch existed. I don’t like that one either, but for some reason I do like Hero Gauntlet.


About time. Yes!

Wonderful to hear!

Agreed. Very exciting! Im pumped!

Some of us like the mystery variant, mate. Its the only time FFA seems “fair”. In the regular one, one tricks just pick the hero they have hundreds of hours on and go nuts.

I wish they would. It would be so much fun to be able to chill with a PvE mode, here and there.

But, alas, “Wish in one hand…” and all that.


This reasoning is why I like Hero Gauntlet the best, which works from the most meta to the least meta heroes in a 30 point FFA, switching your hero everytime you get a final blow.


I used to wear MVP shoes in the Starcraft 2 forums. Trust me, that’d be impossible lol!


sadly, neither of these announcments make promises in relation to QP Classic

7 slots means 2 more games, which does provide a greater possibility that QP Classic will be permanent, but nowhere in Jeff’s statement did he promise that it would be. This is a case of being conspiciuous via absence

The second statement proves that qp classic does not currently provide achievements, which means the original promise made is already broken, ie qp classic was stated to be equivalent to Freedom Queue qp. Jeff’s statement in regard to this item also makes no promises whatsoever, just a non-committal “we’ll look into it”

dont get me wrong: the 2 additional slots are good news, and I am happy about that, but it doesnt at this point change anything with qp classic

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I wished Arcade Mode unlocked Trophies and Achievements though. I still struggle with getting Baptiste’s 2500 Cute Spray.

In Arcade it’s a joke.


Makes sense. My only issue with that mode, is it kind of leaves tank and support players out in the cold. Plus, I don’t even remember a single projectile hero in the line up.

To me, that mode is basically:

“Best Hitscan Wins”

But, I do see the appeal.