Weekly quest 5/5 rank wins not counting wins

“Win 5 games of Traditional Hearthstone’s Ranked Mode” quest not updating/completing. Played and won 2 Standard Ranked games @ approximately 2:00pm ET and quest remained stuck on 4 of 5.
Tried the following already without success:
Make sure your game client or mobile Hearthstone app is up to date
Close and reopen your game
Log out of the game client, and Battle.net App or mobile app and restart
I am stuck unable to clear quests to earn XP/gold.
Submitted Ticket Number: US83114813 and keeps getting closed without resolution.
Please Assist.

Same problem, this is quite annoying. I’m stuck at 1/5 - tried winning both standard and wild games, but the quest won’t progress.

Additional info: Apart from “Win 5 Games of Traditional Hearthstone’s Ranked Mode” not progressing, the “Play 3 Games with Nozdormu” is not progressing either.

Same here. On a win streak and I noticed my “Win 5 Ranked Games” quest is still reading 1/5.

Same issue!
Rank wins not continuing and honor stopped too.

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Same Issue. 2 wins not counted. Continue trying.

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I have the same bug: 0/5 after some wins in standard ladder

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usually because I don’t have a good win ratio I usually just go for one a day but because I was anticipating a busy week I knocked it out early …really glad I did.

Same here! Same Issue.

Same issue here. All other quest are progressing for me. I have already finished the honor quest so I know nothing about that one.

Same here… no Weekly progress accumulating for either Ranked wins or Arena/Duels/Battlegrounds wins

Same issue - stuck at 4/5 games won. Have won four beyond that point and none counted towards quest. Have restarted everything (HS, battle.net, computer). No change. Also, all the new mini-set cards show up as “new” cards each time I restart HS. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have the same problem with both quests as well. stuck. Tried different modes etc.

My progress with the Win 5 ranked games quest stopped after 3/5 games. I won multiple games in ranked mode, but the quest did not progress.
I then tried to re-roll the quest. Got the “Complete 3 questlines” quest instead. Did 1/3 and the progress also stopped. I won many more games and completed more questlines, but the quest does not progress!
Please kindly help!

Weekly quest not working seems widespread (me also). Let’s hope it’s solved fast.

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Same here. Keep checking from time to time, but wins aren’t registering. Weird because my Spend 500 mana quest worked just fine.


I have the same problem! Do you think that they will fix it quickly?

I have the same issue with the weekly wins quest, also i dont get honor after a win/lose.

As of right now, the ranked win quest is now tracking. As is honour.

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Its officially solved:

This issue has resurfaced for me. No progress on quest despite multiple ranked wins.