Thank you for buffing WidoWidow

I’ve read the experimental changes notes and am definitely glad to the buffs to Widowmaker’s Venom Mine. Even though they did not completely met my demands yet (BUFF Widowmaker’s Venom Mine - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (, it is definitely a right evolutionary step towards the massive buffs Widowmaker needs so much (Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrd! - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (!
It is pertinent to acknowledge when Blizzard does something right for once. Thank you, Overwatch team, keep it up!

It’s probably not going live, though it wouldn’t be terrible if a cut down version of the buff was put live.

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This wasn’t the Overwatch team. It was a panel of random players.

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See how ungrateful you people are?? Fill your mouth with hatred to criticize Blizzard for any dissatisfaction, but when something good happens, it is not Blizzard but “something else”. Aff.

its funny how everybody thinks these patches might go through. blizzard said themselves only if they receive overwhelmingly positive feedback…

what that means i dont have a clue? by us or the pros?

now lets say this…

every patch goes through to live… now wouldnt that be hysterical since most people think its all just a meme

lets see what blizzard does… pretty curious. if a bunch of them go through then that means they cater to the influencers streamers and top 1 percent (if the torb buff goes through im gonna be rofl copter laughing)

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Historically, practically, not to say always, every single item on an experimental change goes through to an official update. If anything is to be changed, it only happens in next experimental change, that afterwards are applied to next update, so on… Accept this NOW: Widowmaker IS going to be buffed, get used to it!

im not saying its not gonna go through im just saying that its funny that it was all suppose to be a meme. who knows? and yea i wouldnt mind the widow buff since she is the hero i have the most hours on


The blizzard balancers didn’t make these changes… OWL players did.

OWL is mostly “cancer” to Overwatch.

Just saying now, for your sake… don’t get super attached to any of these changes. They specified that this Expirimental is highly unlikely to go live, even parts of it.

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