Gameplay - Alterac Valley

The first listing there under Gameplay - Alterac Valley is showing a red 1 there. I have quit out numerous times and it will not get rid of it. There is nothing highlighted. Still shows th red 1.

Usually quitting out fixes whatever is messed up. Not this time.

I did the scan and repair. Its still there this time.

I hate playing a game that is messed up!

Fix please. Thank you.


I am having the same exact issue. There is an achievement notification for Gameplay - Alterac Valley, but there are no achievements to click on, so the notice remains. Like an itch between your shoulder blames.

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We have a few known issues related to the Alterac Valley achievements section listed on the known issue tracking page here. If you don’t see your exact issue, I would recommend adding it over on our Bug Report forums, so our team can investigate.

Thank you.

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