Gameplay Achievement - Alterac Valley

The Tab in Gameplay Alterac Valley Achievements, says I have two achievements to collect, but none are highlighted.


I have the same issue, but it is in the Duels category.

Got 1 of that too.
It’s either after the miniset, or after I claimed “Battefield master”. Not sure.

EDIT: This is a known bug. See pinned post “22.4 Known Issues”.

There is a Mysterious new achievement in the Gameplay > Alterac Valley section! However, it is not achievable yet. Stay tuned for updates on when this achievement is ready to be investigated.

Any update on when exactly the “mysterious” achievement will be available? It’s been showing me the little red 1, indicating it’s complete for weeks now. And today has been replaced by a 2, indicating a second of these?
Seriously, this is annoying. Just fix it already.


Yeah. This is getting really annoying.

Seriously, I just started playing again after a few years. WHOLE new game… Anyway, I’m having the same issue and it’s buggin’ the mess out of me. It’s now up to 3.

FWIW: I’ve been doing almost nothing but playing classic. Did like 1 duel and 1 merc thing (beat hogger but didn’t finish tutorial yet - so it says when i try to open the 2 packs I won). So I’d be surprised if I achieved some Alterac Valley mystery achievement 3 times by playing for a total of like 5 hours, lol. Odd. (for ref. - my “gameplay” overall achievements are 1%, adventures 0%, modes 4%…)

Your annoyed?! I have had red numbers on the top of my collection for months now that will not go away.

I think you know what I mean.

When you turn the page and see a new card it says new. You just have to turn the page or click on it and its no longer highlighted. And the number up top in red goes away.

Well I have had numbers stuck in them as I said for months.

I have been complaining and complaining but nobody will do anything.

----Red Numbers up top not going away.
----The red number 2 stuck on achievement Gameplay
----The quest marker under dailies and quests for ‘100 nature damage’ is stuck at number 14/100’ which is the newest.

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Same issue here. Mobile version, 4 apparent achievements in Gameplay - Alterac Valley completed but none to claim. Been like it for a month now.

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Same here same, 2 gameplay acheivements cant be collected. Please help hearthstone team

Same issue. One achievement in Alterac Valley that isn’t highlighted…been this way for about a month.

that makes good non-sense.

please fix this annoyance. if you can stop counting your money long enough.