BUFF Widowmaker's Venom Mine

It is a pretty garbage ability to be sure… but that is the point. Widowmaker is by far the single most powerful character in the game if your aim is good enough.

To buff any part of her kit be it the widow mine or her Ult would require nerfs to her primary fire. Not something I think most widow players would want.

Widow is the exact opposite of Genji imo. Genji has a pretty weak kit with an over powered ultimate. Mean while Widow has a garbage kit, stupid alt fire and a semi useless Ultimate that they even nerfed to end if she died. But she can one or two tap over 90% the hero roster with only a 1.5 second or so delay between shots at any range…

As a Widow main, no.

If you wanna buff her, don’t buff literally the least important part of her kit.


You must achieve for improvements, therefore, Buffing yes. You will become a better player and you know you need this.


i forget to even use my mine half the time.

the gameplay isn’t canon and never has.


Well, the gameplay is wrong. And is not only because of canon, is because “Venom Mine” is supposed to work exactly as its own name intends: you step onto it and gets intoxicated thus affecting your senses depleting your vital energy. This current iteration is a bad joke (among others - check Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd! - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (blizzard.com)) Blizzard refuses to correct because is afraid of Widowmaker’s haters.

so? who said the gameplay needs to be canonically accurate, it never has and never will.

and out of all the things for you to complain about you choose venom mine? really? as a widowmain this isn’t the part of her kit that needs buffing, im not against these buffs but if i could choose to buff widow in anyway i wanted it wouldn’t be like this, i’d much rather have an HP revert or shorter grapple cooldown.

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You should click to the link of my other topic then.

you really love necroing/bumping your own posts huh

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15 seconds of slow and barely be able to see? Are you kidding me? That’s a free kill on anyone with an ability on a 10 second cool down. No. Just no.

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You risk their hanzo hitting a lucky shot (you can’t tell me 50 meter shots with hanzo’s slow arrows isnt luck based) or another widow. And… That’s basically it. “High risk” that has to worry about 2 things.

You seem to like necroing older posts, colleague!

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Fixed, go there!

I don’t generally use mines for optimal damage as much as I probably should.
I rarely use it for additional damage in a fight however I also found it can work well to a team fight. Throwing it in an area the is seeing a lot of action like the payload.
Otherwise I find more use of it during widow duels. Having that extra hit can really make a difference. The other is the more Traditional booby trap a corner against flankers.

If widow ever gets a buff it has to be lowering her hook cooldown.

Nothing else, just do that.

Her venom mine isn’t meant to kill people, It’s too alert widow that someone is near. The extra D.O.T damage is just a bonus.

Unfortunately, no, WidoWidoW needs more than that.

I can agree with the latter part, but Venom Mine should be more than that. Widowmaker has very low hp and her automatic assasult rifle is not that good, so if let’s say, Genji gets caught in Venom Mine it will barely matter and even if Widowidow manages to use her Grappling Hook to escape (which has a long cooldown) she won’t get far if that Genji player is barely competent… which is why is NOT enough for Venom Mine to merely alert a Widowmaker player, it should have more damage and add ill effects to the victim, then it becomes effectively useful.

High level widows will use them to obscure/deny headshots from other high level widows as well

As others have said, you can’t use the Short as a reason to super buff things, otherwise Doomfist would get like 3k HP because of all the shots and such he took while facing Tracer, Genji, and Winston. So your point is kind of moot, here. You can’t say “gameplay is wrong” when the developers created the gameplay. You are not above the developers, so you don’t have the end-all-be-all answers just because you want to change something.