Update on Climate Phenomena Anomaly

Hello fellow Heroes!

After reading through your feedback and deliberating amongst ourselves, we have decided to remove the Climate Phenomena anomaly from the Nexus. While this was not an easy decision to make, we feel it is the right thing to do for the game. We also wanted to take this time to more clearly define the purpose of our Nexus Anomalies, and our plans for them going forward.

Nexus Anomalies were intended to serve two functions:

  1. We wanted to distribute our annual gameplay updates throughout the year, giving us the freedom to try exploratory changes that we weren’t committed to if they ended up not working out. Previously, we introduced all our gameplay updates each year around BlizzCon. These updates were usually fairly impactful, and many players had trouble adjusting to the large amount of sudden change.
  2. We wanted Heroes to have an exciting, fun change for players to look forward to every season.

As far as what exactly each Anomaly would entail, we did not have too many set rules, largely to ensure that we had the creative freedom to try bold ideas. So far, we believe our Anomalies have largely been successful, particularly after we had some time to iterate on them.

With Climate Phenomena, we wanted to play with two ideas. The first was introducing a new Hero to the Nexus with an accompanying theme, and the second was the prospect of changing game states throughout a match, with a minor impact on gameplay. Unfortunately, we’ve found that these changes were too disruptive to the normal flow of the game, and they didn’t add enough fun factor to account for how much they impacted the player experience. Some players also reported frame-per-second (FPS) issues due to the Anomaly, which we found to be unacceptable.

Moving forward, we intend to finish the year with one more Anomaly, released alongside the final season of 2020. After that, we have decided that we will not be pursuing Anomalies at a set cadence like we did this year. We still plan on regular gameplay updates, and will continue to experiment with ways to make Heroes a better game, so you can count on that still happening. In the future, we want to take a bit more time and release updates only when we feel they are in a more polished state, and we want to give the members of the Development Team the freedom to explore certain longstanding issues that we think are important to the community. For example, we’re considering large updates to maps that we feel could use some design improvements.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read through our thoughts, and for the years playing this game, which we love so much, alongside us. We’ll see you… in the Nexus!


I like the storm and the snow but dont like the mist. Giving everyone stealth is a indirect nerf to the stealth heroes. And on top of that heroes like garrosh can become completely invisable
I rather want them to have stealth as a benified but they cant become completely hidden away

Im not a fan of putting this on a tomb of the spider queen where rotations happens often. A invisable Garrosh is just unfair on the turning in area because you can trow someone over it and you hace a free kill

I personally never had lag because of the weather but im glad your taking care of your players


I love shield anomaly.



This is good news, the removal of the weather was a good decision.

Please considering enforcing optimizations, I don’t want a second Team Fortress 2 lying in my hard drive terribly optimized…


I’m glad this happened so soon. I imagine this will get rid of the freezing at around 7:00 in matches.

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thats not what cadence means it drives me nuts how the hots team has been using this word


One of the best decisions you guys made in a while.

Maybe you guys should focus less on gameplay changes and focus more on QoL changes and things that may attract players to the game and make it more serious.


thank you. this was really terrible if you didn’t decide to remove it literally ruining the game experience to many player’s. very good decision!


In the past this has resulted in the older versions of the battleground disappearing from the game - is there a chance that if this does happen, could the older iterations of the battlegrounds be available for selection in custom games?

I still want to play Haunted Mines 1.0, 2.0, Garden of Terror 1.0, and Hanamura.

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I appreciate the creativity that goes behind these changes, but I’m also glad you’re willing to go back on them.


Please if possible, next time you think of something similar that reinvents the entire game, consider introducing a custom map on live servers so you can gather more feedback ahead of patch launch (since PTR has population and matchmaking problems and does not really serve a purpose except for targeted bug hunting).

XP anomaly was a complete mess at first but eventually it managed to improve the game as a whole. Weather addition wasn’t that horrible either but I’d rather not have it included at a cost of performance issues. This addition also introduced dozens of game breaking bugs and unintended interactions which no one realistically could could catch in single week, let alone fix the majority of them.

Looking forward to the map changes since we can only ban characters and not game worlds. This could be an amazing update that could put a spotlight on some of the less played heroes and underutilised talents. Hopefully it will allow you to expand the ranked map pool as well if community reception is positive. Many unique themes, tilesets and objectives is why I prefer this game to its competitors. Character pick priority is different each time overall making it a less mundane experience.

Haunted Mines for quick match until then? :crossed_fingers:


Yeah but you get what they’re meaning… If they want to use rhythm as a metaphor for releases… Why doesn’t it work?


Thank you very much!

i am okay with the weather, JUST MAKE IT CONSISTANT. like for Deathwing for example, he gains the shield weather affect but the other 2 don’t affect him

Okay now change EXP back too.

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Who says the team soden’t listen to us

That said HOTS team
Please bring this weather anomaly back every so often in the Brawl setting

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This was the main issue for me, well, that and the frame drops. I do appreciate the creativity displayed in the anomalies so far, but sometimes it did feel like the “fun” factor was not always there. For example, I find the core mechanics added in the last anomaly to be an entertaining flavor change that does impact the game a bit, but not at the expense of fun. The climate effects were just too imbalanced between heroes and maps to really be fun, outside of the gorgeous visual effects of the rain and snow.

I am looking forward to new ideas from the development team, and I truly appreciate that you all not only listen to our feedback, but are willing to explain the thought process behind some of your decisions. I hope to see more of this kind of post in the future!


Dang, I really enjoyed these effects and thought some of them brought a fun element to the game. I agree with a poster above that the stealth one felt like an indirect stealth hero nerf. However, I feel like switching the visual effect to a graphics option while allowing those with toasters to just keep track with the emblem that was already present would be preferable.

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