22.4 Known Issues

Follow this post for information about known issues in Patch 22.4.

Patch 22.4 is launching with a few known issues:

  • If you buy the Golden Mini-Set, you will receive the pop-up notification that looks the same as the regular Mini-Set purchase. Don’t worry, this is visual only! You’ll still receive those sweet, sweet Golden cards in your collection.

  • There is a Mysterious new achievement in the Gameplay > Alterac Valley section! However, it is not achievable yet. Stay tuned for updates on when this achievement is ready to be investigated.

  • We received your bug reports about Tamsin’s Phylactery not working with Rustwix Envoy. The fix for that bug was not done in time to make it into this patch, but we expect it to come in the next major update.

Post-launch known issues:

  • [Resolved 2/15] The team is looking into reports that Kazakusan is not working as intended. Early reports seem to show that the card is working as intended in Standard, but is having issues in Duels (and maybe in Arena). There appear to have been two related issues with Kazakusan in Duels. We are in the process of deploying a hotfix that should resolve both those issues.
  • [Resolved 2/15] The team is aware that Rogue and Demon Hunter Mini-Set achievements are not showing with Patch 22.4. The issue has been identified and the achievements are expected to be added into the game in the next major patch (Patch 22.6).
  • [Resolved 2/17] The team is investigating reports that the Nozdormu Day quest stopped properly tracking last night.
  • [Resolved 2/17] The team is investigating reports that the Honor Track stopped properly tracking last night.
  • [Resolved 2/17] The team is investigating reports that other quests, aside from Nozdormu Day and the Honor Track, have also stopped properly tracking.
  • [Added 2/28] The team is aware of a bug causing “phantom notifications” in the achievement menu. The fix for this bug is expected in the next major patch (Patch 22.6).
  • [Added 2/28] The team is aware of a bug in Chi-Ji event Tasks that require you to have at least a certain number of Mercs of a certain type in your party (such as Tasks 5 and 6). The bug is that the number is checked at the start of the boss encounter for that Bounty, instead of the start of the Bounty. To avoid this bug, keep your mercs healthy enough to make sure you have the required amount of that type of Merc when that last fight begins.


2/17 Update: Last night, we implemented a temporary fix to the issue of various Quests not tracking as intended. Last night’s temporary fix appears to have worked without further issues, so we are incorporating a permanent solution. We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixes bug causing Quests and Honor Track to not progress.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed players to “Golden” their hero in Battlegrounds, resulting in a doubling of their Health.
  • Mitigates miscellaneous crashes.


2/18 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following Battlegrounds changes:

  • Establishes a rule that Tickatus can only get one Ice Block per game, like Akazamzarak. Correction: Tickatus can now no longer get multiple copies of Ice Block from additional “Big Winner!” cards. He can still get up to one Ice Block from his normal Prize turns and up to one Ice Block from “Big Winner!”, for a total of up to two Ice Blocks per game.

  • Makes it so that Ticket Collector (Tickatus’s Buddy) can no longer Discover the “Raise the Stakes” Prize (which was being used to return the Ticket Collector to your hand in order to get more Prizes, especially with Brann).

  • Fixes a bug where Golden Eclipsion Illidari (Illidan’s Buddy) did not give “Immune while Attacking” to your second minion to attack.


2/24 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following changes:

  • Fixes a bug with two of the special Chi-Ji Event Tasks (Tasks 4 and 8) that caused them to not count when completed if the player selected certain non-fight nodes during the Bounty.

  • Fixes a bug where Pearl of Yu’lon wouldn’t affect friendly dragons that had less Health than the bonus Health they’d gained during the fight.

  • Fixes a bug causing Saidan the Scarlet to not gain double-buffs in hand until a buff was played on him while on the board.

We will continue to use this post to track Patch 22.4 and update this post when we have new information to share.


Any update on the bugged Vanndar and Drek’thar win achievements in Duels? I have had two 12-0 runs with Vanndar that did not track.


Just did a 12 wins run with one of them too, did not accomplish the achievement however. This is f*ing frustrating.


Looking forward to the set! I just wish you had done something more satisfactory to remedy the whole dust incident - I would be enjoying that golden set right now. :frowning:


Kazakusan doesn’t work in duels. Destroyed my deck, no treasures.

EDIT: I was playing as Vanndar Stormpike Priest.


I’m playing as Warrior and am having the same issue, really sucks since it’s a heroic duel too.


it’s now Noon PST and there is no update/mini-set to download/play

I can’t remove the glow effect of the new mini set cards in my collection. I was now several times on each card with the cursor. For the current session it works. But after a new login the glow effect on each mini set card is there again. It’s like I never touched them. Please fix that!


The mobile patch is expected at around 1pm Pacific, like is usually the case. So just a little while longer now!

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Imagine paying $69 dollars for the Golden set…

To Play the golden Kazakusan in duels/arena…

And then the effect doesn’t work. Lol ouch.

Hope they can hotfix these issues asap.


I crafted him golden and ran into heroic duels :frowning_face:

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In duel Dragon priest, Kazakusan remoted my entire deck and no treasure

Just Lost a Duel because of Kazakuzan destroying the deck :confused:

Same issue multiple times. Duels Kazakusan destroys decks even when highlighted. Losing me a game at this moment.

Also Lady Prestor/Sceptre of Summoning doesnt work as I believe it should. Minions in my deck had their cards changed but the cost doesnt reduce to 5. Losing me the same game right now as above.

This doesn’t even only affect Drek’Thar and Vanndar, I also got no achievement when I finished a Mozaki run for which I should have gotten one…

This is beyond frustrating and just awful behaviour from Blizzard’s side.

Something doesn’t generate revenue? Weeeeeell no hotfix coming guys, or even remotely soon…

Is anyone aware of the Golden Eclipsion Illidari that only provides one minion with the Immune status? It just cost me a top 4 hehehehe

but seriously is this golden buddy as intended?

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Alterac valley bounties could be bugged I beat Ivus and the next bounty is not open.

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Please fix the Senior Signature Treasures from Tombs of Terror. They are broken for a long time now.