Brigitte Gameplay Q&A with Geoff Goodman

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Good day all,

Tomorrow (March 20th, 10 AM – 11 AM PDT) one of our game designers, Geoff Goodman, is taking some time to sit-down and share insight on gameplay design revolving around Overwatch’s 27th Hero, Brigitte.

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We need a developer AMA
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With Briggitte release, Ana becomes even more trash tier. What are your proposed changes to improve her without making her OP? Make her full hitscan? Scoped shots do slightly higher damage?


How exactly was Brigitte made to be meta changing? Most of the community has come to a conclusion that she is anti-dive, but I’m keen to know specifically how she was meant to be meta changing from the devs themselves. Just get a little insight on why you guys believe her to have the potential to do this. :slight_smile:

⬲ Get Ready for the Sniper Meta! ⟴

How do you think Brigitte will impact the current meta, which would be dive?


I wonder if they will rethink her release date in competitive. It will be another season of dive with the supposed meta changing hero missing for 2 months until season 10.


From a balance perspective, which characters are you reluctant to touch until Brigitte is considered sufficiently balanced and integrated into the meta?

⬲ Get Ready for the Sniper Meta! ⟴

I’m 23 Brigette 23. You think I have a chance Goodman?


How early in Moiras Developement did the concept of Briggitte start? Or was she envisioned afterwards? Furthermore, what was the inspiration behind her development? Was a paladin Archatype always something Blizzard wanted to explore?


What specifically in Brigitte’s kit combats dive? Given that she is supposed to be meta changing, it has to dismantle it in some way or else it retains its authority over other metas.


Do you see Brigitte being used in high-level play as more of a support hero or as an off-tank?


What was the inspiration for Brigitte’s weapon? I recall early designs for McCree had him with a whip for a weapon, did any of that inspire Brigitte’s weapon at all?


When will Brigitte and other recent heroes get there first event skin?

Also how far is she effective with her weapon and abilities?


Once Jeff mentioned that characters are either born out of lore and have their kits adapted to it (Soldier) or you guys already have a kit you want to work with in your minds and just give it to an already designed character. What’s the case with Brigitte?


Was ist intended by the designers that Brigitte can kill 150 HP heros in one stun combo (shield bash+melee+whip shot), and 200 HP heros as well with a Mercy/Zen damage boost without them being able to use defensive CDs?

I’ve seen some confusion about this, because Brigitte’s first iteration could do this. The 2nd PTR patch seemed to “nerf” this one-shot potential by making the required timings very tight, and the last PTR patch seemed to restore her one-shot potential again.


Brigitte is mostly unable to help her team when the enemy is in a high ground or ranged position.

Have you considered adding your changing her kit to make her more useful in those situations?


How can the the lower tiers respond to a hero that can enable single dps carrying hard?

you are talking about a 375 hp tracer and a 425 hp genji that can potentially nano blade every 30 sec.

there will be no stopping a tracer/genji smurf from hard carrying a team.


Do you guys like making melee heroes? or are they harder to balance?


Does Brigitte have any pre-match conversations / voice-line interactions with other heroes?

Also, is there a chance we’ll get more of those for Moira? Maybe one with Mercy?


How do you think Brigitte will impact the current dive meta? Will she bring an end to dive meta’s current reign, will she encourage it, or will she have no impact at all?