Guess the garbage hero who can't counter brig and should

This hero should counter high healing sustain that is being used in triple support comps.

This hero has a move that counters all healing

This hero has the worst win rates in the game commonly or is tied with Hanzo.


It’s Bastion, or Mei, or Symmetra, right?

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It’s Ana! Right??? Cough Bio nade


Barry the angry intern who had signed up for free healthcare from OW but then Reaper blew it up the very same day?


Not bastian,sym, or Mei. Their win rates are too high

This hero was also blamed for triple tank and supposed to “pair well with Brigette”

One of u got it

don’t worry, ana’s fine and blizz said so!!

hopefully they’ll look into ana like they said because even outside of dive ana underperforms:


They wouldn’t buff her bc they were worried she would do well in this comp hahahah?

She’s supposed to counter this comp and cant