Is this a bug? Phylactery?

So i was playing with warlock rustwix phylactery stuff.
It was working before.
Now, i had 3 imp, i played phylactery, choose rustwix, i saw they had the deathrattle icon and when they died, they didn’t put in the deck anything…
Am i missing something?

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were they silenced?
Was there a minion with the aura effect “deahtrattles can’t trigger” when they died?

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I believe there is a bug with Phylactery + Rustwix’s deathrattle at the moment and the devs are aware of it, so it should be fixed eventually.


This happened to me a week or so ago. Surprised it’s not fixed yet (well not really).


Definitely a bug, still in 22.4 Known Issues
Just happened to my opponent in duels, tried to friend them so I could let them know but they didn’t accept.


Yup it’s a bug, sadly my Neeru Rustwix-phylactery deck can’t be a thing for now, despite having pulled it off several times. Latest blue post in the arachnid forum says it’ll be in the next major patch, soo, should be JUST in time for it to rotate! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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You know I also had that problem. Having using the card hasn’t given me cards from rustwix.

Wow, this is brutal: no respect for players at all.

How hard can it be to hotfix it?
Or wait, I have an even better question: how hard can it be to not introduce game breaking bugs in every new patch?

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