Failed to earn Contenders Symmetra or Mercy skins? IMPORTANT UPDATE ANNOUNCED!

Okay everyone, I have some good news… not a perfect solution, but good. There will be a second chance to earn Symmetra and Mercy again in December by watching 18 and 20 hours respectively after earning Junkrat (7 hours) and Zenyatta (15 hours) for the upcoming Overwatch Contenders Gaunlet Tournaments. I wish there was a more direct way to earn these skins for those who had technical issues, but this at least gives another chance to get them.

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Hey everyone, I am starting this separate thread to survey anyone who so far has not yet earned the Overwatch Contenders skins for Symmetra and Mercy from the October Overwatch Contenders streaming promotion. This topic is for my feedback purposes only. I do not work for Blizzard! So I can’t and won’t promise that Blizzard will be able to use this list to help correct any outstanding issues for any user. It is my goal to get a better understanding of any persistent issues that can help prevent this problem from happening to you or anyone else for the future skins being offered. Your assistance is greatly appreciated on this.


With the exception of Overwatch League tokens, no streaming drop provides any type of notification when you log onto Overwatch and you will NOT see the icon labeling those skins when you receive them so please go into your hero gallery, click on either Symmetra or Mercy and check the skins for that hero, they will be labeled “CONTENDERS HOME” and “CONTENDERS AWAY” and will be Epic grade skins listed just below any Overwatch League skins you may already own for that hero.


Officially skin drops can take up to 48 hours to process. This means if you just reached the qualifying threshold of time required for either skin drop during the final two broadcasts this week, that drop may be issued sometime between now and November 2nd. So if you reply, please continue to keep checking your game client over the next two days.


If you failed to earn either the Symmetra or the Mercy Overwatch Contenders skins, I would greatly appreciate your participation in reporting in this thread with the following information:

Which streams did you watch? You don’t have to specify exactly how much you watched on each, but please specify which of the eligible streams you did attempt to watch to earn these skins.

Click here for the schedule of eligible Overwatch Contenders streams in October

Total Hours Streamed in October: 57 hours, 56 minutes, 48 seconds

What troubleshooting did you attempt to complete? This step is very important! Please take the time to specify if you completed any steps of troubleshooting throughout the month. You can reference my streaming troubleshooting guide (click here) for key steps I have recommended to sort out issues with rewards. Please also specify if you frequently saw the “red light” next to the sign-in confirmation prompt below the web player.

What is the resident country your Blizzard account assigned to? Check this at I ask for this because some countries are not eligible to earn these rewards including possibly some that are not specifically listed in the official rules of the promotion. Please do not provide any specific location or personal information otherwise (as this is a public forum), only your country if you do not mind.

Please avoid posting more than once and please avoid any insults, death threats, or spamming ideas on how to improve the stream. Please provide constructive suggestions in my main thread instead. Thank you for your cooperation. Once again, I do not work for Blizzard (learn more about the forum MVP program here), and I am just looking to help in any area where i can.

Update - November 2nd, 2020

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your continued feedback. Please note I have no further updates from Blizzard at this time. However I would like to ask each of you to try a step that has a faint chance of working.

Perform a “Forgot your password recovery” on your Blizzard account (PC Players Only)

This procedure will help create a force reset of your account and refreshes and checks for any new rewards, products, or services you have for your account. Sign out of your Blizzard account (either on a Blizzard website or on the BattleNet App Launcher) then force a password change by clicking “Forgot Your Password”. Do not just use the Password Reset Tool on your account page and simply change the password as this does not achieve the same effect. You will need to have your recovery information ready or if you have your phone that is connected to your account ready in order to successfully reset your password.

Unlink or Relink your Console Account to your Blizzard Account

This step achieves the same effect for specifically console players. Unlink your account at, then either relink it there again or relink it directly in the game client.

Again these steps are not likely to work but you never know.


Hello WyomingMyst , i’m having exact the same problem about getting Mercy Contender’s Skin, i received on my second account but not on my main, i watched more than 20 hours easily about Contenders matches, and there’s no skin on my character gallery , seems a bug . Please fix this i really want that skin on my collector’s account Overwatch Team , i did what was needed to get it also i think many people has this issue , thanks to Overwatch Team to help us on these problems. I saw more than 4-5 days full watching, i’m from Spain.

Good weekend everyone & Thanks for helping as much you can.

Not failed but do have a question for you Wyoming about schedule…any idea if the times listed account for the DST change last night?

I think they did, according to YouTube, the next broadcast starts in less than four hours (10 AM PST).

First of all, thanks for creating this thread, WyomingMyst.

I’ve got Symmetra’s skin but not Mercy’s one (I’ve just checked it again right now). I’ve watched Europe, Korea and NA streams.

The problem in my case is not getting the red dot below video player, but the green dot disappear at random time during long time (and I didn’t notice it). After refreshing the browser, the green dot backed again but, after some time, the problem reappeared.

I used my desktop browser and also other two on my tablet (which I usually used to earn OWL tokens). All of them with adblock and external add-ons disabled.

Thanks in advance.

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if i cant get mercy skin november 2nd, where should i complain this issue(i’m from korea)

i check my watch list

  • October 21th @ 9 AM PDT - [korea grand finals]
  • October 25th @ 5 PM PDT - [China Week 4 Semifinals, 3rd Place, and Finals
  • October 28th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 1]
  • October 29th @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1]
  • October 29th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1]
  • October 30th @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
  • October 30th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
  • October 31st @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]
  • October 31st @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]

i can get sym skin but i cant get mercy skin.
all time i delete cookies and pause adblock programm at my pc.

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I am a ps4 user from the Netherlands.
I have watched all the broadcasts except the one on October 31th.

I got sym skin, no issues. Dropped a few hours after I watched the 7 hours.

I have been watching on my macbook. Used 3 browsers for my 3 different ps4 accounts. Used chrome, Firefox and Safari. It worked fine for the sym skin, I have it on all 3 my accounts.

I have cleared cookies on all browsers, since that was adviced. The green dot was visible whole time and audio was not muted.

But so far none of my accounts gotten the mercy skin.

That is all the information I have. If blizzard can come up with a solution, that would be great. Low key hoping to still get the drops soon.

Thanks WyomingMyst for all the help. :blush:


I watched October 29th and the 31st. had them on in their entirety and still do not have the Sym and Mercy skins. North America, eastern time zone.
Everything was set up right and logged in. Ps4 user. Both were week 4 north american brackets at over 7 and a half hours each.

I’ve certainly watched 20+ hours, that much i confirmed. Youtube tracks the ones you’ve seen and i know i haven’t seen all of them. So it’s kinda sad to see i didn’t get the Symmetra and Mercy skins
Just to confirm, everything is working, green dot, all is correctly logged in etc
I’ve been using chrome

I too have watched all week for the skins, only browser/window open on my device, and green dot showing the whole time (once it was implemented). I had received my Symm skin prior to the greendot, but no mercy skin. I used chrome, then I used safari

From Canada (which as far as I know is an eligible drop country, I received my owl drops fine)

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I have watched well over 20 hours of Contenders, but I still haven’t received the Mercy skins. I have watched the entirety of the 28th and 31st streams, and a combination of 6 hours between the 29th and 30th. I was watching on Chrome for the first stream entirely on my Windows PC, and earned the Symmetra Skin within the next day. I swapped to Edge at the beginning of the second stream to see if that would be a preferred option, but I quickly swapped back to Chrome after seeing some discussions saying that Chrome worked for drops. I eventually swapped over to my MacBook to play the steams instead, while still on Chrome. Every time a stream was playing, I made sure that I was signed in and the confirmation at the bottom was present, the steam was live and not replaying old footage, and made sure nothing else was running in the background. I cleared cookies after the Symmetra skin was earned on my PC. The steams were in an open tab, unmuted, and playing while minimized on the screen. I hope I receive the skins by November 2nd, but this post is here just in case that fails to occur.

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Failed to get the mercy skin despite watching every day since announcement got symm yesterday night after I know it’s been over 16 hours of contenders view time

I watched all streams starting from the 25th. So a total of around 38 hours…

I watched only either through the OWL app or Google Chrome / newest version without any plugins on the OW Contenders website. I was always logged in, had my PSN linked to my Blizzard account all the time. Once the green dot appeared as a safety measure to make sure everything works, I’ve always had it displayed. The line “eligible for drops” has always been shown. I’ve emptied my cookies after the 25th and subsequently after every other stream after WyomingMist suggested this as a solution to denied drops.

I didn’t get the Symmetra skin until the 30th, and only after I re-linked my PSN account to my Blizzard account. I’m well over the 15 hours treshold for the Mercy skin, yet I’ve not received it by now, even after once more re-linking my PSN account. Neither on the PC nor the PS4 version of Overwatch, I checked both hero galleries manually…

It’s really a huge bummer… I bought all Mercy skins available. On PS4, I got every single OWL skin for her and if the fact that the drops for this event didn’t work as intended would kill my complete collection, that would be awful to say the least. I did contact Blizz support once about this and they told me they’d forward it.

EDIT: I’m from Germany and all other events (Twitch, OWL finals Tracer event etc.) worked fine for me.

EDIT 2: I’ve watched all of those:

  • October 25th @ 5 PM PDT - [China Week 4 Semifinals, 3rd Place, and Finals
  • October 28th @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 1]
  • October 28th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 1]
  • October 29th @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1]
  • October 29th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1]
  • October 30th @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
  • October 30th @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
  • October 31st @ 11 AM PDT - [Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]
  • October 31st @ 3 PM PDT - [North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]

Thanks for collecting this info at least. Hopefully something can be done, at least to make the system better in the future.

Digging through my youtube history, I watched the following streams:

[Korea Quarterfinals and Semifinals]
[South America Week 4 Semifinals and Finals]

After these two I got the Symmetra skins. Then I watched the following:

[North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1]
[Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
[North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2]
[Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]
[North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2]

I didn’t really try any troubleshooting, because the first part seemed to go off just fine, and in the second part I was seeing the green dot during the time when I was aware I should be looking for it.

My Blizzard account is in the US. Still haven’t received the Mercy skin, (checked it just before submitting this comment) but will update if that changes.

I have not received the Mercy skins as of yet, I just looked. I watched the last 4 days of play in the NA matches as is written on the contenders site (10/28-10/31), as well as the Europe matches the last 2 days (10/30-10/31). I reside in the US, and double checked I was signed in every time I hoped on to the Contenders Site to watch the streams. I signed on the moment I could after work (I work until 3:00 PM EST), and I only live about 10 minutes away from my job. I live in the USA, and the USA is where my blizzard account says I’m located. I preformed all of the troubleshooting to the best of my abilities. I watched all day Saturday and cannot see a single reason, outside of the 48 hour period to get the drop, as to why I didn’t get the skins.

I hope this helps with what you’re looking for WyomingMyst, and thank you for making a post spotlighting this issue. I personally take a lot of pride that I have gotten every Mercy item in the game (aside from some OWL teams, that I am currently working on getting), and I personally am quite sad that I haven’t gotten the drop. I’m hoping that it just hasn’t come through yet.

Edit 1 - I realize that I should probably mention, I did receive the Sym skins. Still no Mercy however (Edit comes 9 hours after original comment).

Edit 2 - Still no Mercy skin, I just checked. In a few hours the full 48 hours will be up from when the last of the streams officially ended. I’ll add a final edit tomorrow, though my hopes are fading.

Edit 3 - This is my final edit. It has been more than 48 hours and I have yet to receive the Mercy skins. I’m may go to contact Blizzard support after this, for whatever it’s worth. I really hope someone at the company does something about this, because this thread has over 100 comments from different people. I doubt most of the player base watched, and of those that watched I bet only a small fraction use the forums for any reason. How many people did the system fail?

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Hi! :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

I received Sym skin but not Mercy skin until now. I’ll keep looking and I’ll let you know if I receive Mercy skin.

Streams I watched:

October 28th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 1 - about 1:00
October 29th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1 - Full NA - about 3:30
October 30th @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2
October 30th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2 - EU & NA Combined Time: 8:08:51
October 31st @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2
October 31st @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2 - EU & NA Combined Time: 7:45:58

Full time watched: ~20:25


I’m a PC player.
Since the first day, the message saying I was logged in and the green light was there during the whole time.
I used the page to watch. In the first day, I was using Chrome in my Android phone and for the rest of the days I used Chrome on my PC.
I checked my Blizzard Account Connections Page and the three permissions were enabled.
After the first three days of watching and not receiving Sym skin, I cleaned my cookies but it didn’t work. Then, I removed Blizzard Account permissions, cleaned my cookied again, logged in contenders website, accepted the permissions and watched about 1 hour and Sym skin showed up.
Then, I watch the rest of the games until the end of the day (Oct 31st) but until now Mercy skin didn’t show up.

What is the resident country your Blizzard account assigned to?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Do not have either skin.

Watched Oct 28th through Oct 31st

Was not aware of an issue until today when skins did not appear in game. So no, did not attempt any troubleshooting. Also was not aware of any red/green light on the player nor noticed any such light. Too busy watching and playing OW to notice. I did make sure I was logged in and the message below the stream said I was receiving the rewards.

Reside in the United States.

While I realize I did in fact get the skins, just want to provide info on what I had done.

I watched every match the past 4 days, so Wed, Thurs, Friday, and Sat. My desktop was using the latest version of Firefox, with the Malwarebytes addon disabled. That was my primary tool. I would occasionally have issues with the green light going away (just gone) and would have to refresh and restart the video. This happened both while full screen viewing and if I was window viewing while trying to do other things while it was running.

I also used my phone to play the stream so that I had 100 percent usage of my desktop. On there I used Chrome, and would occasionally check to see if it was still logged in.

I got the Sym skin during the streaming of the second day (Thurs) and Mercy was unlocked sometime during the streaming yesterday (Sat).

I don’t know if that helps, but that’s what I had done and it did work out.

They really need to adjust this to help everyone know how much time is spent/needed, and have more info easier to find on how to do these as well as maybe in-page alerts to let you know you aren’t getting rewards if it logs you out or something.

Happens to me too. I’ve watch around 20 hours I do believe and I got Sym skin only. so far I have collect all mercy skins and I really don’t want to miss it by some technical issues D:


I watched almost all broadcasts since Oct. 15 (except for Chinese matches). I received Symmetra’s skins on Oct. 25, after that I watched all broadcasts of Europe and North America. I never received skins for Mercy. In total, I watched more than 30 hours.
All conditions were met and didn’t differ from those when I received Symmetra’s skins. The green circle was displayed and the tab wasn’t minimized. I also checked my Blizzard account connection page and three permissions were enabled.

Browser: Google Chrome
Country: Russia (before this case, there were never any problems with getting drops)

I really need Mercy’s skins :frowning: