ADD DAMAGE to Grappling Hook of WIDOWMAKER

This nice idea came to me shortly ago: I find ridiculous Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook never hits other characters (even clipping through them), nor do any damage to them. So I say Blizzard really should make her Grappling Hook do damage to her enemies!
I have basically 2 approaches about how this welcoming buff would work:

  1. Make it work similar to Brigitte’s “Whip Shot”, but doing more damage and without knockback. To have a more precise practical example of the effect, just look for how “Dying Light’s (Techland game) Grappling Hook” works on the enemies. In Widowmaker’s case, it would make 100 or 120 (for headshot) damage to the enemies. If an enemy is hit Widowmaker would wait for he usual cooldown of the ability.
  2. Make it work similar to a “reverse Roadhog’s Chain Hook”: Widowmaker would use her Grappling Hook pull herself towards the hit enemy who would be stunned (no damage yet) during its process, then she would hit this enemy with a strong melee hit (a stylish kick, for example) at least worth 90 HP damage, who would receive a significant knockback, even with the possibility of receiving additional damage if hitting a wall!

I know for certain these changes will make Widowmaker a even more compelling, fun character to play with. Please, Blizzard, make them happen!
Since Overwatch “2” is development, and we know it will have multiple abilities per character, these 2 proposed upgrades to Widowmaker could be incorporated there instead. Which would make sense too.

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I don’t have alot to say but…
sounds interesting.

I’d like the “reverse chain hook” more than the first one propably. Sounds a bit like spider man action


Hook tracer, fly over the map, get 6 hs mid air.

Junk tire 1k potg

Mine and grapple could be doing so much more

In OW2 against PVE stuff?


In Ow1 as she is now?

Frosty “passerino” for me.


ah yes make widow even more over powered with a low skill cap


Well, according to " Overwatch 2 Quick Fact List" (Overwatch Dev Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Facts & Beta Info):

  • Talent System - Players will be able to level up their heroes throughout the game and gain new and more powerful versions of their key abilities and ultimates (which are exclusive to PVE modes).

So, I think you shall be happy enough with these changes to Widowmaker in Overwatch “2”. Besides, Overwatch is very messy enough with these neverending buffs and nerfs to Heroes.

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