Forum Guidelines and Bug Reporting

Greetings Heroes!

On behalf of my fellow moderators, Hugincord and Fizivix , welcome to Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forums!

Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Analysts. While we try to post as much as possible please do not fret should your post not receive a Blue reply. Even our moderators are analysts who work to investigate every report, on top of their standard testing duties.

Should you be experiencing account access, purchasing, or technical support issues please be sure to contact our Support Teams as a priority.

Bug Forum Ground Rules

Please post respectfully as ALL posts and replies are subject to the Blizzard Code of Conduct.

Each player that comes to this forum is either looking for help, or making a goodwill effort to give us a heads up. Be kind to each other.

While we welcome feedback, this forum is not the appropriate location to discuss intended gameplay mechanics in depth. At times we may venture into discussion territory for the purposes of clarifying a report; but in general feedback posts will be moved to our General Forums, where further discussion is encouraged.

Do not bump posts without adding new or relevant information to the initial report. Should you wish to report that an issue is still occurring, please make a new posting after a reasonable amount of time has passed.

Report each bug individually – We request that each bug you submit have its own posting, so that we can ensure a proper analyst investigates the contents of it. Bug “lists” need to be passed from one type of analyst to another, which can complicate getting validation on your report.

Please use the search feature at the top of our forum landing to find similar issues. Should you feel your issue is unique, or that related issues are non-relevant, please create a new posting. The exception to this is if the newest thread you can find is older than 2 months, and your issue is still active in the current patch.

Please post from the account that is experiencing the issue. It helps us more accurately diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing on the server side.

Bug Writing
When posting a bug, please begin with a one sentence Summary that clearly describe the bug. We should be able to understand the majority of the issue you are reporting by reading your Summary. As a note, our “Try/Sandbox” modes operate on slightly different rules than standard matches. Bugs experienced or orchestrated in these modes, may not be possible in standard play modes. Please check standard modes along with any Debug Mode issue you experience.

Good summary: The tooltip for the Zagara’s Baneling Barrage skill contains a typo.
Bad summary: Bug with barrage

After your Summary, include a detailed report of the bug you experienced. Include as much relevant information as you can.

If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help our team in reproducing your report, getting into the hands of our developers all the faster.

Attachments, diagnostics, system files and supplemental information can be emailed to us at Prior to sending us an attachment, please review our “Attachment Guidelines”. Please feel free to report issues to us by that email as well, should you feel uncomfortable with posting in a forum environment.

Do not assume that your audience will immediately see the bug you are reporting, even if you feel it’s obvious. Factors such as region, ISP, hardware configuration, and even play-style can cause the player experience to vastly differ.

Types of Bugs
Below are several categories of bug you may encounter during play. We have included the specific information we would like for each bug reported of this type.

Functionality/Design – You are expecting something in the game to work one way, and it’s working another way. This could include skills not functioning properly, computer AI behaving oddly, or a hero completely disappearing after using a skill.

Helpful info to include:

  • Whether you’re in menus or in game.
  • What hero is affected or if all heroes are.
  • Proper name of functionality (tooltips, skill/skin names etc).
  • Screenshot or video of what’s wrong. (uploaded to the file or media sharing site of your choice)

Compatability – If something is wrong with how the game is behaving with your hardware or peripherals, such as graphics not displaying properly, sounds playing incorrectly or not at all, freezes or performance loss.

Helpful info to include:

  • Whether you’re in menus or in game.
  • Provide your System information (DxDiag.txt or System Profiler) and Variables.txt (found in the Documents folder of our game)

Connectivity – Your client’s connection to our service is impacted, or you have issues dealing with login, grouping, matchmaking, chat, or any other issue related to the networking of our game.

Helpful info to include:

  • What region you are connecting to.
  • Run a Pathping and Tracert if you suspect a network issue, and report your findings.

Crashes - When the game crashes, you may be provided with a text entry field, which sends a report directly to our bug database.

  • Provide us details of what you were doing at the time of the crash, as that can sometimes is the only information we have to identify hard-to-reproduce but critical issues.

  • Once you submit the report, you are provided a UUID code. While we will automatically receive your crash report, please feel free to report it here as well, including that UUID code in the posting.

Please Remember
The more specific you can be in any report made to us, the faster we can work towards resolving the issue. Thank you for taking the time to visit our forum, and enjoy your stay in the Nexus!