22.4 Known Issues

Honor is no longer being tracked.

Been trying to grind it out, not even getting it for wins.


Post the miniset update, Nozdormu daily quest (which appears 15th of each month because it’s 15 seconds, oh, how my sides are splitting with laughter) cannot be completed, because playing a deck with Noz in and completing a game does not change the number completed in the quest.

I completed a game for the quest with Noz in my rogue deck before the update, and got 1/3 done. played four games afterwards with the same deck, nothing happened.

looks like a new bug to me.

EDIT: try playing Noz in tavern brawl or duels deck as workaround.


Here to report the same bug, just did 3 Shaman games in Standard Ranked (2-1 record so it wasn’t just Turn 1 Concede—>“Why do I not see quest progress”) and am 0/3 in Quest progress. Considering how awful Noz is to have in your deck, I’d like to see this resolved AND compensated for. Nozdormu day is already garbage enough as it is without it being quite literally a scam. And, if anyone who cares sees this, make it so Nozdormu Day makes all games (even if it’s just all Casual games) into Blitz mode. Please. It’s so half-baked the way it is now.


same here. Played multiple games with Nozdormu in a mage deck, same results 0/3.
Even I put in play Nozdormu and still registered 0/3.
Gave up

For Nozdormu try Duels (i got it there) / Tavern Brawl as a workaround before it ends.

thanks, can confirm Noz in tavern brawl advances the quest.

I’m am also a victim of the daily Nozdormu daily quest bug. I played 3 games, with a deck that exclusively exists for this quest, just before the server rollover and got snubbed rewards because it didn’t clear one of my daily quests. Quest progress still shows 0/3.


I cannot complete mercenaries history bounty #42 as vanndar is not available (I finished Ivus bounty but last 2 runs are not unlocked !?).

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The new miniset + Diamond Vanndar keeps beeing toggled as “New” cards in the collection every time you logg on to your account.
Once a card is “looked” at the new part should be removed.


My sister’s account is also experiencing this. She’s played and is still stuck on 560/840.


Saidan the Scarlet does not get buffs as intended.
Getting buffs in hand like from Alliance Bannerman and Lightforged Cariel’s Hero power gives only +1/+1 and +4/+4 and not the double stats. But if you play him and buff him once he is on board he gets all the buffs retroactive. I had him as a 7/7 in play (gotten one buff from bannerman/hero power) and buffed him with Ring of Courage with opponent haveing 1 minion in play, and voila he got to be a 16/16 all of a sudden.


The game is literally unplayable on 6th gen IPad.
It is constantly shutting down after 10 seconds ingame
I tried to reinstall, but this doesn’t help

Yep. This is the most frustrating of the bugs, and I don’t see enough commotion about it. I have 1120/1400 honor and I just played six games. I feel like I literally can’t play until it’s fixed, and I certainly won’t be buying the mini set until it is.


Can’t purchase Cosmic Board + New finisher, not sure if intended. Couldn’t find a thread on it.

“Hysteria” doesn’t work with “Raid Boss Onyxia”, it wouldn’t let me pick Onyxia as a valid target.

I was playing as Priest and hoped that I could use Hysteria on Onyxia to kill off all whelps.

I have played at least four games now with Noz the Eternal in my deck and the daily mission is still stuck at 2 of 3. Also my achievements log says I have not completed the Rokara book or mercs but I have. and there is no crown on my illidan book of heroes but i did complete it

Hi there, this isn’t a bug. As noted in the Patch Notes, that Bounty does not unlock until after the upcoming Chi-Ji event.

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Immune minions can’t be targeted by spells.


Hi there, as noted in the Patch Notes, that product is not available for purchase until February 22. If you’re seeing other people with it, a few streamers were given a preview to show how it looks so that people get a better idea of what they are purchasing.


I went back and read the notes, I missed it. Thanks!

“The Jade Gardens Battlegrounds Board, pictured above, will be available as soon as the patch launches. All other new Battlegrounds cosmetics, including the Astral Impact Finisher and the Cosmic Study Battlegrounds Board below, will become available starting on February 22.

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