Contenders Skin Question

Greetings, starting in October 2020, players can earn Overwatch Contenders skins when they watch eligible matches of Overwatch Contenders on while signed into their BattleNet account. There are two new skins that can be earned each month and so far have been:

  • October: Symmetra & Mercy
  • November: Torbjorn & Lucio
  • December: Junkrat & Zenyatta (and Symetra & Mercy again due to technical issues in October).

Side note, Anyone who signed into the Overwatch game client since October 2020 automatically gets the Overwatch Contenders Genji skins for free (and believe it or not this promotion is still valid as I just tested it).

Overwatch Contenders will be resuming in the month of March. Be sure to follow @OWPathToPro on Twitter or watch for news updates to be posted on to learn what new skins will be available to earn by watching more Overwatch Contenders matches.

Learn more about how the reward program works in my guide here:

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Wyoming did they announce any new contenders skins after the last ones? Last ones were zen and someone else who I don’t remember, did they announce ones after that?

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Is there going to be more?

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Yes. Details coming…


Ty so much so when the time comes will you announce here the schedule of skins like on the site it didn’t said ty again for replying

Look at you flexing your exclusive information, well if it is coming soon it must mean the next skins come in March. I hope it’s brig or something she looks good in black and green

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Not exclusive, public information here…

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Ty So much for all this info seriously I didn’t even know this news were all released to public EYE

Lol why am I always so clueless on everything, thanks.

Me neither, I was searching for it and nothing would appear.

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It really doesn’t help it was posted on Reddit and not the official Contenders website. I did repost it here, but that thread is already buried.

Exactly! I swear I have had so many issues with the contenders website it’s honestly a miracle everything worked correctly and I managed to get every single skin until now

cant you somehow tell them at blizzard that to fix and update the contenders’ site so many bugs in it that people are not even getting notify about what skin they won i found out yesterday 22 2 2021 3 am when i randomly play lucio and saw oh i had lucio skin

The website player hubs never provide direct notification (this is something I believe they are working on). You must actively check the Overwatch Game Client to see when you earn the rewards for watching on

OMG REALLY they did the Mercy and Sym again!!! I didn’t know gkfdgkdfgkdfgk I didn’t get my mercy and sym in October so I thought I couldn’t get them forever D:

now I’m sad… I didn’t get the originally out of my control and then I miss them again afidffkdfkgdkgfkdgkfdgkdkfg

wish people were compensated :japanese_goblin:

Didn’t do december cause I wasn’t interested in Zen/Junk :japanese_goblin:

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I must admit this is sad and frustrating to hear. I am very aware that so many players had trouble earning the Symmetra and Mercy skins from October because some of the streams at the end of the month were not working to track time watched so hundreds of players failed to earn one or both of the skins. I even ran a very extensive thread to collect information from everyone affected here on the forums and worked to keep everyone updated from there and my master “Streaming Rewards Guide” thread which was pinned at the time here on the forums. I also now run a second Twitter handle called @dropswatch where I schedule posts daily about what rewards are available and how to earn them including posting when eligible reward live streams are beginning.

Now I am not frustrated at you for not paying attention to the resources that I have provided because I don’t represent Blizzard so I do not expect anyone to pay absolute attention to me. I am actually frustrated that I can’t do more for this community short of posting on the forums and my own Twitter feeds. I am frustrated that news like this falls through the woodwork and players like you miss out on cool promotions like this. If anything, I hope to do more and will continue to find ways to do more to keep this community aware of things that involve them enjoying Overwatch, especially making sure they can earn cool promotional awards like the Contenders skins. In the meantime, my advice to you and everyone else is be proactive and ask when something with Overwatch is not working right for you. I can’t be on the forums all of the time of course, but I do catch a lot of questions and comments like this and I try to help players get the answers they seek.

As always, everyone is always free to tag me in a thread (click the “:link: Share” button at the bottom of any forum thread to invite me to that thread) and I will at the very least take time to read it. I can’t always promise I will respond (sometimes I can’t or won’t if I don’t have a reliable answer I can share), but always feel free to reach out to me. I am here to help make our community a better one.

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Thanks so much, I followed your dropswatch acct on twitter.

I just thank the heavens it wasn’t the Moira skin gjdgkdfgkfdgkdfkgdkgdfk I’ve been checking very often about the newest skins (not sure if you’ve notice me a bunch) and I’ve been paranoid about missing the Moira one since the whole mercy/Sym skin hahahahahaa :eye: :lips: :eye:

Thank you for what you do, I appreciate it a lot

Sir you are a god send i have followed your page dropswatch now dude blizzard should raise your pay damn ty so much for all this guidence

I am not a team member of Blizzard Entertainment. I will always try to do what I can to help support and benefit the community wherever I can. If the opportunity comes where I can join Blizzard to fulfill this goal even more, I would join them, but right now being a Forum MVP is where I can currently make the most positive impact.

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I love my ow community man I seriously wish people be more like you, you are awesome dude ty so so much