Brigitte Gameplay Q&A with Geoff Goodman

Not really. Brigitte has no way to bring her team back into the fight and cut down on spawn walks to point A. Her damage is lower and an aoe. If you’re just comparing shield gen with rally, then that’s just one aspect of the kit. Even then, shield gen has much more range and functions differently.

I honestly fail to see where Brigitte outclasses Symmetra. You just saying she does without providing any evidence to back your claim isn’t good enough.

Do you remember Brigitte can heal? Sym can’t heal, she does outrageous amounts of damage but that’s it.

Useful information. Noted.
Thank you for clarifying.

Yes. Sym + Brigitte on defense can mean a Tracer with more than 300hp.

To sum up this thread:

  1. “Will Brigitte change meta?”
  2. Questions that are about different heroes (“Will Brigitte make Ana unviable?” “Why is Genji’s deflect hitbox larger than her shield?”) and should NOT be here
  3. People complaining about her competitive release date, demanding to know her hard counters, and other questions they should already know the answer to
  4. Questions that are actually interesting, but since people couldn’t bother to make few mouse scrolls to see if someone already asked this you’ll just see them all over again

How far into Brigitte’s creation did you realize that she was a “meta changing” hero?

Being a Rein main I like Brigitte very much… I like her playstyle …also the fact that she is a nicely balanced melee hero… So we now have a melee tank reinhardt, melee support brigitte… So is there any chance of a melee dps? (Doomfist is not melee) …A dual sword character (was shown in overwatch cinematic ) who will be able to block incoming attacks by putting 2 swords crosswise will be cool as a melee dps
concept link=

for example kinda like this

Is this going to be a video or just a post responding to questions?

(don’t troll me Geoff) lol

I love how her shield jump was reintroduced, and fixed to not feel like a bug, but nuanced. Will further depth be a consideration for existing and future characters?
PS (please, please debug the fist, he’s the most fun Baguette counter)

Will Brigitte ever run into Orisa in the cannon lore of the game or comics?

If Brigitte is meant to be used against the dive meta, how many complaints will you get from those who use said dive?

Why was Brigitte’s healing output set to be lower than Lucio’s? Was this intentional with the assumption that Lucio would be pushed out of certain comps thanks to the (now reverted) Sombra buffs?


Even though this isn’t related this has to be brought up people cannot be banned because of people reporting them then your support team saying that is correct, they should be required to unban them then reban them if they are indeed breaking EULA not just saying the reports look correct sorry here is the EULA go figure out what you broke

I’ve always been curious about the power of overwatch’s game engine and what you can do with it.

What is an ability that you wish you could add to the game that isn’t possible with the current tech available to the team?

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How did you decide that Brigitte should not have any vertical movement abilities?

Most DPS heroes have some way to reach high ground. While only two tanks (Winston, D.Va) and two healers (Mercy, Lucio) have that as a core ability, disregarding Moira’s fade jump as it can’t be used at every location. Why was it decided that Brigitte can neither heal teammates nor attack enemies on high ground, except by using abilities with a cooldown?

I’ve heard when it comes to skins and heroes you usually are designing multiple at a time, and with that in mind do you think Brigitte is more impactful to heroes currently in the game or heroes that are planned? You guys said she was meta changing but honestly I don’t see her being able to do it herself which is where this question comes from, thanks. :wink:


How will Brigitte be able to compete with Lucio and Zen in the off support slot? The main healers all have more offensive support ults while Lucio and Zen have defensive support ults. Brigitte is the only off support with an offensive ult which means running Brigitte with any main healer would result in your team not having any defensive support ults. Sure Mercy pairs well with Brigitte and yeah her ult can be used in defensive situations, however it is not a sound barrier or a transcendence.

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We’ve talked about a number of things we could do for Ana but don’t have any firm plans just yet. I don’t think she is super far off, and she does bring a number of tools that no other healer has access to. Currently she is more a victim of the dive meta than anything else, as she doesn’t fit well in that environment.


How can we watch the interview?


Looks like he is going to be replying in the thread rather than an interview. So just keep an eye here.