Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd!

He takes more because you have to account for the travel time of the arrow.


No, as long as Widow is strong in game, Double Barrier will ALWAYS be the go to for comps.

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this has to be trolling.


A dedicated troll, this one.


Bad troll

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Remove the falloff and set the HP back to 200, but anything, especially what you suggest, Widow would really do OP.
There is a reason why Widow is a relatively weak kit (Mine, SMG Spread, Grappling Cooldown). She does 300 damage with one headshot!

The running speed is simply out of place, every character has the same basic speed.

5s grappling would result in Widow becoming Spiederwoman. It’s fun in the workshop, but also out of place and op in the normal match.

Usually when you are properly balanced you have to compensate (unless a hero is way too weak or too strong, which is not completely true of any hero in OW.)

My suggestion for Widow would be (maybe not completely balanced, but much more realistic than yours):

  • HP increased from 175 to 200
  • Falloff removed (its was a pointless change)
  • SMG:
    • Damage reduced -2 ​​(per shot)
    • Spreadangel reduced from 3 ° to 1 °
  • Mine (rework):
    • Poison cloud stays for 3 sec
    • Radius of the cloud 2m
    • Enemys in the cloud are slowed down
    • In the cloud, you get 25 damage per second
    • When you leave the cloud, normal damage starts
    • max possible Dmg per enemy: 25 * 3 + 15 * 5 = 150
    • Cooldown only starts when the mine is destroyed or triggered
    • Mine can be destroyed manually
  • Grabbling:
    • CD increased from 12 to 15 sec

OP I’m proud of this bait. Literally the first sentence and first bullet point really had me thinking you meant it. But you deliberately planned it to get less serious as it went on until the last sentence, 10/10 am proud.


Wait what? You’re actually proud of this garbage? :smile:

Oh wait.
It does.
Can’t actively address [insert name of company who made OW here].

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I’ve been on the forums for like a year, All I can remember is just stacks of baits, all way worse than this one, can’t really complain because some of the more recent ones are pretty trash compared to this one, like idk, it’s better than any bait in recent memory, :man_shrugging:t2:

Never saw any of the better baits, for me this is the best i’ve seen but it’s a pretty low bar anyway.

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 8)

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Please, we ALL know what happened last time one-shots/hitscans were meta.

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very funny, did laugh

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This is actual, quality bait. I love that it just gets worse and worse.

Commendable post.


Maybe just give her a semi auto mode when unscoped too? At an appropriate damage level/ rate of fire.? Maybe just give her a three shot burst instead?
‘E’ to consume venom mine and lower it’s cooldown a notch?

i always wanted a hang upside down type ability like on her cinematics, more of a dynamic hook but dont know how that will work into the game

Make widow the only viable dps again! yeah!
Nobody deserves to ever play hanzo!

Pretty lame troll post if you ask me.

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To do that you need to nerf her

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