Bug Report

Special Event - Heroes of the PTR (3)

Greetings Heroes! This week, our Test Analysts will be hopping into the Public Test Realm for a mega BRAWL of EPIC proportions! We’d like to request your aid in hunting down any bugs that may exist in our upcoming patch…

Known Issues List (2)

Updated 3/28/2019 UI and Online New – Some players can get into a state where Daily Quests can fail to show as active in hero select and are unable to be completed. New – [Storm League] Some players are not able to …

Forum Guidelines and Bug Reporting (1)

Greetings Heroes! On behalf of my fellow moderators, Hugincord and Fizivix , welcome to Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forums! Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Ana…

Bug Attachment Guidelines (1)

Greetings Heroes, We will often request game logs, replays, screenshots or other diagnostic information while investigating active reports of Bugs in Heroes of the Storm. To facilitate getting this sort of information t…

Blackheart's Bay coin camp bug (1)
Can't find a game. SL. EU 143.000 seconds, or 40 hours, and it's reset (1)
Elite AI still sitting on their Immortal (1)
Elite AI Tracer standing in lane alone, not shooting or moving (1)
Cho' Q spell HARD BUG (4)
Nanoboost Not Affecting Gall's Cooldown Reduction (1)
Not included qualifying game (1)
110.000 seconds waiting time. SL. EU. Stream (3)
[ Deleted Post ] (1)
Game crashes on alt-tab (2)
Available maps in vs AI mode ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) (144)
Lost rank after win (1)
No UI after reconnecting (1)
57.000 seconds waiting time. EU server. SL (4)
Application BUG need fix (3)
Probius AI ignoring cooldowns? (1)
Changing Hero automatically (1)
Lost 600 ranked points for canceling a queue (1)
AI Lucio used summer anthem before level 20 (1)
Opening Caldeum Chest and it Stopped (1)
Battlefield of Eternity AI bug (8)
Profile Stats Error (2)
Deserteur although the game had a problem (1)
Metamorphosis no longer removes certain effects (1)
Butchers "Unstoppable" ruthless onslaught not working (3)
Quick Match/Brawl Won't Cancel After I Ready Up (4)