Is doom the hero who has gone longest without a buff?

They removed it because it was an ability that literally required the user to aim at the floor with enough potential damage to kill a tank.

He was a bad hero with a broken mechanic holding him back so they reworked him into something that had more potential in the hands of a skilled user while being worse for people who could only hit shots by aiming at the feet

Doom is different because he’s just weak with no blatantly busted ability. People like you hate him because he takes advantage of match ups and lack of awareness. That’s not doom being strong or anything, just the player being bad or in a bad situation

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Doomfist could and still can aim in a general direction of the enemy and 1 shot them.

That’s frustrating to play against.

So avoid it by playing corners and saving mobility cooldowns. Is that seriously your biggest issue with him? His “4 second oneshot” that’s used for mobility the vast majority of the time. If you are being constantly punched, that is entirely on you. It can not one shot unless he’s had time to charge it up, letting you know where exactly he is and giving you time to react.

Not to mention he has to launch himself at you to do this.

It’s frustrating to die at all in this game. Not a reason to deny the balance of a hero.

Not my biggest issue, but you’re saying scatter arrow was removed for one shotting people and that being a frustrating game mechanic.

One shorting tanks without even aiming at the player. It literally oneshot zarya and orisa.

Yeah and Doomfist can one shot 4/6 players

No, it is Widowmaker (Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd!)!

Can he do it from range and safety? I don’t see your point here. It’s not like hanzo was charging up his arrow for over a second and then launching himself at the enemy. It also never bugged out like punch does but that’s a different story.

He also needs a wall to be behind the player to actually “one shot”

Tbh right now I don’t really feel like discussing Doomfist with someone who is a Widowmaker and Doomfist main.

Why? Do opposing points of view scare you when your only reasoning is “I don’t like it so it should be bad”.

Atleast I keep my profile open. Kinda sad that you have nothing to add so you pull the “you’re just biased” card

No, I just cba. Have fun.

Depends if you count reverts as buffs or not.

For example Lucio had buffs in October 2019, but those were all reverts of GOATs nerfs. His last straight buffs were in August 2018.

Yeah, reverts are either buffs or nerfs based on the current state of the character. In doom’s case, the uppercut revert will be a buff.

Uppercut recovery revert is bad because you are giving him even more burst damage; would be much better to increase his ammo regeneration rate instead.

They should change punch to like 180 damage but make it charge faster, etc. If Doomfist is ever going to be good he should not be a 1-shot machine, because if he is the devs will just dumpster him again right away due to everyone complaining about not being able to play the game because they just instantly die.

It doesn’t do anything to his damage, just the speed to react while already in the combo. You should be dead more often than not if you get in doom’s combo but that just isn’t true right now. He has an insane downtime inbetween each combo and there’s a long window to get to the target full of counterplay. The time you’re in the combo is your last chance to react and shouldn’t be as forgiving as it is right now.

All it takes to counter doom is decent positioning and awareness and occasionally decent cd management, which all happens prior to the combo happening, not during like the UC revert affects.

An uppercut revert won’t affect doom in lower ranks that much because they already die to his combo as they don’t react fast enough to do anything with the extra .35 they’re given. In upper ranks, that .35 vs .2 difference is a game changer sometimes. It’s literally only useful to upper rank doom players

Hence, more burst damage. If you have less time to react before you are dead, that is burst damage.

There’s junkrat who hasnt had any balance change of any sort since April 2019

Brig maybe… She only got nerfed as far as I am aware of (her 222 rework was not a buff but more a needed nerf for her ‘classic’ playstyle)

May/ June 2020 he got a bunch of buffs

Ohhh I stand corrected, I use the wiki to check balance history but it’s not obviously always up to date, I did check and he did on May the 12th 2020 so you’re right