Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd!

Blizzard, Stop with the nerfs, and make Widowmaker on par with other Heroes once again! Here are the things you really, really should do (to say at least) to make Widowmaker a fair character:

  • First and foremost, increase back Widowmaker’s HP back to 200 HP, or more! This 175 HP is a disaster that made no favor at all to any of her players! And those masterful with her will continue to be a nuisance to their victims anyway, so it is pointless to try to weaken her. Otherwise, you will just keep losing players, so stop insisting with this mistake.
  • “Widow’s Kiss”, in full-auto mode, has too much spread shot which should be reduced (25% less is alright but you are welcome to decrease its spread further); individual damage of bullets seems fine enough but the spread hampers too much her weapon’s efficacy; and its charged shot consumes too many bullets, 7, when 5 at most should be enough; as it is, the current setup is nothing but an excessive handicap to her players. ALSO, Reduce the charge time for full power of charged shot, make it last only 1 second, please!
  • Make Widowmaker faster, she is too slow for a young very fit woman, no need to make her as fast as Soldier 76 sprinting (ironic since he is 20+ years older than her) but she definitely should be more mobile, not only to reach places faster but escaping easily from her foes, especially when Grappling Hook is not available to use.
  • About Grappling Hook: its cooldown time is way too high (12s currently) when it should be in fact half of that, at most. Ideally, 5s of cooldown is a fair value for Widowmaker, but you are welcome to lower it even further if you wish. And there are further buffs this ability should have, where I posted here: ADD DAMAGE to Grappling Hook of WIDOWMAKER - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (
  • Venom Mine: This ability is severely underwhelmed and deserves to be more effective. The current cooldown, 15s is insanely high and must be severely lowered to 6s at most. In this thread I also exposed other buffs Venom Mine must have: BUFF Widowmaker’s Venom Mine - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (
  • Upgrade to Infra-Sight: during her Ultimate Ability, while aiming down her scoped sights, Widowmaker would slow down time (to only her, obviously) to be able to hit her targets more easily! A similar power to “Slow-Mo” Point Man had way back in F.E.A.R. (a classic violent FPS, I love that game).
  • Alternative upgrade to Infra-Sight (can be cumulative with previous, if you want!): While “Infra-Sight” is active, Widowmaker would be able to shoot through any obstacles (except barriers, for purposes of balance) with her scoped shots!

If you apply all these changes, Blizzard, I guarantee you nobody will ever complain about Widowmaker again.


Cant tell if this is a joke or not


at this state she already is :smirk:


High quality bait, op.

A+ for effort.


Thank you,

I needed a laugh :smile::weary:


I just saw on twitter where someone said that Hanzo takes the same skill as widow does and I don’t know how to feel about that comment haha.

Anyway apart from my random comment about twitter lol…

widow doesn’t need a buff and 175 health doesn’t effect her


widow is fine. a 25 health reduction is literally nothing lmao. If your good with widow then you shouldn’t be complaining about her health at 175


I mean, I do want that spread reduction on her SMG, and the health nerf retracted (maybe), but this seems… overkill…?

Just because you’re bad at Widowmaker doesn’t mean she needs buffs. She’s still the most consistent oneshot hero in the entire cast by a mile and unless that changes she will never be any worse than average.


Personally I don’t think she really needs buffs but that’s just me

Bad troll, try again


if they do “buff” her in the future the only thing they should do is just give her 25 health back

anything more than that is too much lol

(i do wish i could play release widowmaker again but thats just a personal wish, just like everyone wants to play their favorite hero when they were released)

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never been on par with muggles never will be.

She doesnt need buffs or nerfs only players playing as her and against her need buffs.

He’s being serious here.

Let’s all listening to what he has to say next…

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yeah, shes way too strong
gotta nerf her down :))

no :heart:


Pretty sure the title goes against COC bud

Fair point, let’s nerf her some more so she is on par.

Reminds me years ago, a Hanzo player on my team said he was the pinnacle of skill.

But then the end of game card showed his 17 elimations, 17 scatter arrows to the feet kills and knew he was talking :poop:


I stopped reading here. If this is how we’re going to balance then I guess Roadhog is pretty much getting nerfed to the bottom of the pit.


I gotta say that after 900 hours of Playing WIDOWMAKER the people that complain about her are those that:

  • Don’t play her to try and climb in Competitive.
  • Don’t want to take the time to learn her counters.


it is truly sad that this character is believed to be “OP”, when someone could play Widow on attack on a competitive match only to hear


(especially on “ATTACK”).

Yes, one-tricking widow in competitive would be a thing if she was “OP AF” and everyone would pick this character to climb to masters in no time!

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imagine thinking widow is bad

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