Play 3 games with Nozdormu in your starting pack

I added Nozdormu to 3 different decks and none of them give me the 1/3. It just keeps saying 0. Including wins.

Doesn’t seem right this time around. Seems like a glitch.

Can you help?

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I am having the same issue with this daily quest on NA. I was able to complete it yesterday evening on my EU account, so the new patch may be causing the issue.

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Having the same issue as well. Played 3 games and not even credit for one.

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I’m also having this issue. I’ve played 5 games with it so far, and only the first one counted.

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I also had this issue with Nozdormu the Eternal in standard deck and did not get credit on daily quest. I won the game in ranked Standard and have 4/5 wins for my weekly quest and did not get credit for that quest either.

Hey all,

Looks like our Hearthstone team is investigating reports of problems with the Nozdormu quest. It has been noted in the 22.4 Known Issues thread on the Bug Report forums.

Please follow that thread for any updates from our Hearthstone team.

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