Plz give widow a small buff

Be nice if she had a better ultimate. It’s just utter garbage.

Wallhack on a oneshot character is garbage? I learn something new every day


It’s fine for her, but again the lower rank you are playing in the less the widow can even aim in the first place and the less her team can take advantage of knowledge about the enemies position. Plus you have to consider that you have given up one of only two damage ultimates that your team have access to now, greatly reducing your wombo potential.

I have a bad feeling about the upcoming OWL patch, so u might get what u want since there are 2 OWL hitscan players involved into the balancing patch :confused:

You cant balance Widow if you consider lower ranks. The hero is not good there, because you need really good aim to play her well. Then shes incredible.

Yeah but I can’t stop my no aim teammates from picking her and getting 0 Headshots and getting steamrolled. They won’t switch they don’t get kills they die to Winston they contribute nothing to team fights and their ult doesn’t even do damage.

But you cant buff a hero because of that. We cant gigabuff Symmetra just because someone plays her every time and gets no value

No but you can rework them. I don’t think she needs buffs, but she might benefit from her power being rebalanced.

NO, WidoWidow need massive buffs: Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd!

I honestly dont know. If u want less damage with more utility you already have Ashe

By saying this you show that you don’t understand widow’s design at all, and we don’t need more crutches in this game to begin with. Lowering skill floors is the last thing we need.

Please no. They already buffed falloff in general for hitscan, please don’t give widow more range to poke people

In no way should her grapple cool down be lowered. She becomes ever more undivable the more you lower it and it just reinforces counter sniping.

Slight correction. Wall hacks for the entire team. Even if she doesn’t get value from it, someone else on the team can. Like enabling potential stagger kills.

ever heard of Head shots?
Ashe needs 1head + 1body, same for McCree and Mei. Zen needs 2head but thanks to his Orb-hitbox its relativly simple.

Widow has a kit, which only revolves around the Crit-dmg and is only passive, defensive and also very weak. No other hero is so tied to a single playstyle and influence.
In addition, apart from Bastion in Sentry, Widow is the easiest target of all. Even headshoting tanks reliably is more difficult than a scoped widow, she also has a huge hitbox and is probably the character who gets the least healing at all.

If we had really big, open maps or more maps like Havana or Junkertown, where Widow had a free hand, then 175 would be fine, but with the many small, winding maps 175 are definitely not enough. (At least outside of OWL, GM, Master and possibly Diamant)

The only ranks that matter for Widow balancing, so I guess shes fine then

Same was with Sombra

So it won’t be suprising for Widow to get an auto lock on m1

yea we need her butt expanding ultimate back please :nerd_face:

You are still looking at the smallest possible picture here. If she gets average 1 kill or less in a fight, she’s not providing enough value in the long term.

A game is consisted of a good number of fights averaged out in matter of outcomes, and one’s sr is averaged out throughout a very large number of matches played for most people. Game of OW is about expected returns and variance control across this large number of fights consisted.

Reducing the expected returns on a character with already noticable variance is a big enough nerf to their impact in the long term.


It’s already an outlier incident