Anyone who approaches Genji's pick rate gets nerfed


Every dps character that has a pick rate close to Genji’s gets nerfed.

  • Soldier had a pick rate close to Genji, got a damage nerf.
  • Junkrat had a pick rate close to Genji, got multiple nerfs.
  • Widow had a pick rate close to Genji, got multiple nerfs.
  • Hanzo had a pick rate close to Genji, got multiple nerfs.
  • Doomfist had a pick rate close to Genji, got nerfed.

Why does Genji always get to be the king of the dps? When you nerf any other hero that has Genji’s pick rate in comp, it’s obvious Genji isn’t balanced.

What one dps soars above all others even at gm?

For some reason I get the feeling you have a problem with Genji…


Leave Genji alone plz


when he has such a high pickrate and still ends up on a 50% winrate, it shows that he is actually one of the most balanced heroes in the game


Either nerf him or buff the other DPS (please buff the other DPS)


I’m actually curious now as to how many Genji oriented threads that the OP has made within the past 7 days… :thinking:


Genji is strong but he is much easier to deal with then some heros.

He has a a high pick rate due to how mobile he is (which makes moving about the map fun) and that he is a robot ninja which appeals to the 10 year old in all of us. Or at least most of us.

Soldier is boring and bland for example. OOOOOO old grampa with a gun and a peeing water fountain that heals u.


If you’re suggesting balance should be based on subjective idea of fun, then I disagree completely.

I find Soldier fun, but Genji to be extremely boring.


these characters also dominated the meta when they hit this level of pickrate.

Genji may have the pickrate, but in team play and meta play, he isn’t as good as these heros were in their time.

Numbers mean nothing without context, I really wish the forums would learn this.


He was also defining the current meta, essentially a must pick hero, Genji wasn’t.

He wasn’t an issue, his nerfs mostly came from low rated players whining about being double mined.

Yet she’s still more powerful than Genji is currently and Widowmaker/Tracer dive was more used and more successful than Tracer/Genji dive in the OWL.

Also the last time Widowmaker got nerfed was around launch, Genji also got multiple nerfs at launch and hasn’t received them since.

Hanzo along with Widowmaker was creating the double sniper meta (and Grav/Dragon meta). If a hero is defining a meta then nerfs are justified.

I don’t know what Blizzard was thinking with their Doomfist nerfs.

One has to be the top, that’s just how lists work. Genji has been consistently viable without defining the meta, that’s how all heroes should be, below what’s too strong but above what’s too weak.


Not the last 7 days, but still pretty absurd considering this time could have been spent getting better at the game and solving the issue that they’re having with Genji.

They do still try to act like Genji becomes harder instead of easier to hit while double jumping so it could very well be a troll.


I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just pointing out how heros can have high pick-rates based on playstyle and simple aesthetics like being a Robot Ninja.

Genji is just popular. His pick-rate has very little to do with him being OP.


The funny thing is these are only his threads. I’ve seen this guy attack genji in the most random posts possible.


Genji wasn’t the king of dps. He only became the king when dps heroes became garbage.

What’s the point of being the king if you’re the king of ashes? All dps heroes including genji, have mediocre at best pickrates. If you still can’t deal with genji, with all the ways we have to counter him, then you need to improve a lot more in this game.


Sombra didn’t even need to hit half of Genji’s pickrate to get Hot Fix Nerfed


Perhaps that’s because she was reported to be a literal must pick.

Did you even watch Contenders KR S1 which was played on that patch?


Yeah, it’s a joke. Sombra was still a throw pick in contenders, but she got nerfed anyway.



She was a literal must pick, what are you on about.

You have to be one of the most committed trolls.


There are three good reasons why Genji has is picked a lot

  1. Players simply like to play him a lot. Even the devs said that there isn’t a really good explanation as to why he is so popular other than that.
  2. He has double jump and wall climb which means that he has basically 0 bad maps so at no point is your team at a disadvantage just because of your pick by default. Even somebody like Reinhardt has bad maps due to their lack of mobility.
  3. He used to be overpowered, but was nerfed appropriately to a point where he competes with the top DPS (Ashe, Hanzo, Widow, Tracer, McCree) but doesn’t really stand above them. Currently his pickrate is above them because Ana is a must have and Nanoblade is a really strong synergy. That’s why plenty of players have been suggesting that they remove the dash reset on ultimate activation so initiating the combo would be harder but it would be as deadly when you pull it off


Just click his head! Just dont apply that logic to Brig or Moira