Bugged achievement notifications

I have the same bug. Now I have 2 ghost achievements.

2 achievements in Gameplay under Alterac Valley plus my collection wont stop showing up “new cards” this whole expansion! ive rightclicked every single one of them and they still show up as new… ive tried repairing the game ive even uninstalled and installed again… nothing…

Same issue, 3 achievements supposedly in Gameplay - Alterac Valley, but nowhere to be seen.

Same same
Will not clear on any platform (phone, tablet or pc)

same issue for me too

Just a reminder for everyone reading this thread.


what about the “new cards” never going away and ALWAYS showing up as new…

When is the next major patch scheduled?

Same for me. It’s showing that I have Congealing essence 3/1.

Yup - exact same situation here. Really bugs me actually haha

I have the same issue, 3 achievements under Gameplay - Alterac Valley are listed as completed via the [!] icon but are not listed to clear anywhere in the list.

I’ve been having the same issue since the release of the Alterac mini-set.
I have two Alterac achievements I can’t redeem and it’s extremely annoying.

Same for me. I’ve been having the same issue since the release of the Alterac mini-set, along with the permanent “new cards” bug.


mine is up to 7+ in one category alone, plus the new cards bug

March 15th. Most recent update did not resolve this issue.


Same *** here !
Did Blizzard say something about this ?

Yesss, good. My plan is coming together. I have generated an entire half cent from these 243 views on this unmonetized video. Muahahahahaha!

I’m having the same issue now too.
It was only 1 now its 2 for the same flag.

Having the same issue as well, any updates on a fix for this from Blizzard yet?

So, I’m up to 5 of these. I’m assuming Blizzard doesn’t care about this since fixing it won’t get them any extra money …