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Known Issues List (2)

Updated 5/01/2019 UI and Online Some players can get into a state where Daily Quests can fail to show as active in hero select and are unable to be completed. [Storm Leauge] Some players are not able to see their alli…

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Greetings Heroes! On behalf of my fellow moderators, Hugincord and Fizivix , welcome to Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forums! Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Ana…

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Greetings Heroes, We will often request game logs, replays, screenshots or other diagnostic information while investigating active reports of Bugs in Heroes of the Storm. To facilitate getting this sort of information t…

Kicked from game lobby for inactivity (2)
Missing Hero Progression and Level Progression (2)
Mac Visual Bug on 48.0 ( 2 ) (39)
List of specific buggy Ally A.I. behavior (10)
Bruisers bodyblocking Nova's triple-tap shots (8)
Anduin no longer in roster (2)
The new lvl 10 buff for scarlet agis isnt live? (1)
Nazebo "w", zombies skill missing (9)
Ana night terrors level 7 not giving proper speed (1)
Try Mode Quest Complition Bug (1)
Is raynors movement lagging? (4)
Que time 4000+ seconds (2)
Small patch notes inconsistencies (1)
All friends delted (3)
Possible Whitemane Zeal bug (1)
Whitemane in collection, there is no information that trait is activable (1)
There is no description when you hover over 5000 gold for mastery ring (1)
Whitemane Scarlet Aegis (3)
He perdido mi progreso (1)
Whitemane CD Bug (1)
Ana- Vampiric Rounds lvl1 quest does not stack (1)
Low amount of classification points when winning a ranked (2)
Raynor Animations bugged (4)
CPU performance Bug ( 2 ) (21)
Heroes keeps crashing! (2)
Quick cast setting does not stay activated in game (2)
Raynor attack animation bug (1)