PLEASE BUFF Widowmaker

Cool, only if we can buff Genji too.


Lets buff zarya so she has 700 health so she doesn’t get one shot by Widow.

i’m fine with necroing a positive post. But an egryn post? shut up


I wouldn’t say this was necro’d, I would think 3 months or more would be considered Necro’ing.

Don’t feed the troll. It is beyond obvious. Stop engaging with him.


Well said spidey,well said

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This sounds really bad… I vote no.

She can one shot every dps/support but Bastion unless shes damage boosted then sometimes she can even one tap a Zarya.

Post was so bad people still talk about it over half a month later

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funny dude… all i can say is “lol”

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Honestly, this is the most laughable buff out of all of them.

One-shotting tanks would undebatably make her overpowered.

Don’t play stupidly and you won’t need this.

Troll post
20 characters

Are you on crack???

Who revived this cursed thread? Show yourself.

Also no at buffing Widow, whether it’s a troll post or otherwise.

some kid on an alt. go necro meaningful threads. but this is just dumb…


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How about focusing on her skill instead? Her venom mine is the most useless thing in the game.

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Your requests are very modest, but the fact is that WidoWidow needs buffs! I made my own topic demanding for more buffs: Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd! - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (!

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