Director’s Take: Our Development Values, Part 1

Director’s Take: Our Development Values, Part 1

In this first Director’s Take blog of the year, Aaron Keller looks at goals and plans for Overwatch 2 in 2024.

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This is fantastic I haven’t been this optimistic about Overwatch in a very long time!

DLSS addition is amazing and I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes! Any chance we could get FSR 3 next? That would be great as an ROG ALLY owner! Actually would be cool if we could use frame gen from FSR 3 in combination with upscaling from DLSS - since that’s better than FSR 2 but I only have an RTX 2060 laptop so it can’t do DLSS 3 frame gen!

And getting the game on GFN soon finally is absolutely huge - could we get it on Amazon Luna next maybe?

The new quicker quick play mode is fantastic, could you maybe look into shortening the assemble heroes time and hero selection time in the spawn room? And spawn defenders immediately at the point where they need to be… That would also make games quicker!

For the next quick play hacked event could you try a third person view mode? Could be really interesting and nice to be able to see our cool skins all of the time!

WRT encouraging teamwork - LFG was great for this… it’s a shame that it was misused by some people but I think it’s worth it to have it in the game for the people that do make use of it well so please consider bringing it back!



I am impressed.

Oh and here’s how I suggest ya guys go about doing that regen passive:

Tank/DPS regen:

  • 5 sec activation
  • Heals 20% of max health (maximum 5 sec)
  • However that 20% is split up in to 5% pieces.
  • 5% for each 1x teammate within 20m range (through walls)

Although you could also mess around with whether shooting, or damaging an enemy also cancels it. But dunno if that’s needed.

I like these takes:

This take is pretty decent. Pointing out how a 2.5sec activation with 15hps would mostly be negligible on Tanks. Which is why I prefer longer activation with a bigger heal. Especially since longer activation is less relevant in a duel with involves cover.


In Season 9, both Tank and Damage heroes will get a modified, tuned-down version of the Support self-healing passive

Ayo this sounds kinda crazy


More nerfs to the supports health regeneration passive? You’re killing Mercy more, when the problem is Baptiste, Ana and Kiriko.


So if everyone gets the healing passive, is support going to have like a mercy moment where their passive is just a boosted version of the passive?

And are dps still getting a different passive on top of this? Definitely will be interesting.

Non-support healing passive is a giant no from me

Too much sustain is already a common complaint as is…this does not sound like a good idea AT ALL


You got it backwards.

More out-of-combat sustain, means that they can hard nerf in-combat sustain.


I like the “Thanks for reading (and watching!)” part, made me chuckle a little.

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Change is always difficult. Especially when you tinker with core mechanics. Hopefully this won’t backfire.

Sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I like that the PvP improvement ideas focus on increased team play rather than further emphasizing solo play styles. That’s true to the spirit of the game, so I hope that keeps up.

I will say that I hope you don’t implement party frames, because awareness of teammates is a big skill point in this game, especially for supports, and I don’t want them just staring at health bars on the UI. I want supports more actively engaged.

Also, I’m very skeptical about the self-healing passive on tank and DPS. I think it’ll enable flankers too much, as they can just evade while their health regens.

Thanks for the update, though. Looking forward to trying new things out.


I’d like to talk about one aspect of it. In Season 9, both Tank and Damage heroes will get a modified, tuned-down version of the Support self-healing passive.

It’s too early for April 1st. But more information about this would be appreciated. Because otherwise I can just imagine how much free room flankers (and Pharah) will have with this ability.


Giving genji and Tracer a self heal made me laugh out loud sorry


Did they see my comment or something?


tldr: tanks and dps are getting weaker version of the support’s passive

Things are still moving way too slow for my taste.


And? Don’t see the issue myself…



I appreciate you have a lot of spaghetti on the plate, now let’s get throwing that stuff at the wall pronto instead of waiting months between updates my guy.


Well no wonder this game is trash. Not even the game’s director understands what made classic OW so good. The former, original game was magical because you could either work together OR have players messing around on their own doing their own thing without other teammates’ gameplay being heavily brought down because of it.

Nobody is going to want to play your game if everyone needs to be tethered to their overtuned supports in order to do anything.

Well I stand corrected a bit. Finally!
It took way too long for you guys to listen to us and figure this out. You might as well give support players the same tuned-down version as the other roles since they are the role that needed passive regen the least out of all the roles. Anyway, good job in this regard the game will feel a lot better for most players. Just make sure you nerf teammate healing/sustain on top of this as well. Which is also way overdue.


It’s kind of funny that Aaron talks about improving the team play, but one of the firat initiatives is a passive self heal that reduces the need for team play. :smile:


Actually, that’s a good thing.