[Main Thread] Cannot connect to Hearthstone on Mobile Data

After the update today (or perhaps the update is unrelated – Though I was playing Hearthstone on my phone on mobile data this morning before the update just fine), I am unable to connect to Hearthstone while on mobile data. All of my other apps work fine, and I am on an unlimited data plan with Sprint.
When I switch to WiFi, the game allows me to log in, but the moment I turn off WiFi, I am immediately disconnected and cannot get back in unless I turn the WiFi back on.
I have tried restarting my phone, clearing cache/data on the app, reinstalling the app, and resetting my network settings.


Same here. OnePlus 7T.


Right. Few other details.
I am on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
When I try to connect to Hearthstone on my mobile data, the screen stays fixed on the tavern doors with no ‘Hearthstone’ logo.
Launching the Hearthstone app with my WiFi turned on starts the game up like normal.

It’s not the worst thing in the world right now, but I don’t always have access to WiFi, like when I’m out and about (though that’s a less common thing these days). It’d be great if there were some kind of solution to fix this.


Blizz get on this stat! I also have a friend who’s reporting the same issue. No biggie for now, but yeah not being able to play on the go sucks atm.


Same issue. Also spotted and reported same issue with WOW Companion app which apparently uses hearthstone servers.

OnePlus 6. T-Mobile.

Can’t play on the go anymore what is the only reason I play.

P.S. Game downloading all its files just fine through mobile data with 6-12Mb/s. My guess the issue is with authentication server


Using a Galaxy S10 Plus here and the exact same issues. Hearthstone won’t connect to mobile data after the update, but will connect to wifi. A rather annoying issue with this update.


Maybe it’s T-Mobile? I have T-Mobile and a OnePlus, too.


I am having this issue as well and I mostly play on cellular. Really would like this fixed.


Exact same issue. Game is fully installed and playable while only on Wifi. When attempting to connect using my mobile carrier, it sticks on the loading screen with the blue pulsing Hearthstone logo indefinitely.

Started: 12 May 20, After patch update
Carrier: T-Mobile
Phone: Galaxy S9, fully up to date
Software: Android 10

Hearthstone build: 17.2.47374, Downloaded from Google App store

Troubleshooting so far:

Cleared Cache/data multiple times
Deleted and reinstalled multiple times (4+)
Downloaded on cellular data
Downloaded on Wifi data

Additional info:
NO data caps for Apps or Mobile data at all
NO VPN apps
NO phone security apps to block download/connection

Hope this information helps. Please fix soon, swing shift is boring. Thanks.


I’m not 100% sure why, but the problem seems to have resolved itself for me as of this morning.
I’m on Sprint (which I think merged with T-Mobile?)
This morning I found that I am once again able to log into Hearthstone on my mobile data. There’s no indication of a downloaded update for anything… must have been something amiss on the ISP’s or server side.

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Just weighing in that I’m experiencing the exact same thing.

Android, Galaxy s9. T-Mobile.

Plays fine on wifi, immediately bricks on 4G.

Hope Blizz gets on this soon, I mainly play HS away from home (essential worker here).


Same issue. Except I do not have wifi to connect to. I was able to re-download the app. Download all the necessary files, including the ones in the client. And then clicked on “sign in” and it hangs at the tavern doors with the glowing HS logo.


Same i mainly play on mobile as I’m a truck driver and make many stops. It passes the time. I’m on Galaxy Note 9 and after the patch can’t get past the doors. This is getting really frustrating considering every patch this happens. When you spend $1500 to $2500 a year on the game you would think you could actually play after a patch.


Crossposting here for a unified thread. Same issue. Andriod / Moto Z4


OnePlus 7 Pro. I didn’t see this post when I started making mine

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Please tell me you aren’t serious?? I’ll go switch carriers this instant if that’s the case. Whaaaa

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I know the feel, but don’t make it personal towards your prior investments. They could remove HS entirely and still keep your money. We customers are right, up until we get emotionally attached to our wallets(imo).

I also can’t log in on lte. It just sits on tavern
doors with no logo. Tmobile and s9 phone. I tried redownloading the game and now it loads logo then when I click log in with account it goes back to tavern doors with no logo.

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For what its worth. When I disabled LTE and switched to 3g. It worked fine. Thats on CDMA through sprint. But LTE isn’t working. Its the same problem as I had previously with being connected to the Magic Box

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Also works fine via VPN. Seems like LTE through sprint/t-mobile is blocking HS login servers

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