"Hide and rez wasn't a thing"

the numbers are just an estimate cause i have no actual way of knowing the exact timing…the point was that any careful planning on the part of the enemy team…no matter how long it took to piece together, wait for ults, etc…all of it was undone by 1 singular ability that honestly didnt take any planning other than getting it…

the hide and rez debate is silly…it was not the reason for the removal…it was an example of behaviour that was promoted because of an ability being bad to begin with

my full take on it:

DPS hiding = Not killing
Mercy hiding = Not healing

Your logic kinda fell apart there. I will agree that a bad Mercy would sometimes tell her team to die on point, but the majority of the time I only heard the tanks and DPS say.

Honestly what you wrote didn’t make any sensesense either.

Funny how that works when mass rez Mercy was never a must-pick.


Honestly if the mercy asks the team to die then the person playing her is bad.
Her job is keeping them alive and if they die by a grav+dragon combo then she can do her job that is making sure they are not dead by bringen them back to live.

Not all mercy players are people that lack attention and want to get potg.

I always think thread when someone says Hide n Res was the best thing to do:

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Hide and rez totally was a widespread thing. There’s some weird gaslighting thing going on where people are trying to downplay how ubiquitous it was but it was wholly ingrained in healer culture at the time.

And I preferred to tempo rez btw


I’ve picked apart the bias and fallacies in that thread so many times already. Why do you continue to copy and paste titanium like a manifesto.

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Lol, this has yet to happen but okay. If you really can prove this, go ahead. Also, I picked apart the thread so many times, I’ve lost count. To summarise, it’s just a bunch of bad Mercy players claiming to know how to best play mercy when in reality, they just wanted to artificially inflate their SR by abusing the broken SR system at the time.

I’d rather not type out something when I can just quote someone who already did it in a better fashion.

Really? Cause you were in that thread. Right around the time you were going on about how you’re going to stop being a troll.

also time for a reality check. The best mercy’s in the game were the best because they got off mass res. SR exploit or not, that’s what it was.

Stop the denial already. I’ve been over this with you multiple times now.

:eyes: Totally forgot about that. Anyway, I’ll read it but from the looks of things, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be worthwhile.

Nope. Like I said, they were the “best” because they abused such a strategy. Stahp with the denial.

So, the last option is to remove rez.

Of course they abused the strat. It was the meta for that hero. Tempo ressing got you absolutely nowhere, and mercy was otherwise a heal bot when not ressing.

Id be fine with that lol. Blizzard is incapable of balancing Res if they intend on keeping Res on E.

Then they’re not good because if the SR system was fixed earlier, they would’ve dropped like flies. Also, if it isn’t encouraged by the ultimate, it isn’t a problem. Stuff like that, you let the problem fix itself rather than interfering.

This is so false… Tempo ressing is the best strategy for Mercy. Please stop with these lies.

And not surprisingly, a handful of people find old Mercy more enjoyable than the current trash we have.

And yet still mercy was terrible for pro play, because tempo ressing got you nowhere.

It’s the better strategy sure, it’s still bad. So bad it wasn’t worth running in pro play.

Yeah, i’m sure every single one of them have posted in titanium’s thread. Try checking the popular opinion anywhere but these forums.

In pro play, “Hide n Res” got you nowhere as well. Besides, Mercy being F-tier in pro play was mostly because she was only ever used to pocket a Pharah and because other supports were way better than her at the time.

It really isn’t. It wasn’t good in pro play because said tempo res was only ever used to res a pharah.

Any place in mind?

Alot of people confuse hide n rez and taking cover as the same thing. Mercy peeling before an ult barrage is a smart thing. This whole 4+ rez thing did not work well in diamond plus. You just set your team up for another wipe pulling that back then. Hide n rez was done but not as much as people think at the higher tiers. At the lower tiers it payed off because of lack of awareness or care from most teams for the enemy mercy.


Uhm, a lot of mercies actually did. If the player was worth it ofc