RIP Ana (Really frustrated at the neglect)

I appreciate your opinion but yeah that’s pretty much it - an opinion.

It just comes down to what the DEVS decide in the end but a grappling hook fits well for any kind of sniper. It wouldn’t be the same kind of grappling hook mechanicly anyway. Rockets are loud which makes no sense to use for a sniper who is supposed to be stealthy.

So no, it wouldn’t make more sense than a pair of Batman grappling hooks (I also proposed only one hook, not multiple hooks)

A hook can be just as easy adjusted cooldown-wise than a wrist rocket so I don’t know where that argument is coming from.

I like the idea don’t get me wrong, In my opinion it just doesn’t make much sense.

I’d rather they give her a healing passive first before we get going onto crazy changes or reworks.

Like her current kit COULD work; she just needs a few little changes to make it as welcome as the other supports


Ya I actually agree that picking ana is a troll pick. I actually gave up on her and supporting in general. Moira kinda does what ana was doing before. Now I play McCree and pop heads plus he’s super hard to counter.

Something as small as shorter reload time or a bigger ammo clip would do wonders, I feel.

You’re not the only one lol

Well we’re almost at a full year since Ana was last a “meta” option, hopefully they give us news soon

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Someone asked about what the devs planned on doing with Ana and we received a reply, though I don’t think it’s one that’s all too hopeful:

As it is said, Dive is the main thing that’s holding Ana back from any serious observation, though in my opinion, it’s the fear of Triple Tank coming back again that puts everybody in a rage whenever Ana is mentioned.

At this point, most likely we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out in the next 4 to 5 months and see if anything changes.

I don’t know man, I play Ana on Console and at this point, I’m just about ready to drop her completely.


I play her when my team needs a healer because she’s fun, but my team sometimes gets mad at me for playing her. Not really good design when you pick a hero to try and support your team but your team would rather have you play Symmetra.

That is disgusting

They’re afraid to make a character better who has been struggling for a YEAR


Oh hell in this case an old one? Even though Moira/ Brigitte offer WAY more to 3 Tank than Ana could?

So while we wait for a meta that will never come because they’ll never actually hit Tracer or hard enough with nerfs, they can be the go to for almost a solid year without competition, yet characters like Ana and Zarya struggle that entire time to find FUN in the game because of fear of a meta that doesn’t exist.

Doomfist came out > END OF DIVE!?! > Nope still here
Moira came out > END OF DIVE!?! > Nope still here
Mercy nerfs > END OF DIVE!?! > Nope still here
Mei buffs > END OF DIVE!?! > Nope still here
Sombra buffs > END OF DIVE!?! > Nope still here

How much longer do we have to wait? 2 years? 3?

Ana was meta for 7 months
Ana has been statistically one of the WORST characters for 12 months exactly tomorrow, the 21st.

The only other characters (Hanzo, Mei, and Reaper) who have the same issues are ALL getting buffs or changes. The only other who isn’t is Bastion.

Ana and Bastion are left to rot. Amazing


It’s the Biotic Grenade.

The fact of the matter is, Biotic Grenade is the crux of Ana’s entire kit because it does so much and on paper should make her miles better than the other Supports. However, in execution, Biotic Grenade is often wasted on trying to keep Ana alive in the event your teammates/the second Support cannot peel for you.

Honestly, I’m starting to hate it as an ability because of how much of Ana’s power is thrown into this ability.

Most people wanted self-sustain fixes and nothing too drastic, but no. Chip damage is literally the bane of every Ana trying to survive through fights only to be eliminated by attrition, but I guess this is the way the devs want her to be.

I don’t even know what to say anymore and I’m not going to try to push for some campaign like all of the other Support-Mains do.

I’m probably going to start playing Tanks or Attack/Defense heroes, because the only Support heroes that my friends can actually gel with are Mercy & Moira, and I do NOT enjoy playing either of them.


But the very FUNNY thing with that is that there are MORE barriers in the game than there EVER was

Sym has one
Orisa has one
Brigitte has one
Winstons was buffed

There are WAY more counters to her Grenade now than ever, so even if you land the perfect grenade that means you EARNED it by burning through so many different available barriers.

Shouldn’t Ana be rewarded for being able to keep her team alive WITHOUT using her grenade on them to have the CHANCE to use it against enemies IF their barriers are broken?

There is only ONE Tank who has no option to defend their team from it and that is Roadhog. ONE Tank of 6.

Well done, you broke the Rein barrier, you throw your grenade to help the team; Oops it was DM’d. Or oops Zarya bubble. Or oops Orisa barrier landed. Oops Winston jumped you.

Even if 4 seconds of total healing block is why they’re not letting Ana be good, they’re REALLY in a blind spot to think that it’s this end all be all thing like it was.


Blizzard logic: nerf/refuse to buff the low pick/win rate heroes like Ana Sombra. Don’t touch the top 2 picked heroes at every tier. Sounds like a plan!

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I don’t know what to tell you man.

Even though I disagree with the developer’s statements about Ana, I’m not going to be that guy to argue and contest them.

It’s their game and if this is the direction they want to go in, who am I to tell them that they’re wrong?

It’s usually valid for a customer to complain about their product. The product is meant for the customer after all.


Well if people don’t speak up about what is clearly wrong, then nothing will change for the better.

I will NEVER stop fighting for what I believe in.


You know, I used to be the same way as you, but I’m just TIRED of trying to defend Ana and hearing the same old responses, especially when I’m talking from a console standpoint.

Hearing “Ana is fine” is such a tilting phrase that I honestly just close the tab whenever it happens.

Nevermind the fact that Ana has been the Top 3 WORST heroes on Consolewatch ever since her nerfs.

Now people are stating that Brigitte is going to somehow make Ana better nevermind the fact that they operate at different distances in the fight, and in the off chance they do synergize, why in the world is a sniper bunched up together behind a tank with next to no moves available to help her?

It’s such a STUPID character design.

Why does Ana HAVE to be the only Support hero with no self-sustain options outside of spending her most powerful ability?

Is this supposed to make her feel more challenging and rewarding to other people?

That’s not even real difficulty that’s artificial.

You literally have next to no chance of keeping yourself alive outside of your teammates treating you as if you were their newborn child.

Why does it take people so much to realize that people do bad with her because she can literally die just from anyone sneezing on her?

Every time you bring it up though, there’s sure to be that one guy that says “Biotic Grenade gives her 300 effective health”.

Honestly, if people were to take away Biotic Grenade they would realize how lackluster Ana’s kit really is as a Support hero…because that’s about the biggest problem everyone has with her anyway.

If people want to continue fighting this battle, I commend them…but I shall be doing it in spirit. I just don’t have the energy or patience to do it myself right now.


The thing that really bothers me is because of a fear of a meta change back to a tanky meta; Not an actual meta but the IDEA of a meta change

That is enough to leave a character in the worst spot for a YEAR?

And even if it DOES happen, Moira/ Brigitte is a WAY more powerful combo of supports.

Like they’re reworking Hanzo’s abilities. Maybe this will make him a huge threat to barriers and tanks? They plan on buffing Reaper again.

But Ana has to sit by for another year before she become a reasonable support option?

Plus all the people blaming her grenade; THERE ARE MORE BARRIERS IN THE GAME THAN WHEN ANA WAS EVER META.

Orisa, Symmetra, Winston, and Brigitte have all had more added or their uptimes increased.

Not to mention characters it doesn’t really effect (Tracer, Genji, Pharah, Doomfist, Mei) since they can clear it, turn it back on the Ana, or aren’t really even in places to be effected by it.

Like… is allowed to be changed, reworked, buffed, and tweeked through the last 2 years to be a viable or meta option; Yet Ana isn’t given that same treatment???


You have to remember that Ana’s popularity isn’t anywhere close to D.Va and Ana isn’t as easily accessible as these other characters, so it’s not like she has the numbers to make noticeable arguments for her own wellbeing.

True; but they HAVE to see the stats and KNOW that they need to step in and do something

Plus there HAS been lots of us through the year keeping Ana posts up to get some kind of word or real truth on why she has been left so poor for so long

Sombra has shown the problem with trying to fix trash tier heroes. Any time a trash tier hero is buffed, everyone complains because they are used to rolling that hero. If Ana was buffed so she was even close to what Moira can do now, everyone would hate her.


Yes, there has been a lot of us making posts, but there are a LOT more nerf Genji/Tracer/Moira/D.Va posts & buff Mercy/Mei/Sombra/Symmetra posts that have also gone on.

It’s very easy for Ana posts to get drowned out when there bigger communities with similar/bigger issues.

What I’m really saddened by is that we had to get info about Ana through a Q&A that was supposed to be about Brigitte.

I’d have to say that Sombra inclusion/eventual changes have shown more about people being resistant towards new characters shaking things up in terms of “meta”.

  • People hated Ana, some still do.
  • People hated Sombra, some still do.
  • Orisa has SOMEHOW managed to find a place after being ignored.
  • People hated Doomfist, a LOT still do.
  • People hate Moira.

Humans just don’t really adapt to change all that well and it’s something that has been shown repeatedly in terms of the Overwatch community.

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